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Individual Experience Advisory Group June 5, 2012.

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1 Individual Experience Advisory Group June 5, 2012

2 2 Agenda Welcome & Introductions10 min Expectations & Standard Operating Procedures 20 min Roles Assign Recorder Meeting Schedule 5 min Overview of Topic Timeline and Discussion 20 min High level timeline and topics First TopicStandard Comparative Plan Information 30 min Wrap-up 5 min

3 3 What is a Health Benefit Exchange? An online marketplace for individuals and small employers to: Shop features of plans containing the same base benefits Compare information regarding cost and quality Determine eligibility for tax credits (premium relief) Call or sit down with someone for help Enroll in a plan 3

4 4 Mission To increase access, affordability, and choice for individuals and small employers purchasing health insurance in Colorado. To reflect the unique needs of our state, seek Colorado-specific solutions, and explore the maximum number of options available to the state of Colorado in meeting the goals of access, affordability and choice. 4

5 5 Individual Experience Advisory Group Charter The group may address the following issues: Inform the design of the COHBE shopping portal, including the work flow that will guide individuals through the health plan selection process. This can include but is not limited to offering feedback on: the plan comparison tools, the way premium tax credits and cost sharing assistance information is displayed, what quality ratings are informative and meaningful to consumers, and best practices for notifying consumers about status changes Discuss what should be included on COHBEs uniform enrollment application Inform the process for selecting, training, certifying, and compensating navigators Discuss the role of brokers in the Exchange Provide feedback on consumer and employer rights and responsibilities Discuss what functions should be provided by the customer service center

6 6 Individual Experience – Current Scope 1.Standard Comparative Plan Information (June) 2.Uniform Enrollment Application (June) 3.Navigator Role and Compensation (June-July) 4.Broker Role and Compensation (June-July) 5.Customer Service Center (July-Aug) 6.Consumer and Employer Rights and Responsibilities (Aug)

7 7 Individual Experience Policy & Process Topics 1 st Topic – Standard Comparative Plan Information Essential Question: What is the appropriate information to be displayed to consumers when they are comparing qualified health plans? Target Decision Date – June 25, 2012

8 8 Individual Experience Advisory Group Next steps: Make a list of what features are important to you Look around on other insurance websites Next meeting in June: Discuss standard comparative plan information Discuss the uniform enrollment process

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