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2014-12-19 学生实践训练 5 1 国 际 商 务 交 际 英 语. 2008 级商务英语班 马丽媛 实训模块:公司和产品介绍.

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Presentation on theme: "2014-12-19 学生实践训练 5 1 国 际 商 务 交 际 英 语. 2008 级商务英语班 马丽媛 实训模块:公司和产品介绍."— Presentation transcript:

1 2014-12-19 学生实践训练 5 1 国 际 商 务 交 际 英 语

2 2008 级商务英语班 马丽媛 实训模块:公司和产品介绍

3 Coral Sea Crystal CO.LTD 珊瑚海水晶饰品有限公司

4 Our company named Coral Sea Crystal CO.LTD. It was founded in 1989. Meanwhile Jiang Su province produces many kinds of crystals, so our company is located in it. We engage in two kinds of crystal jewelry: the natural crystal jewelry and man-made crystal jewelry. We buy the raw material of crystal and process a serious of jewelries which have designed by our famous designers. Company Introduction

5 The raw material is the raw ore of crystal

6 Products Introduction Our products includ the all kinds of Amethyst,Citrine,Rusticated Quartz and White Crystal. The styles are very diversified. Such as (finger) rings 、 ear drops 、 bracelet and so on. The man-made crystal jewelries are also beautiful, because they are designed by foreign famous designers.

7 The main produces The natural crystal jewelries

8 The manmade crystal jewelries

9 The series of Amethyst 紫水晶系列 (finger) ring ear drops bracelet

10 The series of Citrine 黄水晶系列 bracelet eardrops

11 The series of Rusticated Quartz 发晶系列 bracelet necklace

12 Slogan Family of crystal Brilliant and refined 水饰一族 晶亦求精

13 Sales Network Japan 、 Korea 、 Australia

14 Contact Us Website: Telephone: ( 86 ) 311 87251666 Fax :( 86 ) 311 87251660 Address: Zhong Nan road, Lian Yungang city, Jiang Su province


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