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NATIONAL PRESIDENTS MEETING 17 September. Association activities & Progress report Anastasia Laskari EDTNA/ERCA Immediate Past President.

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2 Association activities & Progress report Anastasia Laskari EDTNA/ERCA Immediate Past President

3 Did we achieve our objectives in 2011/2012?

4 Next steps in Go Green in Dialysis Joint EDTNA/ERCA & Fresenius Medical Care Project A campaign to achieve more sustainability in dialysis care Project Co-ordinators: Jürgen Kastl, Jitka Pancířová Collaboration with Industry

5 Guidelines on Vascular Access Cannulation and Care - Joint EDTNA/ERCA & Fresenius Medical Care’s project to achieve enhanced multidisciplinary renal team practice in HD and produce VA guidelines. Jean Pierre van Waeleghem, Jitka Pancířová, Maria Teresa Parisotto Collaboration with Industry

6 IQD (Individualized Quality-assured Dialysis) A Guide to Implementing Renal Best Practice in Haemodialysis Joint EDTNA/ERCA & Gambro Project to define multidisciplinary clinical guide for HD Project Co-ordinators until 31.8.2012: Jitka Pancířová, Anki Davidson Collaboration with Industry

7 IQD (Individualized Quality-assured Dialysis) A Guide to Implementing Renal Best Practice in Haemodialysis Joint EDTNA/ERCA & Gambro Project to define multidisciplinary clinical guide for HD Project Team Members Collaboration with Industry

8  6th Fresenius Middle East Renal Education Programme was held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates John Sedgewick, Faculty Chair Collaboration with Industry

9  New project: Joint EDTNA/ERCA & Shire Pharmaceuticals survey of Renal Dieticians Project Objectives  To understand attitudes and policy regarding dietary management and phosphate-binder prescribing  Locally, nationally, internationally and regionally  To disseminate the findings of the survey both among its participants and the wider renal care community  Participants will remain anonymous Collaboration with Industry

10  Existing Awards Peritoneal Dialysis Education Programme Fresenius Medical Care (Middle East & Africa) Competence in Practice Programme Diaverum Renal Services Group PEP= Phosphate-Unit-Programme Genzyme GmbH (Germany)  New Award Dialysis Nurse Development Programme B.Braun Avitum Industry Endorsement

11 Personal changes in the Journal of Renal Care Team:  Dr. Nicola Tomas has taken over the Editor role from Dr. Cordelia Answanden.  Avril Redmond from Northern Ireland has taken over the Continuous Education co-ordinator role from Margaret McCann  Strategy for next year: Supplement on Home Therapies Regular publications Journal of Renal Care

12  Quarterly publication available in 15 languages thanks to EDTNA/ERCA Volunteers:  The most read publication on our web  The strategy for next year is to keep this publication as an informative tool on EDTNA/ERCA activities and projects as well as short educational pieces. Czech Dutch English French Greek German Italian Lithuanian Polish Portuguese Russian Serbian Slovenian Spanish Turkish News

13  Continuing with handbooks strategy – A Guide to Clinical Practice – Publications Objectives for 2012 were consolidated with the launching of the following new books: Books

14  Additionally, the Environmental Guidelines for Dialysis Handbook was translated to the following languages: Czech Italian Spanish Russian...and soon in:  Portuguese  French Books

15  Project carried out in cooperation with Takeda: IV Iron Resource and Utilization in Patients with Iron Deficiency Anaemia in CKD  Survey performed in:  United Kingdom  Italy  Spain  Leaflet with summary of results Other publications Project results

16 Maintained our current partnership with European Kidney Health Alliance (EKHA) Jitka Pancirova, EDTNA/ERCA Executive Director & Professor Norbert Lameire, EKHA Chairman Partnership with EKHA

17 Challenges & Opportunities for Renal Care Across Europe - A survey of National Presidents of Renal Health Care Associations“ An European Network of Renal Care Association (ENRCA) project Participating National associations participating in the qualitative part:  TNNA  ANNA  APEDT 12 NAs participated in the quantitative part and answered to the questionnaire Session:CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES FOR RENAL CARE ACROSS EUROPE, Sunday, 16 September‚ Tivoli 2, 12:45-13:45  RCN  BASW RSIG  FS Nephro  SEDEN  HENNA  EDTNA/ERCA Italian Branch  CYNMA  FNB Cooperation with other Associations

