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Ecuador A.J. Guzman.

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1 Ecuador A.J. Guzman

2 Ecuador You are here

3 Fun Facts Ecuador Capital Population- 13,032,000
Capital -Quito; 1,451,000 Latitude & Longitude of Quito - 2º 00' S, 77º 30' W Area - 109,483 square miles Language - Spanish, Quechua Religion - Roman Catholic Currency - U.S. dollar Life Expectancy - 71 Government - Democracy Economic system - Capitalism Ecuador

4 Ecuador’s relative location is NW of Peru or SW of Columbia
Its exact location is 2º 00' S, 77º 30' W

5 Economic Activities Ecuador’s economic activities consist of tourism and agriculture and industry

6 Major Landforms Some major Landforms in Ecuador are the rivers such as the Esmeraldas River that runs through the capital Quito and mountains such as the Andes Mountains.

7 Indigenous Peoples The indigenous or original people of Ecuador were the Inca. The language they spoke was Quechua The Inca invaded the nation in the 15th century Also invaded places such as Peru, parts of Argentina, Bolivia, and Chile, they had empires in all of these places within 200 years of the invasion.

8 Capital The capital of Ecuador is Quito there is an estimated 1,451,000 people that live in Quito. Quito is at 2º 00' S, 77º 30' W on a map for the exact location Its relative location is North West of Napo This area in Ecuador is a very popular are for tourists

9 Brief History of Ecuador
The Culture of Ecuador flourished between 9000 B.C A.D. 1460 A.D. The Inca Expanded their empire in Ecuador A.D. Spanish conquers most of Latin America 1563 A.D. Quito is made a seat of the Royal Audiencia, with jurisdiction over the area known today as Ecuador

10 Animals There are some animals that are native to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands that are found nowhere else in the world Such as the Blue Footed Booby The Giant Galapagos Turtle and the Galapagos Marine Iguanas are a few.

11 Pictures

12 Review Questions ?!? Good Luck
What is the relative location of Quito, Ecuador? What countries did the Inca take over? What were the 3 animals that are Native to the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador? (name them exactly) Around how many people live in Ecuador? What is the average life expectancy of people in Ecuador? Grade Yourself 5/5=A 100% 4/5=B- 80% 3/5=D- 60% 2/5=F 40% 1/5=F 20% 0/5=F 0%

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