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Welcome to Third Grade and Room 15! Dawn Goulart Marshall Elementary School.

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1 Welcome to Third Grade and Room 15! Dawn Goulart Marshall Elementary School

2 All About Me Grew up in Castro Valley, CA BA from Fresno State CA Professional Clear Credential with CLAD MS in Education Have taught 1 st, 3 rd, 4 th, and was a reading teacher for 4 th -6 th graders Have been teaching since 1994

3 Daily Schedule 8:30-9 Warm up 9-10:20Math 10:20-10:35Recess 10:35-12:15Reading 12:15-1Lunch 1-1:45DEAR, Cursive, Grammar, small group instruction 1:45-2Recess 2-3:05Social Studies, Science, Art TuesdayLibrary11:40-12:10 TuesdayPE9:30-10:20 WednesdayPE9:30-10:20 ThursdayComputers10:35-11:35 Schedule is subject to change

4 Curriculum Language Arts –Use Houghton-Mifflin –Complete with rich stories, grammar, spelling, vocabulary and writing. –Students will be assessed with running records, BEAR spelling inventory and other various assessments. –Students will have literacy center time, participate in literature circles and reciprocal teaching (to name a few) –DEAR time (drop everything and read)

5 Curriculum Math –Use Houghton-Mifflin –Students will be involved in projects and investigations –Third graders need to have a strong foundation in their addition, subtraction and multiplication facts.

6 Curriculum Science –Have adopted Hartcourt Brace –3 themes, Life Science, Physical Science, Earth Science –Will be involved in projects, centers, and investigations

7 Curriculum Social Studies –Hartcourt Brace is used –Focus is on communities Castro Valley History Local Indian Tribes Biographies

8 In Addition… Physical Education twice a week with a specialist Tues & Wed Computer Lab once a week Library once a week –Students can check out 2 books per week as long as they return their books.

9 Grading Evaluated on a numerical scale that matches the report card 4 = exceeds standards 3 = strongly meets standards 2 = meets standards 1 = does not meet standards

10 Policies Homework –M-Th –Assignment notebook –RAH reading 20 min. Weekly Folder Discipline Policy

11 For your information Absences need to be cleared with the office Parent Volunteers are welcome, please notify me 24hrs in advance or sign up on my request sheet tonight –Meghan’s Law Field Trips –Chabot Space & Science Feb. 2 –Monterey Bay Aquarium May Meghan’s Law Proper Insurance for driving field trips Parent Conferences –Oct. –See sign up sheet

12 Availability Email – Schedule a meeting before or after school (after preferred)

13 How can you help? HELP with homework Volunteer Read with your child Practice math facts Sign the assignment notebook Ask your child about school

14 Finally… Thank you for coming! Please write a letter back to your child tonight and leave it on their desk. I appreciate you being here and taking a vested interest in your child’s education! Together we can make a difference in the life of your child.

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