18 Establish closer links with renal/non-renal international Associations EDTNA/ERCA signed an collaborative agreement with EfCCNa and HENNA for writing the Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) – Guide to Clinical Practice Cooperation with other Associations

19 New ways of communication with EDTNA/ERCA established using Social Media Since January 2012 EDTNA/ERCA is on TWITTER Daily tweeting about the latest news on EDTNA/ERCA and renal care EDTNA/ERCA & Social Media

20 Organized a special Annual Conference in Ljubljana Celebration of 40th Anniversary of EDTNA/ERCA 40 th Anniversary



23 Objectives 2012/2013 Anastasia Laskari EDTNA/ERCA’s Immediate Past President

24 EC responsibilities 2012/2013 Member Supervisory Board Member SecretaryTreasurerEC memberEC MemberExecutiveSecretariatPublications DirectorCoordinator Maria Saraiva Alessandra ZampieronEdita NoruisieneSusan RogersJitka PancirovaElisheva MiloMaria Cruz Casal PortugalItalyLithuaniaThe NetherlandsCzech RepublicIsraelSpain Human Resources Association‘s Finance Management International Association Product & Service Management Strategy Management & QMS Operations Management Product & Services Management (Nomination Committee Chair) Conference Finance Management National Associations(Publications support) Marketing & Industry liasons Secretariat services(Publications) EC administrative support ContractsENRCAKM/LM/ILMProduct & Services Management Membership services Consultants‘ link Education & Research Strategy BSCWeb & Social Media link Training strategies(Industry projects)Document control (P&P) SPC linkDOPPSConference servicesDocument control (P&P) JoRC Link EKHA

25 Enhance and maintain the continuity of the effective collaboration with industry partners and corporate members Currently, EDTNA/ERCA provides a platform for international industry partners to collaborate actively in educational and research activities in order to improve the global quality of renal care and disseminate scientific results among renal care professionals. Objectives 2012/2013

26 Collaboration with National associations on new projects to continue the good relationship for the benefits of both sides  Proposal for a new Project to develop further collaboration of EDTNA/ERCA with the European Renal Care National Associations – ENRCA to be discussed in Strasbourg Objectives 2012/2013

27 Implement environmental approach throughout the Association  EDTNA/ERCA believes that we have a responsibility to care for and protect the environment in which we operate.  EDTNA/ERCA is fully committed to improving environmental performance across all of our business activities and will encourage our Industry Partners and Members to join us in this effort. Objectives 2012/2013

28 Implement environmental approach throughout the Association EDTNA/ERCA will strive to:  Adopt the highest environmental standards in all areas of operations  Assess organizational activities and identify areas where we can minimize impacts.  Purchase/work with sustainable products wherever feasible with focus on the international Conference  Promote and use electronic communication whenever possible  Develop educational and research projects that will encourage adopting environmental approaches through all activities (e.g. Go Green in Dialysis) Objectives 2012/2013

29 To collaborate at European and world wide level in education and research to improve quality of renal care  EDTNA/ERCA believes that has the responsibility to help to improve quality care in the renal field through education and research  EDTNA/ERCA is committed and deeply involved in programs, projects and accreditation processes with several organizations worldwide.  EDTNA/ERCA is aiming to act as bridge between renal caregivers, patients and families through the production of educational materials respecting the cultural background of all. Objectives 2012/2013

30 EDTNA/ERCA will strive to:  Continue the close collaboration with Universities, Health Institutions and Industry partners to enhance research and educational programs and projects.  Cooperate with Renal National Associations in order to develop educational materials for all professionals involved in renal care  Collaborate with Renal patient’s Associations to enhance development of patients/families' educational materials respecting their cultural background To collaborate at European and world wide level in education and research to improve quality of renal care Objectives 2012/2013

