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Reach for the Top Evan Sauve.  I am thought to have been born around 2100 BC, in the city of Ur.  I am thought to be the first proponent of a monotheistic.

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1 Reach for the Top Evan Sauve

2  I am thought to have been born around 2100 BC, in the city of Ur.  I am thought to be the first proponent of a monotheistic philosophy.  I have two sons: Isaac and Ishmael, from whom Jews and Arabs (respectively) trace their lineage  I am a biblical figure, and before I changed my name, I was known as Abram.

3  I was born in 563 BC, in India.  My father confined me to a palace, with a life of luxury and ease. Eventually, I sneaked out of the palace.  I found a sick person, a geriatric and a corpse. Due to this, I became determined to find an end to suffering.  Neuroscientists are confirming that my teachings regarding mindfulness meditation are accurate about the inner workings of the mind.

4  I am a Jewish rabbi, born in 5 BC.  My teachings were challenging to the political and religious figures of the time, which made me unpopular, resulting in my execution.  I am thought to have been born in Bethlehem, perhaps only lived about 33 years and I am portrayed in many very famous paintings.  I am a descendent of Abraham, Isaac and David, my life is the premise of the New Testament and many refer to me as the son of God.

5  I was born about 600 years after Jesus’ death. Like Jesus, I am a descendent of Abraham and I preached beliefs which formed a religion that is still popular today.  Unlike Jesus, I was a descendent of Abraham’s son Ishmael.  I often contemplated and questioned the common beliefs of my age, and prayed in a cave just outside of Mecca.  In this cave, an angel offered me the Koran, the word of Allah, and charged me to “Proclaim”. This was the beginning of Islamic faith.

6  In 1095, I convened a council after Byzantine emperor Alexius I Comnenus approached me for support.  I gave an effective sermon to bishops from across Europe. There are five transcriptions of this speech.  Although these transcriptions differ significantly, they agree that I spoke of the violence in Europe, the willingness to help the Greeks, the righteousness of pilgrimage and the blessings for those who joined the fight.  This speech led to the retaking of Jerusalem, which was accomplished on July 15 th, 1099. I died two weeks later, before the news had traveled to me.

7  I was born in 1412 and I had a short life, ending in 1431.  Today I am considered a saint.  I am also considered the Maid of Orleans.  As a child, I apparently heard voices in my head. I claimed these voices were of Saint Michael, Saint Catherine and Saint Margaret. In 1920, I was canonised by the Roman Catholic Church, and today many French (and others) celebrated my feast day on May 30 th.

8  I was born the year Joan of Arc was canonised. I later became a pope.  Bill Graham said about me, “Few individuals have had a greater impact – not just religiously but socially and morally – on the modern world.”  Although my name at birth was Karol Wojtyla, you probably know me by a three-part name (two names and a number.)  I traveled more miles than all previous popes combined. I had a bulletproof Popemobile.  My names are two of the Beatles, and my number is how many Beatles are still alive.

9  I am most revered in Judaism, but I am also fundamental to Christianity and Islam.  In Biblical narratives, I am associated with the twelve enslaved Hebrew Tribes journeying from Egypt to Canaan.  After wandering 40 years through the desert, I died within sight of the Promise Land.  Atop Mount Sinai, I received the Ten Commandments.

10  A fanatical adherent of Judaism, I attempted a genocide of all Christians when Christianity was a new thing.  Dramatically, I converted to Christianity myself.  Despite having never met Jesus of Nazareth (before his death), I wrote a third of the New Testament  My birthname was Saul of Tarsus, but I changed it.  The fact that non-Jewish people are allowed to be Christians is entirely due to my teaching.

11  I was a fisherman before becoming a disciple of Jesus of Nazareth.  In Biblical narratives, I am depicted as impulsive.  My name was Simon, but Jesus called me a different name, which meant “Rocky.”  Catholics consider me the first pope.

12  I was the product of a king of Israel and a woman he saw bathing on her rooftop.  I wrote the bible’s book of erotic poetry and many of its proverbs.  I became king after my father, and was known for great wisdom and fairness.  I was also known for allegedly having 700 wives and 300 concubines (servants with privileges) in my lifetime.

13  I was a shepherd before becoming a king of Israel.  I came to prominence by hitting someone in the head with a rock.  Before I was king, I was given permission to marry the king’s daughter if I took one hundred enemy foreskins as dowry.  I was known for my skill as a warrior and lyricist, and am credited with writing many of the bible’s song lyrics (psalms)  I stole one of my citizen’s wives after seeing her bathing on her rooftop, from my palace.  a famous sculpture of me depicts me as beardless and uncircumcised, despite being a Jewish patriarch.

14  I am a Jewish patriarch.  I was one of many sons, and was sold into slavery to Egyptian slavers by my jealous brothers.  I was known for my ability to interpret people’s dreams. This eventually made me second-in- command after the Pharaoh of Egypt.  I supervised the relocation of my people to Egypt during a drought.

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