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Artificial Insemination

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1 Artificial Insemination

2 History: Arab chieftain tale
Antony van Leeuwenhook, Dutch inventor of the microscope, was the first person to observe sperm under magnification. In 1780, Lazzaro Spallanzani, an Italian physiologist, was the first to record the successful use of AI in his work with dogs and is considered the inventor of AI.

3 Ivanoff of Russia pioneered AI research in birds, horses, cattle, and sheep in 1899.
He was the first to successfully inseminate cattle artificially. AI was first used on a large scale by Russia to reestablish its livestock industry following World War I and Britain used it for the same purpose following World War II.

4 Why AI? Increase Production Proves more sires
Eliminates danger and expense of keeping bulls and total bulls needed Helps control disease Prolongs service life of sires Reduces injury Improves management with better record keeping Allows crossbreeding to be used to a max Decreases overall sire costs

5 Why not AI? Human Detection of Heat Requires a skilled tech
May be subject to abuses May accentuate poor traits

6 The head is of great importance because it contains the chromosomes (DNA).

7 The neck is short and contains the anterior centromere.
The body is approximately the same length as the head. The lashing of the tail causes the sperm to move.

8 Although minor differences occur in their sizes, all spermatozoa are extremely small (much smaller than the egg cells, or ova).

9 Methods of semen collection:
Artificial vagina


11 Electrical stimulation: Electrode in the rectum

12 Collection

13 Massage of the Ampullae
insert the hand into the rectum and massages the ampullae and accessory glands, causing semen to drip from the sheath. may be contaminated with urine and may contain too much accessory gland secretion for the number of sperm present.

14 Semen recovery from the vagina
the semen in the anterior vagina is aspirated into a syringe by means of a glass or rubber catheter introduced into the vagina Usually mixed with female secretions Spreads disease quickly


16 Number of Sperm per Insemination
Dilute semen Species Bull 1: cc15 million Stallion cc 250 million Boar 1: cc 2 million Ram 1: cc 50 million Semen Dilution Ratio Volume of Semen Needed per Service Number of Sperm per Insemination Volume of Semen & Concentration Per Insemination

17 AI equipment: Semen straw: holds the semen; has an end plugged with cotton and another sealed end

18 Semen Tank Keeps semen frozen at -320 degrees F
Canes: sit in canister and hold straws Canister: holds canes

19 Tweezers: used to extract semen straws out of canes and put in thaw box (need to be plastic)
Thaw Box: fill with water and heat to 95 degrees F Cito Straw Cutter: clips crimped the end of the straw

20 Gun: holds the semen straw
Spiret: used to screw into sow’s vagina to deposit semen

21 Sheath: protective covering
O-ring: holds sheath in place Speculum: opens up the vagina to locate the cervix

22 Other equipment needed:
Paper towels Gloves KY jelly




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