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Surah Al-Fatiha Vocabulary

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1 Surah Al-Fatiha Vocabulary

2 Read the word. Think of what the word means.
Try and think of the picture you drew to help you remember each one.

3 Bismillah In the name of Allah
We should say this before starting anything.. Can you think of an example?

4 Alhamdulillah All thanks is for Allah
What are some things you are thankful for? Family - Being Muslim Health - Food and water

5 Rabb Lord This is another name for Allah

6 Alamin Everything that exists Examples:

7 Ar-Rahman The Most Gracious (giving) This is one of His 99 names
Allah has given me….

8 Ar-Raheem The Most Merciful (forgiving)
Only Allah is perfect. People make mistakes. Allah forgives me for…

9 Maliki Master Allah is the Master of all things. He is the one in charge.

10 Yawm Day Yawn is the Arabic word for day.

11 Ibadah Worship We worship or show Allah we love Him in many ways. We do this by: Fasting, praying, giving charity, doing good deeds.

12 Siraat Path

13 Mustaqeem Straight

14 Siraatul Mustaqeem Straight path I s l a m
Islam is our straight path. It tells us how to live our lives the right way, the way to make Allah happy.

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