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2 Why have a Satisfaction Guarantee To give a concrete answer to the Extraordinary Garden Project (formely Ibis 2003 Corporate Project) 4 th Concept: ‘Win over & Satisfy our Customers’ To ensure that our Customers level of expectation concerning quality is satisfied To comply with ISO 9001 requirements in terms of standard of quality across all the network To gain market shares on our competitors by daring to be different To decrease the nbr of complaints sent to Head Office (costly) by solving the problem on the spot To generate feedback from the customers to understand our mistakes Can be used as a Marketing Tool To improve our Quality of Service Delivery

3 Why (cont) To emphasize the Spirit of Service which includes: To enjoy pleasing & helping our Customers To treat each Customer as an individual and make them feel that they are unique by giving priority to their problems To be ready to commit ourselves and to believe in what we are doing

4 What is a Good Satisfaction Guarantee? The means to solve a problem by providing the Customer with a means of expressing his dissatisfaction It must be without any condition: either a guest is satisfied or not! It must be easy to understand and to communicate It must be well backed up: it must reflex on the aspects service that are essential to our customers and offer concrete remedies It must be easy to put forward: a Customer must never be left with the impression that he/she is guilty It must be easy to apply: the procedure to follow must be easy and if possible immediate It empowers the guest as well the employee and encourages guest feedback to allow us to work on the preventive in the future

5 What is Ibis 15 Min Satisfaction Guarantee? All Ibis Customers must be satisfied with their stay in our hotels If the Customer experiences a small problem we may be responsible for which we cannot solve within the 15 minutes, he/she will be refunded for the service they are not happy with as stated in ISO9001 This contract is applicable 24 hours, 365 days a year It is best applicable in: 1. The Heart of Ibis 2. Customer Comfort 3. Messages to Customers 4. Emergency Situations

6 The Heart Of Ibis This is the cornerstone of the 15 minute guarantee (if we get this right the rest should fall into place) It represents the minimum standard of comfort to which all Ibis customers are entitled Any substandard performance automatically activates the 15 minute guarantee All Ibis teams must ensure that this commitment is fulfilled at all times ** Please refer to Heart of Ibis Manual**

7 Customer Comfort Customer expectations are often higher than as provided for in the “Heart of Ibis” commitment: most customers aim for additional comfort, such as easy access to personnel, additional pillows, blankets It is important for hotels to give due consideration to such expectations to ensure full customer satisfaction and to gain an edge on its competitors The team will therefore have to adapt its attitudes and behaviour according to the specific customers requests, the quality of the hotel location

8 Message to Customers The contract applies when a message has not been transmitted to a Customer The guiding principle is that a message addressed to a Customer should always be transmitted immediately

9 Emergency Situation This includes all problems and events not related to the hotel but preventing Customers from fully enjoying their stay For these problems the guarantee cannot apply Eg, Power failure, floods Nevertheless, these events should not be considered as out of the scope of application, as the team should be ready to give information and explanation to the Customers

10 How to Measure the Results Objective – Measuring Customers perceptions of the 15 Minute Satisfaction Guarantee using various tools There are 2 areas to look at in this respect: TOOLS TO ASSESS THE QUALITY ASPECT OF THE CONTRACT: 1. 15 Minute Log Book 2. Complaint letters 3. Customer Interviews 4. Team Experience 5. Network Information

11 How to Measure the Results (cont) TOOLS TO ASSESS THE QUANTITY ASPECT OF THE CONTRACT: 1. Number of refunds 2. Costs (involved in both room division or restaurant/bar number of refunds extended )

12 What Degree of Initiative/Who makes the Decision? Any kind of initiative can be taken to find an immediate solution in order to satisfy the customer Anyone confronted to a complaint or request made by a customer must try to solve it personally or with the help of a colleague and ensure follow-up of the case until the problem is solved When a problem is solved, one must make sure that the customer is completely satisfied prior to departure Should the problem not be solved, we must issue the customer with an appropriate refund according to our commitment to quality

13 What Degree of Initiative/Who makes the Decision? (cont) It must be possible for any member of staff to decide whether or not to provide the customer with a refund (free meal, free accommodation, free breakfast) Issuing the Customer with a refund must not be an ‘easy way out’ since this will not necessarily satisfy the Customer An refund is issued on the basis of the complaint

14 OUR CUSTOMERS RIGHTS We aim to provide our customers with full satisfaction and recognise the folllowing: 1. Their right to be liked 2. Their right to be recognised 3. Their right to receive an offer adapted to their needs 4. Their right to freedom of choice 5. Their right to benefit from reliable products and services 6. Their right to understand our policy & the meaning of the Ibis product 7. Their right to be considered as sincere in all circumstances 8. Their right to have their interests protected 9. Their right to trial and error 10. Their right to be ……………. surprised

15 TEAM SPIRIT OUR AIM To make profit and distribute it fairly, whilst respecting the customer OUR CONVICTION To be regarded as the best by our Customers and to be a point of reference within our professional environment To be proud of our products and our services and their quality To give each of us the opportunity to progress within a growing team To be dynamic, flexible, looking out for our Customers needs and for the market’s movements

16 TEAM SPIRIT (cont) OUR PROFESSIONALISM To abide by our commitments To develop our abilities To act in the best way possible at all levels To make decisions and be sure they are carried out To plan and follow up on all our actions

17 TEAM SPIRIT (cont) OUR WAY OF LIFE To listen to our associates, respect them, hold discussions with them and be honest To feel responsible, to be loyal and to work as a team To pass on information and ensure clarity The right to train and to be trained To welcome trial and error and constructive criticism when new ideas are suggested To be autonomous as far as rules are concerned ………………. And a good sense of humour

18 Ways to Evaluate the Customers Satisfaction within your hotel FACE TO FACE WITH THE CUSTOMER During their stay, talk with the customer on a one to one informal basis At the time of checkout – “Did you have a nice stay” If they have complained, still ensure satisfaction INDIRECTLY VIA CUSTOMER Survey: List of questions in bedroom regarding topics Suggestions / ideas book Visitors Book Letters of compliment / complaint

19 Ways to Evaluate the Customers Satisfaction within your hotel (cont) INDIRECTLY VIA HOTEL Increase of turnover / bedroom Increase of room occupancy Increase of market share Increase of sales of Ibis card Results (Quality Audit, etc) Number of Refunds given to customers

20 ADVICE…………………….. KEEP AN EMERGENCY 15 TOOL KIT Tool Box, Screw Drivers Fuses, Bulbs, Telephone, TV Remote Batteries, Cables, Kettles, Extra Pillows Extra blankets, soap, linen 15 MINUTE GUARANTEE LOG BOOK Of each defect reported Time reported If achieved Amount of refunds Action Plan according to reoccuring problems

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