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September 22, 2014 Community Presentation September 22,2014 Tess Johnson and Brett Nelson.

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1 September 22, 2014 Community Presentation September 22,2014 Tess Johnson and Brett Nelson

2 Dublin High School Lenni Velez Wells Middle School Fallon School Stephanie AndersonKelly Zummo Dougherty Elementary Dublin Elementary Brett NelsonMurrah Rodriguez Lina Barakat Frederiksen Elementary Green Elementary School Michaela Vergara Janette Rosing Jenna Krier Kolb ElementaryMurray Elementary Danielle MaySandra Henriott Administrator Liaison: Brett Nelson District GATE Coordinator: Tess Johnson, 925-570-5198

3 National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) A gifted person is someone who shows, or has the potential for showing, an exceptional level of performance in one or more areas of expression.

4 Scoring 95% composite score on the CogAT Tests appraises verbal and nonverbal inductive and deductive reasoning skills, as well as flexibility, fluency and adaptability in working with verbal and nonverbal materials and solving of verbal and nonverbal problems. Elements Verbal Battery (reading comprehension, critical thinking, writing) Quantitative Battery (math structures and organizations) Non Verbal Battery (use of geometric and figures)

5  Elementary563 (4,907)  Middle School316 (2,140)  High School348 (2,135) Total:927 (9,182)

6  A Bright Learner (High Achiever) enjoys peers Grasps the meaning Completes assignments Is receptive Enjoys school Absorbs Information Is a technician Is a good memorizer Is alert Is pleased with own learning  A Gifted Learner (Top 2-4 Percent) Prefers adults Draws inferences Initiates projects Is intense Enjoys learning Manipulates information Is an inventor Is a good guesser Is keenly observant Is highly self critical

7 Acceleration/Pacing - Moving students faster through the curriculum and not expecting them to do what they already know how to do. Depth - Having students become true experts in a given area; giving them an opportunity to find out about certain subjects in great detail. Complexity - Exploring the connections and relationships between things, comparing and contrasting. Novelty - Allowing students to exhibit their creativity in the creation of original projects that challenge their thinking in new and unusual ways. Sandra Kaplan USC

8 Happens during the school day!  Placed in a GATE cluster  Offered differentiated curriculum  Mayor’s Challenge

9  Middle School/High School Level - Differentiated Instruction *Focus on Common Core/Smarted Balance Assessment - Clustered classes: *English and History (MS) * AP Classes (HS) - Many and varied classes - What is best for the child

10  Student centered  Best Practices  Different approach: NOT MORE OR LESS  A way of thinking and planning  A blend of whole-class, small group, and individual instruction

11 AAssignments AActivities HHomework LLearning centers EExperiments MMaterials AAssessments WWriting prompts

12 Teach your children to: Accept responsibility Delay gratification Respect of others Set realistic goals Set limits Enforce consequences Have integrity

13 BalanceChoices  Don’t make children conform to you  Invite them to grow  Preference of their own choosing  Task master vs. life long learner

14 support with evidence Identify central theme present an argument write a short story cite references use of figurative &literal language use of multiple and varied resources critique a solution posed in the text define authors point of view or purpose determine the overall structure reason logically represent a problem or solution in multiple ways

15 Original CCSDifferentiated Standard CCS Anchor Standard for Writing #2: Write informative/explanatory texts to examine and convey complex ideas and information clearly and accurately through effective selection, organization, and analysis of content Differentiated Standard: Examine discipline specific informative/explanatory text in order to determine the patterns and rules of organizing information unique to that discipline. Write an original informative/explanatory piece that examines and coveys complex concepts clearly and accurately from the disciplinarian's perspective. CCS Anchor Standard for Listening and Speaking #3: Evaluate a Speaker’s point of view, reasoning and use of evidence and rhetoric Differentiated Standard: Select a prominent historical figure who is a noted orator and determine how the language of discipline, motivate, and ethics reflect the context and impact the rules and outcome of the person’s speech. Convene a group of peers to discuss what you have learned during your research.

16 Parent support the GATE program through the following examples of extra curricular activities that differ from school to school:  Destination Imagination  Stanford Program: Math, English  Robotics  Odyssey of the Mind  Future Problem Solving  Science Bowl  Debate Club

17 Mayor’s Challenge Working in groups of 3 to 4 create a 5 minute awareness presentation regarding the topic “College and Career Readiness: What it takes to be successful. Your audience will be students 3 rd through 12 th graders and the Dublin community. Author’s Challenge “The Power In Your Writing” Be creative and write a book on any subject of interest to you. Your work will be showcased at the Dublin High School Media Center/Library, Spring, 2015.

18  CAG ( California Association for the Gifted)  Sandra Kaplan, University of Southern California  Gifted Communicator Magazine  Johns Hopkins CTY Talent Search  EPGY at Stanford  Alameda County Office of Education

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