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How to Read and Respond to A Writing Prompt

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1 How to Read and Respond to A Writing Prompt
by Anita J. Ghajar-Selim for The writing lab at the Students’ Learning Support Center

2 Learning Outcomes Definition of writing prompt
Qualities of a well written essay Organizational patterns and “key words”

3 Definition of Writing Prompt
Prompt: To assist by suggesting something to do. For example: Write an essay and explain why honesty is important in a friendship.

4 Qualities of a Well Written Essay
Topic Well Focused Well Organized Well Supported

5 Well Focused Essay Answers all parts of the question completely.
For example: Describe an activity you did last weekend with your family.

6 Well Organized Essay The essay should have a good planning.
It should have a clearly marked introduction, body and a good conclusion that summarizes the material covered and emphasizes the thesis or the main point.

7 Well Supported Essay Does not just say something is true, it proves it. Gives facts, data, examples, statistics, and figures to support a point. It has strong supporting evidence.

8 What Can We do to Write an Effective Essay
Read the questions carefully. Underline the key words in the question. Budget your time. Choose the right organization pattern for your essay.

9 Organizational Patterns and Key Words for Different Types of Essays
Cause and Effect Compare and Contrast Process Essay Thesis and Support (Argumentative Essay)

10 Cause and Effect Key words: What are the causes of “X”?
What led to “X”? Why did “X” happen? Why does “X” happen? What would be the effects of “X”? Example: Write an essay on why more and more students are dropping Foundation courses?

11 Cause and Effect Organizational Pattern
Introduction and thesis statement : “Foundation Program is a program at Qatar University which helps students close the gap between high school and college by improving their English, math, and computer. Although this program promises to help the students, more and more students are dropping out of it because………A………., ………………B………….., and …………C……… . “ Paragraph 1: Discusses A with reasons and support. Paragraph 2: Discusses B with reasons and support. Paragraph 3: Discusses C with reasons and support. Conclusion: A summary of A, B, and C and restatement of the thesis statement. “The popularity of the Foundation Program with the student has severely suffered because of its ………..A……….., ………….B………………., ……………C………………. .”

12 Useful Transition Words in Cause and Effect Essay
Because Consequently Therefore For this reason As a result Choose one of the following topics and write 3 causes for them. Then, write a sentence about one of the causes using one of the above transition words -Global warming Economical crisis in the Emirates Students’ lack of motivation in the Foundation Program.

13 Comparison and Contrast Essay
Key words: How does “X” differ from “Y”? Compare “X” and “Y”. What are the advantages and disadvantages of “X” and “Y”? Example: Which would you rather study at--Qatar University or College of North Atlantic?

14 Cause and Effect Organizational Pattern
Qatar University A. Advantages B. Disadvantages CNAQ

15 Pattern 2 I. Advantages A. Qatar University B. CNAQ II. Disadvantages

16 Useful Transitional Words in Compare and Contrast Essay
On the other hand Similarly Yet Unlike A, B… likewise But Write 2 sentences (one comparison, one contrast) for the 2 mentioned universities. Use 2 of the transition words above.

17 Process Essay Key words: Describe how “X” is done.
List the steps involved in (preparing) “X”. Explain what happened in “X”. What is the procedure involved in (preparing) “X”? Example: Write an essay describing the steps in preparing for Eid Al Adha.

18 Process Essay Organizational Pattern
Introduction and thesis statement: “Eid Al Adhha is the most important religious holiday celebrated by the Muslims around the world. In my family we always prepare for the Eid by …….A…………., …………B………, ……….C………, etc. Body: Describes all these steps in some details. Conclusion: Restatement of the introduction.

19 Useful Transition Words in Process Essay
First, second, third, etc. Next Then Following this Finally After this Can you name 3 steps you take to prepare for Eid Al Adha?

20 Argumentative Essay Key words: Discuss “X”
Do you agree or disagree with “X”? Give your reasons. Defend or refute “X”. Do you think at “X” is valid? Defend your position. Example: Foundation Program at Qatar University should be reduced to 1 year instead of 2 years.

21 Argumentative Essay Organizational Pattern
Introduction and thesis statement: Give a background about what the Foundation Program is then state your position by saying; for example, “Foundation program should be reduced to one year instead of two years because of ……..A……, ……B………, and ……….C……… . Paragraph 1: Details and supports for point A. Paragraph 2: Details and supports for point B. Paragraph 3: Details and supports for point C. (Paragraph 4): The opposition group’s reasons. Refute these reasons with valid, justified reasons of yours. Conclusion: Restatement of the thesis statement.

22 Useful Transition Words for Argumentative Essay
Therefore For this reason It follows that As a result Because However Consequently Give one strong reason why or why not Foundation Program’s length should be shortened using one of the above transition words.

23 Q & A

24 Please contact us at Writinglab@qu. edu. qa Or visit: http://www. qu
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