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ACCOMMODATING ACCOMMODATIONS A bridge to the future for GED candidates with learning disabilities and/or ADHD. ©Kathleen Ross-Kidder, Ph.D. GEDTS.

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2 ACCOMMODATING ACCOMMODATIONS A bridge to the future for GED candidates with learning disabilities and/or ADHD. ©Kathleen Ross-Kidder, Ph.D. GEDTS

3 Today’s Agenda: LD/ADHD Research &Accommodations l Welcome! l Overview l Brief Introduction: –research –policy development –Form L-15 –model –resources


5 Documentation-1994-5 l Requests for accommodations less that 1%. l 1996-1997 total requests 7,131 l 28% increase in 1997 l Ohio tripled requests for SLD l Virginia doubled. l Only 30% of requests in 1994 had documentation of potential to pass GED. l Less that 10% had measures of educational achievement.

6 WAIS-R ( 1994-1995 )

7 WAIS-R (1996-7)

8 Gender Differences

9 Correlations with passing GED

10 Current Research l WAIS-R-III Factor Scores l WAIS-R,III - Academic Achievement l Accommodations- Success on GED l Evaluation of training session-pre/post training of state administrators

11 GED NORMS l Pass rate set such that 67% of current high school seniors can be expected to pass. l Low average potential to above would be predicted to pass. l IQ predict-=correlations p.<0001

12 Data base l Overall potential l Significant differences using standard scores l VIQ-PIQ l subtests scores l factor scores l IQ-Achievement l Model-GED pass rate

13 Comparison of verbal subtests l Information 7.16 l Digit Span 8.00 l Vocabulary 7.22 l Arithmetic 6.70 l Comprehension 9.55 l Similarities 8.35

14 Nonverbal Subtests l Picture Completion 9.38 l Picture Arrangement 8.44 l Block Design 8.06 l Object Assembly 7.98 l Digit Symbol 7.36

15 Introducing Form L-15: l define policy l define program l preview video: Accommodating Accommodations!

16 Legal Issues l ADA, 504, IDEA l Potential to do task l Documented disability l Significantly negatively impacts on one of life’s major activities l least restrictive

17 FORM-L-15: Form to request accommodations for LD and/or ADHD l Basic Information: Names, center, etc l Documentation –qualifications of professionals –measurement of potential –measurement of information processing –measurement of current achievement l Accommodations requested

18 Policy Formation Timeline l 1990, ADA l Requests begin l 1996, Introduction l 1996, Fall symposium of experts l 1997, GED request clarity and policy l 1997 Maryland National Panel

19 Timeline l Policy presented at NASSLN l Review by Departments of Justice and Education for guidance. l Legal review l Addition of Neil Sturomski, Educational specialist, January 1998. l Mini Pilot Training, 1 day: March, 1998

20 Training begins: September, 1998 l Assessment experts review July 11,1998. l Advocacy experts review July 17, 1998. l State administrators training sessions & certification.

21 TRAINING SESSIONS l Definition l Legal Issues l Learning Disability/ADHD l Form L-15 l Discrepancy model l Appropriate accommodations l Resourcing!

22 Accommodations Policy l Clear and transparent as possible! l Consistent! l Encourage outreach! l Bridges to the future! l Research supported

23 Educational (IDEA) Definition l Average to above average intellectual potential (GED broadly defines as 70 or above. l Information processing dysfunction l Significant discrepancy in academic achievement that is due to information processing dysfunction l Not primarily due to emotional or cultural factors.

24 Form L-15 l to receive accommodations

25 Information Processing Intellectual Potential Academic Achievement THE SCREENING MODEL: LEVEL 1 IQ= 70 or above? VIQ-PIQ= 8 or more Significant factor discrepancy Bannatyne ACID Academic achievement significantly below IQ= 15 points or more? FORM L-15

26 Process: Level 1 candidate advocate/teacher/chief administrator psychologist educational specialist state administrator

27 Steps in completing l Get Form L-15 l Gather needed information from psychologists, psychiatrists and/or educators. l Present completed Form L-15 to advocate or GED center administrator. l Form is forwarded to GED state administrator who approves or not approves.

28 THE MODEL:SUMMARY Completed Form L-15 Chief examiner State administrator GED Expert Clinical Review Level 1 Level 2 approval more information nonapproval

29 Process: Level 2:Expert Level 3: Appeals Panel Clinical Review

30 THE REVIEW MODEL: LEVEL 3 Panel Appeal Clinical Review Questions about documentation Candidate’s request for further review Questions about IQ below 70 Legal challenge to nonapproval GEDTS Washington, D.C. Form L-15 and case history from file


32 To review: The process l the candidate l advocate l certified professional l state administrator l GED clinical review

33 Level 4:Review/Advisory Board

34 Summary l Policy l Model l Form l Training Model l Review panel l Advisory Board l Research

35 Where to get more information l GED Homepage: l Accommodations in Higher Education Under the American with Disabilities Act(ADA) edited by Gordon & Keiser, 1998. l Training sessions!

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