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H2020-LEIT-ICT WP2014-15 ICT 15 and ICT 16 Big Data and Open Data.

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1 H2020-LEIT-ICT WP ICT 15 and ICT 16 Big Data and Open Data

2 H2020-LEIT-ICT ICT 15 Big Data and Open Data Innovation and Take-up (H2020-ICT-2014) Budget 50 M€ following up FP7-ICT-SME-DCL, FP7-ICT-SME-DCA ICT 16 Big Data – research (H2020-ICT-2015) Budget 39 M€ following up FP7-ICT , FP7-ICT and FP7-ICT

3 ICT 15: The Challenge Help EU companies build innovative multilingual data products and services by addressing systemic and technological barriers a) Innovation Actions (CPs) - budget 39 M€ b) Coordination and Support Actions – budget 11 M€

4 ICT 15: Collaborative Projects a) Establishment of a EU integration and reuse incubator for SMEs to foster the development of open data supply chains (1 CP) a) Innovation and technology transfer projects in multilingual data harvesting and analytics solutions and services (CPs)

5 b) Lay the foundation for effective exchange and reuse of data assets (CSAs) b) Design and Coordination of EU skills centres for big data technologies and business development b) Creation of a Big Data integrator platform in support of H2020 user communities (1 CSA) ICT 15: CSAs

6 ICT 16: In a nutshell Fundamental research in Big Data technologies, addressing analytics (i.e. data mining, machine learning, language understanding, visualization, scalability, responsiveness). User defined and industry validated challenges. a)R&I Actions (CPs) – budget 38 M€ -Big Data technologies -Benchmarks b) Support Actions – budget 1 M€ - Prediction and deep analysis competitions (prizes)

7 Additional information A technical background document is to be published very soon at: CONNECT-G3 will be at the ICT 2013 in Vilnius CONNECT-G3 will organize an ICT 15 Info Day in Luxembourg in January

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