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Meals Away From Home Americans Are Eating Out More and Cooking Less Average person eats more than 4 meals per week prepared away from home.

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2 Meals Away From Home

3 Americans Are Eating Out More and Cooking Less Average person eats more than 4 meals per week prepared away from home.

4 The Challenges Fat, fat everywhere! Portions large enough for a sumo wrestler.

5 The Challenges Loads of sodium Focus on meat Fruits and vegetables few and far between

6 Portion Distortion

7 Do You Suffer From Portion Distortion? According to the National Restaurant Associations Dinner Decision Making Study, most consumers rank portion size as one of the 10 hallmarks of a great place to eat.

8 Portion Choices

9 Can You Achieve Your Nutrition Goals and Still Eat Out?

10 Eating Out Strategies

11 Survival Strategy #1 Survival Strategy #1 Know what you want before you go in. Call ahead for the menu – decide what you will eat when you are not hungry. Dont consider other menu items once you get there. Order before others to avoid changing your mind.

12 Survival Strategy #2 Survival Strategy #2 Have it your way. Ask if special preparation requests are possible. May I have the fish grilled, please?

13 Strategy #2 Strategy #2 (cont.) Substitute healthier menu items. –Vegetable instead of French fries –Salad with low-fat dressing instead of coleslaw –Whole-grain bread or bun instead of white bread

14 Strategy #2 Strategy #2 (cont.) Request items on the side or removed. Butter Sour cream Mayonnaise Special sauce Salad dressing Cheese Bacon Nut topping Avocado Lets see... how can I get less fat?

15 Strategy #2 Strategy #2 (cont.) Beware of these menu descriptions: Fried, deep fried Sautéed in oil or butter Crispy Batter-dipped Cheese sauce Golden brown Au gratin Creamed A little more butter will make it taste even better...

16 Strategy #2 Strategy #2 (cont.) Opt for these menu descriptions: Boiled Grilled Broiled Stir-fried Blackened Light wine sauce Broth (soups) Low-fat or fat-free salad dressing or mayonnaise

17 Survival Strategy #3 Survival Strategy #3 Curb a ravenous appetite. Eat light snack 1 hour before meal if extremely hungry: –Fruit or whole grain crackers. Curb your appetite at the restaurant: –Drink water with lemon. –Eat broth soup. –Eat salad with light dressing.

18 Share food with dining companions. Divide large entrees in half. –Add salad or soup. Choose appetizers, soups, salads in place of entrees. Survival Strategy #4 Survival Strategy #4 Share a meal.

19 Plan to take leftovers home. Ask if smaller portions are available: –Kiddie/junior size. –Lunch portion. Order one dessert for the table. Strategy #4 Strategy #4 (cont.) Share the bounty.

20 Survival Strategy #5 Survival Strategy #5 Fill the doggie bag before you eat. Ask for a take-home container when the food arrives. Be a member of the Leave-a-Few-Bites- on-Your-Plate club.

21 Survival Strategy #6 Survival Strategy #6 Add to a meal. A container of milk or juice A piece of fruit Some cut-up vegetables or a salad Some homemade soup

22 Survival Strategy #7 Survival Strategy #7 Pack a meal from home occasionally. –Healthy planned-overs –Lower calorie frozen entrees –Made-ahead soups and stews –Fresh fruits and vegetables –Salads with reduced calorie dressing –Potatoes or sweet potatoes with toppings

23 Strategy #7 Strategy #7 (cont.) Know benefits of brown-bagging. Controlled portions Healthier Cost-efficient Time for exercise

24 Steak/Seafood Restaurants Eating Out Steak/Seafood Restaurants Choose small portions – split the entree or get a doggie bag. Choose lean cuts of grilled beef, chicken, seafood. Ask for veggies; request without butter sauce. Request sauces, butter, dressings on side.

25 Balancing the Buffet Eating Out Balancing the Buffet Survey before you serve. Use smallest plate possible. Pile no thicker than deck of cards. Make 1-2 tablespoon portions – lots of white space.

26 Balancing the Buffet Eating Out Balancing the Buffet Fill ¾ of plate with lower-calorie vegetables and fruits. Settle on one portion of one meat selection. Sit away from buffet table. Get dessert after, if you still want it.

27 Deli Delights Eating Out Deli Delights Go light on meat, heavier on lettuce and tomato. Choose mustard, vinegar instead of mayo and oil. Be aware of high-sodium pickles and olives. Request baked chips or pretzels in place of regular chips.

28 Ying and Yang of Chinese Food Eating Out Ying and Yang of Chinese Food Green tea may have benefits. Won ton and hot and sour best soups. Steamed dumplings better choice than egg roll. Choose chicken and seafood over beef, duck and pork.

29 Chinese Food Eating Out Chinese Food Choose dishes with more vegetables. Choose plain rice rather than fried rice. Limit sweet and sour dishes. Limit dishes with nuts. Desserts – sherbet, fruit, fortune cookie.

