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In this presentation you will see the features and benefits our interactive software offers a school as well as the opportunity for Westpac to market your.

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1 In this presentation you will see the features and benefits our interactive software offers a school as well as the opportunity for Westpac to market your products and services exclusively to a school’s community of parents, students, teachers and grandparents.

2 Accessing the School Community The challenge for all businesses has always been the same... How do you market to the school community of students, parents, grandparents and teachers? Usually the only way to access the school community is to advertise on a school’s paper newsletter (if they still have one), be involved with a gala day, offer book prizes, etc.  Schools resent being a distribution outlet for a business wanting them to distribute flyers to teachers who in turn are asked to give out to students to take home  Schools do not allow businesses to advertise or promote themselves on the school’s website However with the Cabu! URL link from a school website a new opportunity now exists Plus... Cabu! is a Business Partner of the Te Tai Tokerau Principal’s Association

3 Community Focus The software is all about the community. Not only is it an educational tool but it brings the school and your business together  Students, teachers and PTA/BOT can all get involved in writing articles, adding images and video  Students, teachers, parents or anyone in fact can make the software interactive by adding comments and sharing events and articles via social media links  Local businesses can advertise their products and services direct to the school’s community via the school’s online newspaper, creating a connection between the community and businesses that benefits both parties

4 The Competition  ASB are well established with schools in NZ, as well they are major sponsors in 10 principals associations around the country including NZPF, Auckland, Canterbury, Wellington, Waikato plus they run an active school banking programme. In addition ASB currently spends in excess of two million dollars in supporting New Zealand schools. This includes financing 100% of the financial literacy program Get Wise, ASB Polyfest, ASB Stage Challenge, ASB Computers in Schools and the ASB-APPA travelling fellowship.  ANZ sponsor Otago and Independent Schools Association  TSB are strong in New Plymouth  National Bank are not sponsors of any association we are aware of, however like ASB, they aggressively run a school banking programme with many schools in the country.  Kiwibank are currently looking at marketing options on how they can enter the community of students and parents associated with a school. NB: Schools do not easily change their banking facilities

5 The Business Opportunity Access to advertise directly to students, teachers, parents and grandparents from a school with exclusivity, as no other banking institution can advertise on a Westpac partnered school site To establish your brand as early as Primary school with the objective of the students growing up with Westpac and being future customers To promote the various products and services direct to a school’s community To run fun competitions with the students/parents and further develop the Westpac brand Your company’s advert is situated “permanently” at the top right of the page and links back to your website with your offers ××× ××

6 How It Works If Westpac would like to become involved with the Trial programme the following steps would take place. 1.Cabu! contacts schools and offers the software ‘FREE’ to a school over a 24 month period, partnered by Westpac 2.Cabu! demonstrates the software to the school. 3.Westpac and Cabu! develop a joint partnership where together we set up a trial programme with 200 NZ schools over 24 months. We suggest the Northland and Rotorua areas where Westpac currently sponsors the local principal associations. When a school takes up the offer: 1.Cabu! will create an order and liaise with the school on their customisation requirements 2.Cabu! will email an invoice to Westpac and arrange with your marketing team the advert for uploading 3.Once built, Cabu! will arrange online software training and support for the school, plus work with your marketing team on an ongoing basis. NB: There is no guarantee a school will accept this business opportunity

7 The Marketing Costs A fee of $1495 + GST per school that joins the Westpac “Business Partnership” Initiative. This covers 24 months branding and marketing presence on that school’s site. Terms and Conditions:  Partnership is for 24 months with a right of renewal for the next 12 months  Schools will be approached by Cabu!  Each school has a different approval process to confirm (or decline) the design/build of their own school newspaper.  Payments are made monthly over a 12 month period and only once Cabu! have a school site confirmed and built and the Westpac advert uploaded onto the site.

8 Cabu! So Far As at 31 August 2012 we have: 16 Schools with the software either working or being built  7 in Northland  9 in Auckland More schools are keen to have the software Analytic Snapshot of Cabu online school newspapers:  Richmond Road School (went live April 2012)  4,796 visits  1,645 unique visitors  20,174 page views  St Joseph’s Catholic School in Takapuna (went live May 2012)  1,881 visits  771 unique visitors  21,134 page views  Onerahi Primary School (went live April 2012)  1,573 visits  707 unique visitors  18,078 page views

9 Future Opportunities  After the initial trial period and based on results Westpac may look to initiate a long term marketing strategy of being branded on 20% of NZ schools over the next 3 years (approximately 560 schools) using the same formula  School rolls differ throughout the country, however based on a smaller average of 300 students (urban and rural) per school over 560 schools this equates to approximately:  168,000 students  250,000 parents, teachers and grandparents  A total of over 400,000 New Zealanders associated with 20% of school market

10 Thank You Kim Brady 021 938 627 Leesa Stevenson 0274 292 240

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