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Chapter 15 1972 to Present To play the game, go to the next slide and click on a point value to go to a question. To go to final Wrap-Up click on Final.

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1 Chapter 15 1972 to Present To play the game, go to the next slide and click on a point value to go to a question. To go to final Wrap-Up click on Final Wrap-Up at the bottom of the main screen.

2 Edwards’ Legacy Edwards & Controversy Louisiana Leaders Contemporary Louisiana Vocabulary A New Constitution

3 Team 1Team 2Team 3Team 4 Team 5 Wager board

4 In this except of a speech from 1972, what are the old barriers Edwards refers to when he talks about black Louisianans?

5 literacy tests and poll taxes score board

6 How many terms did Edwin Edwards serve as governor of Louisiana?

7 Four terms score board

8 What was Edwards’ highest priority when he first took office in 1972?

9 To propose a new constitution score board

10 During his first two terms as governor, what changes did Edwards make to taxes in Louisiana?

11 decreased individual taxes and eliminated property taxes scoreboard

12 Based on this graph, what conclusion can be made about Edwards’ tax reforms?

13 The change to a value-based tax system resulted in a financial prosperity for Louisiana score board

14 What were the results of Edwards’ first two trials in 1985 and 1986?

15 Mistrial & Not Guilty score board

16 In what way was Edwin Edwards’ career as Louisiana’s governor similar to that of Huey Long?

17 Both men faced allegations of political corruption score board

18 Who was Charles Roemer referring to in this statement?

19 Edwin Edwards score board

20 Faced with federal charges for corruption, what happened to Edwards five years after leaving office?

21 He was convicted and sentenced to 10 years in prison score board

22 What is the best interpretation of this bumper sticker from the Edwards vs. Duke election campaign?

23 Louisiana citizens felt that voting for Edwards was the “lesser of two evils” score board

24 What best explains why the Constitution of 1921 needed to be replaced?

25 It had 536 amendments that generally favored special interest groups score board

26 Which of Louisiana’s constitutions contained this provision?

27 Constitution of 1974 score board

28 How does the current constitutional provision differ from the previous version?

29 It provides explicit protections against various forms of discrimination score board

30 How does Louisiana’s equal protection provision compare to that of the United States Constitution?

31 The United States Constitution does not explicitly name groups who are considered “persons” score board

32 How did the 1974 Constitution reorganize Louisiana’s state government?

33 It ordered the governor to reduce the number of departments from 256 to 20 score board

34 Who was inaugurated as the first Republican governor of Louisiana since Reconstruction?

35 David Treen score board

36 What governor portrayed himself as the reformer who would “slay the dragon” of corruption?

37 Charles “Buddy” Roemer score board

38 Who was the first woman to be elected governor of Louisiana?

39 Kathleen Blanco score board

40 Who became the nation’s first Indian American governor in 2008?

41 Bobby Jindal score board

42 What governor is credited with returning dignity and calm to the governor’s mansion after the Edwards’ scandals?

43 Mike Foster score board

44 What was the main reason Governor Blanco chose not to run for a second term?

45 The negative assessment of how she handled Hurricane Katrina score board

46 What 3 types of gambling were legalized under Governor Roemer?

47 Lottery, video gaming, and riverboat gambling score board

48 What did Governor Treen reinstate to deal with violent crimes in Louisiana?

49 Capital Punishment score board

50 What was the impact of the post-Katrina construction boom on the population of Louisiana?

51 A large increase in the Hispanic population score board

52 How much of the wetlands does Louisiana lose each hour?

53 A football field size of wetlands in lost each hour score board

54 White residents moving outside a city to the suburbs to avoid desegregation is an example of what term?

55 White Flight score board

56 Despite the highest rates of __________ in the country, Louisiana still has a great deal of crime and violence.

57 Incarceration score board

58 Allowing companies owned by individuals to take over a service previously provided by the government is an example of what term?

59 Privatization score board

60 A company that hires 10% minorities is following what type of policy?

61 Affirmative Action score board

62 A white supremacist may belong to what secret organization?

63 Knights of the Ku Klux Klan score board

64 Make your wager on the scoreboard scoreFinal Question

65 What change in the Louisiana election process was expected to help Democrats but actually helped Republicans?

66 The change to the Open Primary System score board

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