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Al Brooks Overview Presenter: Bill Bouwmeester. Al Brooks Daily Analysis Website

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1 Al Brooks Overview Presenter: Bill Bouwmeester

2 Al Brooks Daily Analysis Website

3 Brooks On Scalping When ES Daily ATR is 10-20 pts, using a 2 pt protective stop is a reliable approach If scalping for a 1 pt profit, you need to win more than twice as often as you lose Therefore, you need to be right about 70% of the time just to break even For this reason, Brooks mostly swing trades

4 Brooks on Intraday Swing Trading An ES swing setup has a high probability to achieve 10 pts during the intraday move when ATR > 15-25 There are 3-6 setups a day where you can make 4 points while risking 2. If you trade these with a 4 pt. profit target and a 2 pt. stop, you only have to win 40% of the time to be profitable. In practice, you will exit some trades at 1-3 pts because of an opposite signal. Your 2 pt stop should rarely be hit. However, once the mkt has moved 2-3 pts in your direction, Brooks suggests moving stop to break even. Never risk > 4-5 ticks once profit =>2 pts.

5 Brooks Defining Trends A Trend: a series of price changes that are either mostly up (bull) or down (bear) A trend can be as short as one bar or longer than all bars on a screen

6 Als Four Trend Categories The Trend: When price action becomes Always in Long or Always in Short in the eyes of the trader Swing: Two or more smaller trends with a series of higher highs and lower lows or vice versa Pullback: a temporary countertrend move which can be part of a trend or swing Leg: a smaller trend which is part of a larger trend, swing or pullback

7 Most Profitable Trend Pattern In an Always In Long Trend, Swings should be trending upward with each Pullback above the prior Pullback resulting in a new high; Vice versa in Always In Short Trend Strong momentum moves have at least a test of the extreme following each Pullback All strong moves usually have at least two Legs even if the 2nd falls short and reverses

8 Always In Long & Short

9 H1,H2, H3

10 H1,H2 Signal Bars In Uptrend

11 Where To Place Entries

12 Analysis of H1 Setup

13 Analysis of H2 Setup

14 Placing Trades In A Down Trend

15 Analysis of L1 & L2 Setup

16 Where To Place Stops

17 Bull Flag with Measured Move

18 5 Min Measured Move H1 Entry

19 ES Same Action On Heiken Ashi

20 Pre Election ES Bull Flags

21 Bear Flags

22 Bear Flag with Measured Moves

23 Yesterdays H & S w/ L1, L2 Entries

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