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Al Qaeda We would throw roses, if it would work..

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1 Al Qaeda We would throw roses, if it would work.

2 Planting the Seed Military efforts to oust Russians from Afghanistan led to widespread ideological movement financed by Osama Bin Laden. Creation of an Islamic empire uniting all Muslims of the world under a single ruler and government. Domination of the world is the direction Al Qaeda leads. Bin Laden has become as fanatical and terrorist as the mythical figure he sought to emulate- the old man of the mountain (Hassm ibn- al- Sabah), creator of the order of assassins in eleventh century killer cult seeking to murder the Christian leaders of the Third Crusade which invaded the kingdoms of Islam.

3 Strengthening the Roots Getting rid of foreign/western influence in the Muslim world. Eliminating infidels Eliminating Israel Establish a Muslim theocracy or Calphate

4 Photosynthesizing- Part 1 Conventional Guerilla Tactics- primarily explosives/bombs Notable Attacks -February 26 1993: bombing of the World Trade Center garage- 6 killed and 100 injured -June 25,1996: truck bomb explodes outside U.S. military housing in Saudi Arabia- 19 dead -October 12, 2000: 17 American sailors killed and 39 wounded by a bomb aboard a small boat targeting the U.S.S. Cole in Aden, Yemen. -September 11, 2001: 4 commercial jetliners hijacked- 2 crashing into the World Trade Center in New York, 1 into the Pentagon, and the fourth into a field in Pennsylvania- 3,000+ dead

5 Photosynthesizing- Part 2 Cyber-Terrorism Documents recovered reveal an interest in cyber-terrorism: where cyber-switches meet physical controls is most feared (dams, communications, etc.)

6 Photosynthesizing- Part 3 Nuclear Though no direct evidence that terrorist possess nuclear weapons has been found, they have voiced their intentions to get them. -November 2001: Bin Laden meets with Pakistani scientists about nukes- it was concluded Bin Ladens materials were not sufficient for weapons production Superbomb document- it reveals poor attempts at obtaining the technical knowledge to produce weapons

7 Landscaping Al Qaeda spans 60 known countries without unified support from any entire nation. German intelligence indicates membership has reached 70,000. Core leader is Osama Bin Laden with his deputy, Zawahiri, next in command. Elite forces- Egyptian Islamic Jihad (EIJ) Operations masterminds- Ramzi Ahmad Yousef (1993) and Bojinka (1995), and Khalid Sheik Mohammed (2001)- others at large. International individuals with no formal connection to the core- readers of Encyclopedia Jihad.

8 Field Day 1.West Point Graduation 2.Pope visits Saint Patricks Cathedral 3.Major Powers Summit-Indianapolis, IN 4.Olympic Games-Los Angeles, CA 5.Ribbon Cutting by Secretary of Defense at Veterans hospital in Seattle 6.Vice President attends unveiling of memorial statue for soldiers killed in Iraq at base in Kentucky

9 Greenhouse Effects The United States Should Withdraw From The Middle East

10 Greenhouse Effects Al Qaedas Goals And Means Are Supported By The Average Muslim In The Street

11 Greenhouse Effects Military Force Is The Solution For Destroying Al Qaeda

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