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How did WWI come to an end and how did it lead to WWII?

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1 How did WWI come to an end and how did it lead to WWII?
End of WWI How did WWI come to an end and how did it lead to WWII?

2 Germany Will Lose Germany thinks that they will have a chance to win the war after Russia leaves the war. They make a last effort to charge and gain territory, but it was unsuccessful. German soldiers begin to revolt Nov. 3rd 1918 sailors refused to man ships and say that they will not fight anymore. End of war inevitable

3 End of WWI Led to many changes worldwide
New nations were created from land lost by the Central Powers (Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turks) map on page 426 League of Nations will be created thanks to Wilson’s 14 Points. Treaty of Versailles will be signed by all countries and will leave Germany poor, with no military and angry. Power will be passed to the United States and her allies

4 How to Bring Peace 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th Month in 1918 Germany agreed to a cease-fire (meaning that they would stop fighting). Wilson had his own ideas of how to achieve peace and prevent war. He wrote a document called 14 points: It listed causes of war, discuss boundaries and other countries, The last point said that he wanted to create the “League of Nations”. The League would provide a place for nations to discuss and settle their grievances to avoid war.

5 Treaty of Versailles June 28th 1919 leaders met at Palace at Versailles (outside Paris, France) to sign a treaty ending the war. The treaty created 9 new nations including Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Yugoslavia. Demilitarized Germany. Meaning they lost their Air Force, Navy, and Army. Gave German lands of Alsace-Lorraine to France. They had to pay war reparations - $33 billion to the Allies War-guilt clause - had to accept full responsibility for the war.


7 Weaknesses of the Treaty
Humiliated Germany and made them bitter and angry. This anger will eventually allow Hitler to come to power. War reparations were ridiculous especially since Germany was stripped of land and colonies as well. It was way more than they could ever pay. Russia felt left out. What did they get? They were left in the worst shape and lost many soldiers. They wanted to have some benefit for their efforts in the war but they got nothing from the Treaty and were angry..

8 Problems in Germany After WWI
Hit hard by the Great Depression Can’t pay their reparations. People starving. Weimar Republic (govt.) doesn’t know how to handle the problem. They are very unsuccessful. Embarrassed by Treaty of Versailles. Also lost mil itary and lots of land.

9 Hitler All of these factors help pave the way for Hitler to gain power in Germany. People wanted a strong leader to help Germany return to greatness. Hitler was charismatic and convincing and promised them everything they wanted.

10 Rise of Dictators Not just Hitler. Dictators were on the rise all over the world. Mussolini gains power in Italy under his ideas of fascism. Stalin gains power in Russia under his totalitarianism ideas. (Russian Revolution)

11 Treaty Leads to WWII Germany upset with how they are treated after the war. Ashamed by having to accept full responsibility for the war. Reparations have devastating affect on their economy after WWI. Especially with onset of the Depression. They put all of their faith in Hitler to get them out of their situation and he will lead them into WWII.

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