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AgVantage Commodity DPR AgVantage National Conference 2011.

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1 AgVantage Commodity DPR AgVantage National Conference 2011

2 AgVantage Commodity DPR Allows you to quickly and easily compare your position based on purchase and sales contracts. New tool to help you hedge and value your non grain commodities Done as an eproduct so your employees can access it from any location.

3 Commodity DPR Short Cuts New Shortcuts make access easier. Prevents user from accidently changing data. Brings you right to running the position report or Inventory. Great for General Manager access

4 AgVantage Commodity DPR See where you would assign actual items to the commodity report. You can assign as many items as you like to this position report. Pick the contracting periods. High and low limits for auto emailing Work Orders have been added to the Position Reports

5 AgVantage Commodity DPR It will display information based on the periods setup. Starts with the inventory for the day. Daily activity everything above Dispatched not invoiced. You can drill into everything that is underlined. You can export this to a csv file and import into excel. Brings in Agronomy work orders not invoiced.

6 AgVantage Commodity DPR Notice how if you modify open purchase contracts it changes the total net position. The formulas are downloaded to the spreadsheet. You can save these for later access.

7 AgVantage Commodity DPR This is a drill down into Contracted Purchases to see inventory received and A/P transactions. You can output this to a csv file for bringing into excel.

8 AgVantage Commodity DPR This is where you enter the purchase contracts you have with your vendors. A/P and IR will interface with contracts.

9 AgVantage Commodity DPR In V7 You can create contracts for multiple items on a position report A product can be in multiple position reports. An item must be in a position report before you can create a contract for it. Automatically Omits 0 Contract balances.

10 AgVantage Commodity Purchase Contracts You first select the vendor starting letter. Then you select the contracted item. Then select a contract type. Enter the contract number. You can specify a location if you desire. After you click apply you get the remaining information

11 AgVantage Commodity Purchase Contracts Select delivery start and end dates. The delivery start date puts it into a period Select your contract type We will be adding more contract types

12 AgVantage Commodity DPR Uses the same prepay and booking contract you currently use in A/R.

13 AgVantage Commodity DPR F10 to create a contract number. The beginning contract date selects the period.

14 AgVantage Commodity DPR Select your contract and f1 to complete the invoice.

15 AgVantage Commodity DPR Note the new field for contract number Contracts will display when available You can also prompt on it.

16 AgVantage Commodity DPR In V6.5 dpr is not updated until received is merged. In V7 it is updated immediately at f1 time.

17 AgVantage Commodity DPR Notice how both sales and inventory receivers update immediately. This has had extremely high interest at new potential customers. Volatile energy and agronomy prices have made this a must for all our customers.

18 AgVantage Inventory Reports Basically the same as commodity dpr except skipping the contracting portion. Used to make sure you have adequate stock on hand Brings work orders into account.

19 AgVantage Commodity DPR CDD Opening for you to offer your suggestions. Please fill out your evaluation.

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