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Venus By: Kelsea & Karlyn.

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1 Venus By: Kelsea & Karlyn

2 The Surface Venus is the HOTTEST planet in our solar system.
Its surface can get up to 460 degrees Celsius. Venus is covered with rocks volcanoes with flowing lava, craters, mountains, valleys and strange dome figures.

3 The Atmosphere Venus’ atmosphere is mostly carbon dioxide and nitrogen. There are so many clouds in Venus’ atmosphere that it is almost impossible to see the surface! Also, because of the clouds, there is never a sunny day on Venus.

4 Inside Venus Venus has similar insides as Earth except Earth has an inner core and an outer core. Venus just has 1 big core. Venus has a: Crust, Mantle, and Core.

5 The Math Terms Distance from the sun: 67 million miles Diameter: 7,523
One orbit of the sun: 224,701 Days One rotation: 243,016 days* Mass: 81 % of earth

6 Exploring Venus Venus is the most visited planet in our solar system. (Besides Earth of course!) The US and Russia have had at least 19 spacecrafts explore Venus. It was also the first planet to be observed from a spacecraft passing by. Along with many successful missions, a few spacecrafts have crashed into Venus.

7 Moons After all of the missions to Venus we have never found any moons

8 Wind Patterns There are very strong winds at 350 KPH.

9 Fun Facts Venus was named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty.
Venus’s nickname is “Earth’s Twin”, because of the similar size between the two planets! Venus is also one of the brightest objects in the night sky! If you were to stand on Venus you would lose about 13 pounds! Just like Earth has earthquakes, Venus has venusquakes!

10 More Info (Video Clip)

11 Sources Thank you to….
and Our 6th grade science text book.

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