31 To implement the regular use of Social Media in order to strengthen EDTNA/ERCA by increasing communication and visibility worldwide  EDTNA/ERCA believes that it is mandatory to build meaningful communication, being accessible and approachable to every one  EDTNA/ERCA is committed spreading information, knowledge, and education materials suitable for all nephrology multidisciplinary care team  EDTNA/ERCA aiming to increase its search profile, enhancing Association’s visibility in major search engines. Objectives 2012/2013

32 EDTNA/ERCA will strive to:  Make the Association’s Webpage more attractive  Become an important participant in Nephrology Social Media forums on the web Patients, Industry partners and Nephrology experts websites  Update the website frequently to be more interesting and meets the expectations To implement the regular use of Social Media in order to strengthen EDTNA/ERCA by increasing communication and visibility worldwide Objectives 2012/2013

33 Quality Management System approach  A quality management principle is a comprehensive and fundamental rule for leading and operating an organization, aiming at continually improving performance over the long term by focusing on customers while addressing the needs of all other people involved in the activity of the organization  EDTNA/ERCA will Identify, understand and manage its processes in order to contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency in achieving the Associations’ objectives. Objectives 2012/2013

34 Sponsors Diamond sponsors Silver sponsor Bronze sponsors Other sponsors Under the patronage of Ville et Communauté urbaine de Strasbourg

35 Corporate Education Sessions S 04 CES Fresenius Medical Care - NephroCare Connecting the patient to life: Central Venous Catheter complications can and must be managed Sunday, 16 September, 09:00-10:30 S 07 CES Gambro IQD – (Individualized Quality-assured Dialysis) - A Guide to Implementing Renal Best Practice in HD Sunday, 16 September, 11:00-12:30 S 12 CES Baxter Things you always wanted to know about dialysis but were afraid to ask Sunday, 16 September, 14:00-15:30 S 19 CES Shire Balancing phosphate and protein intake in patients undergoing dialysis Monday, 17 September, 09:00-10:30 S 22 CES Fresenius Medical Care - Renal Pharma The future of drug management in haemodialysis Monday, 17 September, 11:00-12:30 S 27 CES Diaverum Pain, anxiety, bleeding, bumps and lumps! Improving the patients AV fistula experience Monday, 17 September, 14:00-15:30

36 Exhibitors Note: List of exhibitors valid as of 16 August 2012.

37 Corporate Members

38 Exploring the Challenges & Opportunities for Renal Care Across Europe presentation of the project’s results Maria Saraiva, Alessandra Zampieron

39  We would like to thank all the National Presidents and Representatives from National Associations who participate to the qualitative and the quantitative part of this project.  Qualitative part: Birsen Yurugen (TNNA); Donna Painter (ANNA); Fernando Vilares, (APEDT); John Sedgewick (RCN); Lisa Robertson (BASW RSIG); Maria Fettouhi (FS Nephro); Maria Jesus Rollan (SEDEN); Mariana Eleftheroudi (HENNA); Marisa Pegoraro (EDTNA/ERCA Italian Branch); Michael Reichardt (FNB); Sotiroula Gliki (CYNMA).  Quantitative part: 12 National Associations answered to the questionnaire: Austria: ÖANPT; Belgium: ORPADT; Cyprus: CNNA; Denmark: FS NEFRO; Germany: FNB; Greece: HENNA; Israel: INNA; Italy: EDTNA/ERCA Italian Branch; Portugal: APEDT; Slovenia: Slovenian Nephrology Nurses Association; Turkey: TNDTNA; United Kingdom: ANSA. Project 2012: Challenges and opportunities for renal care across Europe

40  The most significant problems in many European countries are educational issues.  The most important topic for future development in many European countries is quality control in renal care. We suggest to evaluate quality of renal care across Europe Themes for future research

41  Design: cross-sectional study.  Sample: renal units across Europe.  Instrument: Quality improvement implementation survey II, developed by School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley. It includes 81 items.  Procedure: e-mail distribution to renal units at national level. One questionnaire completed for each unit by Head Nurse or delegates.  Analysis: at international level, managed by EDTNA/ERCA. Suggested project

42 Meeting evaluation All

43 Conference venue 2013


45 Thank you for your attention Enjoy the 41 st EDTNA/ERCA International Conference

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