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CBAR & CPA Chapter Benchmarking & Reporting Channel Partner Agreement.

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1 CBAR & CPA Chapter Benchmarking & Reporting Channel Partner Agreement

2  The NOSH Chapter has maintained Platinum Status for Eighteen Years!  The NOSH APICS BOD has encountered all of the typical challenges preparing CBAR.  Through trial and error, the board devised a plan to help make the compilation of data and submission an easier process.  We would like to share the process with the hope that it will be beneficial to other chapters.

3  Avoiding the last minute scramble to collect critical data for CBAR submission.  Fully understanding the requirements.  Creating a synergy where all board members are active participants.  Documenting the process for future board members.  Taming the CBAR Tiger. (Achieving this ultimately yielded some resolute actions and made our annual submission much easier)

4  Early education.  Clearly documented job descriptions (SOP examples are included in the CBAR folder under Chapter Management).  A disciplined approach to tracking and recording data for accurate reporting (minutes, CBAR folders, periodic review).  A format that leaves little room for error.  Accountability.

5  Channel Partner Agreement Requirements  CBAR Requirements  A properly executed program makes your Chapter a better Chapter! Notes: Watch for early deadlines. Occasional activities (joint meetings). Monthly: newsletter, minutes.

6  Someone has to drive the program. The VP of the NOSH Chapter is responsible for the proper data collection and reporting, but it can be any ambitious/organized board member.  Obtain/review the Standard and the 2-part Excel template (included in CBAR Templates: CBAR Workbook).  Review previous year’s effort:  Who did what?  How was each requirement met?  What could be improved upon?  Have a PLAN!

7  Present to BOD EARLY! No later than the September Meeting. Include CBAR/CPA responsibilities in the Board Member job descriptions. Set up your minutes to capture CBAR/CPA information on a monthly basis. (this project is still evolving at NOSH…will update you all when it’s done!)  A Calendar prepared with your Boards agenda to meet requirements is very effective.  Templates to create a BOD Calendar and a Public Calendar are on the Flash Drive of this District Meeting.  Organize the minutes. Include all critical information. This is the record of your Chapter. It is your history.

8 We have prepared the following templates in the hopes of helping other chapters avoid some of the challenges CBAR/CPA present.  Templates to produce two versions of informational calendars: Public and Board of Directors.  A Budget worksheet for CBAR point opportunities.  Templates for CBAR/CPA execution.  Contact information for the NOSH BOD. We are always happy to help a fellow chapter.

9 APICS Public CoverAPICS BOD Cover


11 January 2015 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ President (Frank White, Jr.)Programs (Ken Glasser)Facilities (Bruce Netten)Company Coordinators (Randy Springer) Vice-President (Michele Lawrence)Education & Research (Ed Austin)Website (Frank Clapp & Michele Blake)Director at Large (Kevin Burnell) Secretary (Carolyne Atlas) Marketing (Denise Cappello) Communication (Adrienne Galbraith)Director at Large (Joanne Castiglione) Treasurer (Elaina Viel & Bruce Netten)Membership (Linda Teebagy)Academic Liaison (Cheryl Kennedy) Past President (Ken Duratti) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  PRESIDENT & COMMITTEE: Start to plan BOD succession  PRESIDENT: Report on any Officer Training. Report with attendance at Region Meetings where training occurs (1-E-5)  VICE-PRESIDENT: Report number attending District Meetings & Int’l Conference (2-E-1)  VICE-PRESIDENT: Review CBAR Status  SECRETARY: Report number of BOD Meetings & indicate if Transition Meeting (1-E-3)  TREASURER: 1099’s To Instructors deadline January 31st  PROGRAMS: Report PDM Surveys Monthly (1-A-2; 2-C-1; 2-C-2)  PROGRAMS: Report number of PDM’s planned, scheduled & posted on website (1-C-1; 2-C-5)  PROGRAMS: Total number of on-campus PDM’s (2-I-5)  PROGRAMS: Number of joint PDM’s to date (2-C-4)  E&R: Number of APICS BOK (CPIM, CSCP) offerings (1-D-1)  MEMBERSHIP: Contact with Members (suspension letters, welcome letters, congratulation letters (2-G-2)  MEMBERSHIP: Distribute Membership Survey (1-A-1)  FACILITIES: Did attendance at PDM meet or exceed the Chapter goal (2-C-3)  WEBSITE: Job Bank on Website (2-G-3)  COMMUNICATIONS: Maintain Chapter Website with current logo, contact information, etc. (1-B-1)  COMMUNICATIONS: Communicate with members via hard &/or electronic copy at least 8 times (1-B-2); 2-B-1; 2-B-2; 2-B-5)  COMMUNICATIONS: Number of times Member accomplishments recognized (2-B-4)  COMMUNICATIONS: Encourage APICS certification on website (2-D-6)  COMMUNICATIONS: LinkedIn & Facebook (2-I-15)  ACADEMICS, PROGRAMS & COMMUNICATIONS: Prepare for Student Night  ACADEMIC LIASON: Encourage student involvement (2-I-9)





16  Be A Proactive Project Manager.  Review upcoming requirements BOD Meeting.  NOSH Chapter is researching auto-emails (or text messages) alerting Directors of impending deadlines.  Keep up with the tracking.  Don’t wait until June-July!

17 Facilities (Bruce Netten) Website (Frank Clapp & Michele Blake) Communication (Adrienne Galbraith) Academic Liaison (Cheryl Kennedy) Company Coordinators (Randy Springer) Director at Large (Kevin Burnell) Director at Large (Joanne Castiglione) Past President (Ken Duratti) President (Frank White, Jr.) Vice-President (Michele Lawrence) Secretary (Carolyne Atlas) Treasurer (Elaina Viel & Bruce Netten) Programs (Ken Glasser) Education & Research (Ed Austin) Marketing (Denise Cappello) Membership (Linda Teebagy)

18 GOOD LUCK! from your friends at North Shore Chapter #20! Prepared by: Michele Lawrence, NOSH Vice-President CPM, CPIM, CSCP, CSAP, PMP, Six Sigma BB We’re all working together; that’s the secret. Sam Walton

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