30 Making the Most of Mexican Eating Out Making the Most of Mexican Request no chips and salsa. Choose grilled (burritos, enchiladas, fajitas) over fried (chimichangas, tacos). Choose dishes with beans, chicken and seafood over beef and pork.

31 Making the Most of Mexican Eating Out Making the Most of Mexican (cont.) Ask for sour cream and guacamole on the side or request none. Order taco salad without the taco shell. Chili or other soups are often low in fat and high in fiber.

32 Italian Restaurants Eating Out Italian Restaurants Pasta –Size up portions. –Choose tomato or marinara sauces instead of cream sauce, cheese sauce, Alfredo or butter sauce. Bread/breadsticks –Often doused in fat.

33 Italian Restaurants Eating Out Italian Restaurants (cont.) Low-fat Toppings Pineapple Canadian bacon, ham, grilled chicken Vegetables: spinach, tomatoes, broccoli, mushrooms, onions, peppers High-fat Toppings Extra cheese Pepperoni Sausage Bacon Pizza –Start with garden salad to fill you up. –Stick with thin crust; avoid stuffed crust.

34 Fitting In Fast Foods Eating Out Fitting In Fast Foods Fried Chicken

35 1 of Every 3 Meals Currently Is Eaten in a Fast-Food Restaurant

36 Breakfast on the Go Eating Out Breakfast on the Go Less Healthy Options Biscuits or croissants with sausage, egg, cheese Bagels loaded with cream cheese Donuts Lattes, mochas and cappuccinos with whole milk Healthier Options Bagels with spreads on side Jams/jellies Breakfast sandwiches with bagels or English muffin Flavored coffees with skim milk

37 Breakfast Eating Out Breakfast (cont.) Less Healthy Option Sausage biscuit w/ egg Orange juice = Meal total 670 calories 33 grams fat 1,015 mg sodium Healthier Option Egg McMuffin 1/2 Orange juice (8 oz) =Meal total 390 calories 12 grams fat 830 mg sodium

38 Sandwich Options Eating Out Sandwich Options Choose regular, small, junior or single burgers. Choose grilled chicken. Use ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce instead of mayo, special sauces. Split fries. Make special requests. Hold the cheese… Hold the mayo…

39 Sandwich Lunch Eating Out Sandwich Lunch Less Healthy Option Regular burger Medium crispy fries Chocolate shake = Total meal 1,352 calories 66 grams fat 2,480 mg sodium Healthier Option Grilled chicken sandwich 1/2 order regular fries Bottled water = Total meal 345 calories 16 grams fat 625 mg sodium

40 Chicken Sandwich Lunch Eating Out Chicken Sandwich Lunch Less Healthy Option Battered chicken sandwich Fries (small) Brownie = Total meal 1,020 calories 45 grams fat 1,615 mg sodium Healthier Option Chargrilled chicken sandwich (w/o butter) Carrot raisin salad Ice cream cone (small) = Total meal 530 calories 13.5 grams fat 1,170 mg sodium

41 Sub Lunch Eating Out Sub Lunch Less Healthy Option Cold cuts trio on 6- inch white roll Mayonnaise, pickles, lettuce, tomato Regular potato chips = Total meal 785 calories 48 grams fat 2,155 mg sodium Healthier Option Turkey sub on 6-inch whole-wheat roll Mustard, tomato, lettuce, peppers Baked potato chips = Total meal 420 calories 7.5 grams fat 1,250 mg sodium

42 Chicken Restaurants Eating Out Chicken Restaurants Lower fat Choices Chicken, white- meat without skin Corn, green beans, mixed vegetables Rice Mashed potatoes without gravy High-fat Choices Fried chicken with skin French fries Biscuits Cole slaw Potato salad Fried vegetables

43 Salad Bar Tips Eating Out Salad Bar Tips Good choices - fresh vegetables, fruits, beans. Limit coleslaw, potato salads and pasta salads. Go easy on cheese, eggs, nuts and croutons. Skip bacon bits. Dress the salad with vinegar, lemon juice or low-calorie dressings. Request dressing on the side. Use the dip and stick method.

44 Add Healthy Snacks To Meet Your Goals Low-fat milk Low-fat yogurt Fresh fruit Baby carrot sticks Vegetable juice Cereal, fruit and skim milk

45 Summary: Make Eating Out Healthier for You Make an effort to eat out less often Choose restaurants that offer healthier selections. Decide before you go. Make special requests. Share meals or request doggie bag. Supplement your meals with healthy snacks.

46 Adapted from University of Georgia Extension Service by Terri Crawford, M.S. Extension Agent (Nutrition) Northeast Region and Debbie Melvin, M.S., C.F.C.S. Extension Agent (Nutrition) Lafourche Parish


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