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Onboarding: Being New Talya Bauer.

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1 Onboarding: Being New Talya Bauer

2 What you can expect in this module

3 Onboarding Onboarding is the process of new employees adjusting to the social and performance aspects of their new job.

4 Onboarding is frequent
Individuals change jobs an average of 10.2 times over 20 years. 25% of U.S. workers are currently transitioning to new jobs. 3.4 million college degrees were awarded

5 Welcome New Employees!

6 New employees are: - Excited - Insecure - Stressed - Overwhelmed
- Anxious to have: Clarity, Confidence, Connection, Culture

7 4 Key Things to Remember - Successful onboarding occurs over time during the first year. - It requires multiple interactions vs. a single event. - It must be supported by multiple resources, especially the hiring manger. - The power is in the interaction… not in the paper (or website)!

8 Summary

9 Thank you!

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