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Study Guide Ch 1 Objective

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1 Study Guide Ch 1 Objective
Review early colonization of North America from Identify 3 reasons the New World was settled by Europe Identify the 4 countries involved in settling N.Am. Analyze the two key reasons English settlers moved to America Explain one unique attribute of 3 colonies (Identify and explain 1 key aspect religiously, economically, or culturally)

2 Identify the four European powers that settled North America and the region each power settled.
England ( East Coast), Spain (Latin America/Mexico), France (Canada/Quebec), Netherlands (New York) Portugal (Brazil in S. America) 2. Describe the impact European colonization had on Native Americans (1 sentence) Died of disease (90%), pushed off their land through violence (Eng.), forced to become Catholic (Spain) and “Civilized” 3. What was the main reason Portugal and Spain journeyed to the New World? Gold (take natural resources from New World,Spain’s goal not to set up a new civilization/ country Why is simply seeking to take natural resources not a sustainable long term plan to keep the New Colonies profitable?

3 4. How did the Dutch attract settlers America
4. How did the Dutch attract settlers America? What was their main business? Where did they settle? Patroonships (large tracts of free land) Beaver pelts (fur) business meant that the Dutch were very free (only cared about money, not religion) New York (Hudson River Valley) Manhattan bought f. Indians for $28 5. Who did the French not allow to settle in North America from France? What was their main business? Huguenots (Protestants who were persecuted in France, could have moved to New World in large numbers and populated Canada) Who would have been the English equivalent of a persecuted religious group? How could large numbers of settlers from France into Canada have helped France not lose their colony? Beaver Furs (trappers would trade w. Indians for furs) What would Indians want in return for Beaver Furs?

4 6. What were three of the motives for England settling the New World?
Mercantilism- create colonies to help Mother Country get rich Gold/Natural Resources- make England rich Colonies/Ego/Counterbalance- keep up w. Spain and France What other reasons for why people moved to the American colonies is absent from this list of motives? 7. Identify England’s first attempt at colonization and their first successful colony? What crop made it successful? Roanoke (failed, disappeared) Jamestown (1607) 1st town in “America”/ Tobacco 8. Why was Plymouth settled? By whom? Religious freedom (wanted to create their own place to practice THEIR religion freely- Calvanism/Congregationalism) Separatists/Pilgrims (wanted to break away from the Church of England) Why did the Puritans/ Separatists want to break away from the Church of England?

5 9. Who was the leader of the Mass
9. Who was the leader of the Mass. Bay Colony and what type of government did it develop? John Winthrop Theocracy- a government based on God’s laws How is theocracy different from American government today? Prove it? 10. Who founded Rhode Island and how was it different from other New England colonies? Roger Williams Complete religious freedom “Sewer of New England”- RI was looked down on by the rest of NE because of freedom of religion 11. Why was Pennsylvania founded and what advantage did it offer settlers? Quaker colony (pacifists, respected Indians) Excellent farming land and rivers/transportation

6 12. Maryland was founded for what group and by whom. Catholics
12. Maryland was founded for what group and by whom? Catholics Lord Baltimore 13. What did the Act of Toleration establish in Maryland? Complete freedom of religion in Md. for all CHRISTIANS Why did Catholics feel they wanted to protect freedom of religion for all Christians 14. What two reasons were Georgia founded? Buffer Colony- protect SC from Sp. Florida Debtor Colony- prison colony 15. At first, how did Georgia’s government differ from the other colonies? Oligopoly- dictatorship (ran by James Oglethorpe) What type of government did most other colonies have?

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