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Notes: The Jackson Era Unit 2: Manifest Destiny September 5, 2008.

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1 Notes: The Jackson Era Unit 2: Manifest Destiny September 5, 2008

2 I. What you need to know about AJ

3 A. The election of 1824 i. Won the popular vote but John Q. Adams won the electoral vote ii.Senate had to vote for pres because no candidate got a majority. iii. The Corrupt Bargain: John Quincy Adams promised Henry Clay he could be secretary of state if he dropped out of the race and gave his votes to him (Adams)

4 B. The election of 1828 i.Ran against John Q. Adams again. ii.Beat him soundly this time b/c more people voted… iii.More slander and mudslinging this time iv.Serves for 2 full terms, helps reform the national bank


6 C.How he differed from the previous 6 Pres i. Not wealthy and privileged ii. Not born in Virginia or Massachusetts iii. Was a War Hero (Yes, Washington was too)… a. AJ fought in the Rev. War at age 13 b. Became a general in the war of 1812, defeated the British at the battle of New Orleans. iv. More violent and hot tempered, rugged.

7 D. Jacksonian Democracy i. The idea of spreading political power to all the people and ensuring majority rule ii. AJ represented the common man…tired of the wealthy, privileged class ruling the whole country.

8 E. Indian Removal Act: 1830 i. AJ saw the Nat. Ams as conquered subjects, therefore the US gov. had the right to regulate where they could live. ii. AJ gave them 2 choices: adopt white culture, or move west of the Mississippi iii. Gold discovered on Cherokee land in GA…AJ supported the states laws that gave them the right to take over Nat. Am. lands. in order to gain access to the gold.

9 F. The Trail of Tears i. US Military escorted the Cherokee off their land to march 700 miles from Georgia to Oklahoma...then known as Indian Territory ii. About 4,000 (25%) died on the journey


11 II. Fun and interesting stuff to know about AJ A. His marriage to Rachel B. His duels C. His inauguration party

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