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The Nation Breaking Apart Chapter 15

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1 The Nation Breaking Apart Chapter 15
A series of conflicts pulled the North and South apart, attempts were made to resolve the divisive issues but civil war was the final outcome.

2 North and South Develop Differently
Rapid growth of cities Large amount of immigration Many moved to the Northwest territory Most canals/ railroads ran east to west (developed trade ties between east & Midwest) South A few wealthy planters controlled society Planters invested in slaves instead of industry, south developed little industry as a result. Poor whites accepted slavery b/c it kept them off the bottom of society.

3 Land Issues Deepen the Divide
Wilmot Proviso- Proposed to outlaw slavery in territory acquired from Mexican War. Never became law but led to the creation of the FREE SOIL PARTY- dedicated to stopping expansion of slavery. Compromise of To please the North- California is a free state, slave trade ends in D.C. South-No laws passed to restrict slavery in territories won from Mexico, and Congress would pass laws to help recapture runaway slaves.

4 The Crisis Deepens… Fugitive Slave Act (1850)- Suspected runaway slaves could be held w/o arrest warrant and no trial. Uncle Tom’s Cabin -Harriet Beecher Stowe’s novel about a slave heightens conflict over slavery. Popular Sovereignty- System where residents vote to decide an issue Became part of the Kansas-Nebraska Act – People of these territories would decide the slavery issue themselves. (contradicted the Mo Compromise)

5 BLEEDING KANSAS Anti and proslavery supporters rushed to settle Kansas in order to vote the issue. Illegal behavior, disputed government control, and the people arming themselves led to violence. Sack of Lawrence- Proslavery mob attacks John Brown- Extreme abolitionist retaliates and murders 5 proslavery neighbors (Pottawatomie Massacre) Civil War breaks out in Kansas.

6 Slavery Dominates Politics
Republican Party forms- Kansas-Nebraska Act Destroys the Whig party, Northern Whigs leave and join opponents of slavery. (Forming the Republican Party) Election of James Buchanan (D) Resulted in: 1. Proof that the Republican Party was a major force in the North, 2. The nation was split over slavery.

7 Dred Scott- Decision outraged the North, Republican party was charged with stopping the growing power of the slaveholders. Lincoln and Douglas Debates- Lincoln becomes a national figure, popular sovereignty challenges Supreme Court John Brown attacks U.S. arsenal in Harpers Ferry Virginia (wanted to arms slaves for revolt) Captured, tried, and put to death, the Nation stood on the brink of crumbling as a new election cycle (1860) approached.

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