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SUMMARY OF MORNING SESSIONS Sister Mary Bernadette Little, R.S.M. Tuesday, 13 May.

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1 SUMMARY OF MORNING SESSIONS Sister Mary Bernadette Little, R.S.M. Tuesday, 13 May

2 Sister Theresa Lowe Ching launched her presentation in fine pedagogical style as she elicited from the group their recollection of the ideas that were presented in the Gospel of the day – a Gospel that was the springboard for Archbishop Lawrence Burke’s homily. Both the Gospel and the homily provided excellent examples of the movement or process out of which we operate consciously or unconsciously. Without understanding? Perception? Yeast, etc

3 The group was invited into the process by which we move from Experience (paying attention to what is going on) to  Understanding what is going on (insight) to  Judgments (when we test those insights) which leads to  Action Adapted from/methodology of: Bernard Lonergan, SJ

4 Sister defined ‘movement’ as the graced rhythm or progression that stems from the Spirit which must be differentiated from the ‘natural’ movement or feeling that produces satisfaction. Underlying all this is the need for discernment out of which would flows a deliberate choice of action that would originate from grace rather than from natural impulse.

5 Using two biblical quotations, one from the Old Testament (Isaiah 55:11) “my word… achieves the end for which I sent it,” and the other from the New Testament (John 1:14) “The Word was made flesh and made his dwelling among us” Sister highlighted the inherent power of the Word.

6 revealed as a person, at a specific time in a definite place in a specific culture (Jewish) revealed as God, one with the Father revealed as human, rooted in God, oriented to God.

7 Jesus was sent by the Father, on earth an itinerant, a traveler, urged to move from town to town, a response to his being sent, to his being in mission. The Church too is ‘a pilgrim people, missionary by its very nature.” Intrinsic in all this is a “call” for us too to recog- nize our status as pilgrims and to be open to the experience of a new Pentecost

8 Jesus’ encounter with the Woman at the Well provided the context (inclusion) for a much deeper sharing. The woman was drawn into a new self-awareness and into the reality of missionary activity

9 The physically/mentally challenged Those who think differently from us Those who belong to another social class Rastafarians Those who differ in colour, class or creed Those different in appearance There are some who intentionally exclude themselves from hearing the Word of God, e.g. those who think it is not ‘macho’ to read the Bible.

10 The role of women received some attention here e.g. resist being relegated to the status of ‘object’ refuse to be part of a polygamous relationship avoid being one of several ‘baby mothers’ Break the syndrome of silence and violence, Create ways to associate more with excluded persons, e.g. those who are poor, black, or who lack opportunity. Reach out to homosexuals, persons with AIDS

11 Who are the excluded? The poor, the uneducated, the blind, mentally challenged, those on the fringe, criminals. Include them through dialogue, through education, Invite them to join us in worship Learn why persons are excluded Overcome fears, be ready to take risks, dare to go into areas that are judged ‘not safe.’

12 In the second part of her presentation, Sister Theresa challenged us to be committed to the Kingdom, regnocentric. Citing Peter Phan, an Asian theologian, she cautioned that mission is not to expand but rather to enlarge the sphere of influence, to be a sign and effective instrument of the saving presence of the reign of God…. the reign of justice, peace, and love.


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