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JM503 – eMarketing Week 10 e-Consumers. From last week BBC – Click archiveClick archive.

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1 JM503 – eMarketing Week 10 e-Consumers

2 From last week BBC – Click archiveClick archive

3 E-Consumers What motivates and stimulates us to consume?

4 No act of consumption takes place without some form of stimulation. Base need (e.g. hunger) Aspiration need (Porche) …….Maslows Hierarchy of needs 1.Physiological needs (food) 2.Basic safety/security 3.Love and belonging 4.Esteem and respect 5.Self actualisation (total self fulfilment)

5 Some criticisms - Maslow is too simplistic. Should include full range of emotions etc, etc (Weiner 1992 and others)

6 Needs or Wants

7 Case Study – 1800-Flowers & Yahoo Flowers ZDNET interviews Yahoo CIO

8 E-Customers What are the main reasons customers venture online?

9 Browsing% Vs Buying% Travel tickets Holidays Theatre/cinema Books Electrical goods Cars Properties rent/ buy Buying music Mobile phones Music downloads Clothes Insurance Home furnishing Financial products Computer games Furniture Car accessories Food/grocery shopping Car hire

10 Online value proposition 6Cs (Chaffey 2004) Content Customisation Community Convenience Choice Cost reduction

11 How should expectations be met? Understanding expectations Setting and communication the service promise Delivering the service promise

12 Fears and phobias


14 Buying process Problem recognition Information search Evaluation Decision Action Post sale B2B includes specification and tender stage

15 Explain what is meant by - Exposure Attention Comprehension and perception Yielding and acceptance Retention Horse breaking model……

16 Can online tools and techniques help retain customer loyalty?

17 Market research? More Women Prefer Dogs Over Husbands by Steve, Thursday, July 20, 2006 An online poll released by, shows more women would rather have a pet than a husband.Of the 103,900 votes cast in a period of seven days, an overwhelming 78% voted for a furry rather than a hairy companion. The poll has a sampling error of plus or minus three percentage points.While it's been said that a dog is "Man's best friend", the radio station says that 87% of its listeners are women between the ages of "Life's too short to commit to someone you will need to know over time," says Nancy Keller, 29. "I'd rather have a pet and simply date. Less stress on everyone involved." In a somewhat related subject, we published the results of a survey which showed that 51% of the respondents blame their spouse for disturbing their sleep, while only 38% blamed their pet. ( DogCatRadio.comwe published Post a Comment | 9 Comments | Add to Perma Link: More Women Prefer Dogs Over HusbandsPost a Comment9 CommentsAdd to del.icio.usMore Women Prefer Dogs Over Husbands

18 E-Business Projects BC Opportunity next year for a variety of eBusiness projects. Includes several businesses Benefits Add to portfolio Flexible time commitment Small business experience

19 Next Week Why consume? Motivation and stimulation.. 4Ps or the 4Cs Carnal, Corporeal, Creedal, Cultural

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