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Wearable technology.

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1 Wearable technology

2 The problem “Wearable technology” (such as watches, wristbands, and even glasses that can perform different services) is quickly gaining traction in the tech field. You are an investor.  What specific innovation in the field of “wearable technology” do you feel is most promising to devote time, money, and resources to?  How can it best be developed to be used by the general population?

3 Background research Watch the video with your partner and complete the note taking worksheet. Video Link Next, click on the link below to view various types of wearable technology. Types of Wearable Technology InfoGraphic Click on the following link to view discussion questions. After discussing the questions with your partner, open Microsoft Word and type the questions and your answers in complete sentences. Discussion Questions

4 Specifications/requirements
Design and create a 3D model in Google SketchUp of a new or innovated wearable technology. The name of your device must be original. The name of your company must be original. Follow the directions on the next slide.

5 brainstorming Sketch several ideas for your wearable technology. Both you and your partner should sketch a minimum of two ideas (four ideas total). Label your sketches – include material, approximate size, how the parts function, etc. Apply the sketching techniques that you learned in the LearnMate software – isometric, orthographic, exploded view, etc. COMPLETE SKETCHES IN PENCIL.

6 Choose a solution Discuss your brainstorming ideas with your partner. Choose a solution or a combination of ideas for your final solution. Use Google SketchUp to create a 3D model of your wearable technology. Use a 1:1 scale.

7 Evaluate Evaluate your final solution. Are you happy with the outcome? Are there any changes that you think need to be made? What is your target population? Did you design it to appeal to your target population? How?

8 Communicate results Create a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation to communicate your results to the class. Explain how you worked through each step of the design process. If possible, include pictures of your brainstorming sketches (you can scan them or use your phone to take a picture of them and then it to yourself, or use my camera to take a photo and save it to your drive). Also include a screen shot of your final SketchUp model.

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