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Making Introductions, te,le,les

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1 Making Introductions, te,le,les
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2 What to remember The person/people you are talking to is what determines the te,le,les This book always has you talking to the person/people you are introducing.

3 Te,le,les Use te when you are talking to one person, informal.
Use le when you are talking to one person, formal. Use les when you are talking to 2 or more people, either informal or formal.

4 Try these Laura, ___ presento a la Sra. Durán.
It’s te because speaking to Laura. Sra. Durán, ___ presento a Laura. It’s le because you are talking to Sra. Duran. Marco y Laura, ___ presento a Miguel. It’s les b/c you are speaking to two people. Sr. Bono y Sra. Bono, ___ presento a Miguel.

5 Definite article & el A + el = al De + el = del

6 The 2nd part of the introduction
Before a person, you must use “a” Laura, te presento a Gabriel. Gabriel is a person, so you must use a With 2 people, use “a” twice: Laura, te presento a Gabriel y a María.

7 BUT “a” combines with el
Al amigo Al señor Before Sra. you don’t use el, you use la and it doesn’t combine with “a” A la Sra. Durán A la Srta. Rojas

8 Don and Doña These take the place of Sr. and Sra.
Do not use el or la before them. Use with an adult that you are familiar with. After don or doña, use the person’s first name Don Pedro, Doña María

9 Responses When you meet someone, you respond with: Mucho gusto.
Tanto gusto. El gusto es mío. Encantado / a

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