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© Copyright B² Elektrotechnik GmbH. B 2 Elektrotechnik GmbH we would like to introduce ourselves!

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1 © Copyright B² Elektrotechnik GmbH. B 2 Elektrotechnik GmbH we would like to introduce ourselves!

2 we create connections © Copyright B² Elektrotechnik GmbH. Electrical engineering has been our vocation for more than twelve years. As b 2 elektrotechnik our combined know-how and wealth of experience allows us to offer our clients a wide range of services within the following areas: Lighting Energy distribution networks Electrical installation technology Technology in small water treatment plants Electrical Metrology Pump systems for waste and surface water Repairing and servicing Robot equipment

3 what sets us apart! © Copyright B² Elektrotechnik GmbH. Our projects might vary but they all have one thing in common: Our approach to solving the task at hand. That which makes b 2 elektrotechnik unique is our: Flexibility – Flat hierarchies and a wealth of experience enable us to quickly find solutions to complex tasks at hand. Quality – What we do, we do with heart and soul for first class results. Until we have achieved that we are unable to let go. Reliability – We are acutely aware of our responsibility to our clients and projects. So it is therefore a given that we comply with our commitments.

4 who we have worked for © Copyright B² Elektrotechnik GmbH. Benteler Paderborn LEONI Protec Cable Systems GmbH GS-Automatisierung GmbH Buschjost GmbH Aquinat GmbH water technology Fr. Aussieker Metallverarbeitung GmbH & Co KG Fa.Henschel Heinz Schwarz GmbH & Co KG Mothes Elektroanlagen

5 © Copyright B² Elektrotechnik GmbH. I am very pleased with the work carried out on our robots. Especially important to me is the fact that the deadlines agreed upon were met. B 2 Elektrotechnik/ H. Busche has always fulfilled his obligations in this respect. Werner Poetsch, Leiter Robotertechnik, Benteler, Werk: An der Talle, Paderborn

6 Project: Support in the robotics sector. Werk: An der Talle, Paderborn Duration: In summer and vacation periods. As well as reinforcement for larger upcoming rebuilds. Task: Cable assembly in new and used robots. Controller wiring. As well as support in servicing robots and controllers. Features: The complete spectrum. From the rewiring or repair to the mainanence of the robots. © Copyright B² Elektrotechnik GmbH. Benteler, Paderborn

7 © Copyright B² Elektrotechnik GmbH. converting robots for the automotive industry

8 Project: Converting more than 2500 industrial robots of a well-known Japanese manufacturer to the VW/AUDI European works standards. Duration: Since March 2011 and still on going. Task: Execution and co-ordination of converstion according to the different requirements of the various VW/AUDI facilities. Logistic management. Features: Varying greatly from one another, converstions had to be done in small batches and individually. © Copyright B² Elektrotechnik GmbH. automotive robot conversion

9 © Copyright B² Elektrotechnik GmbH.

10 we do! © Copyright B² Elektrotechnik GmbH.

11 Project: Development of an interface. Planning and building of a prototype which would get a handling robot to communicate with an injection moulding machine, through a standardised euromap connector. Duration: Implementation within ±4 weeks. Task: Planning and putting together the necessary components, drafting an e-plan and building a prototype. Freatures: Application of standard articles, with no development of special parts. © Copyright B² Elektrotechnik GmbH. GS-Automatisierung GmbH Very good value for money, in both the e-planning and installation, as well as an uncomplicated project completion. Marco Grundmann

12 © Copyright B² Elektrotechnik GmbH. Aquinat GmbH water technology

13 Project: Purification plant for a koran school as well as a main mosque in Chosi Jurt, close to Grozny, Chechnya. Duration: June until the end of December 2010. Task: Planning and building the controlls. Overseeing the assembly of the entire technology as well as working with a Chechen team. Features: Individual adaptation of the technology due the fact that the civil engineers deviated from the original drawings. © Copyright B² Elektrotechnik GmbH. Aquinat GmbH water technology

14 © Copyright B² Elektrotechnik GmbH. Due to the fact that the civil engineering company did not comply with the planning requirements, the system components needed to be modified. Also, not all of the material deliveries from Germany arrived and replacements needed to be procured locally, which was highly complicated and difficult due to the restricted supply. In some cases, "similar" parts needed to be used. Flexible even though reality might differ from the planning! Aquinat GmbH water technology

15 © Copyright B² Elektrotechnik GmbH. mobile office and planning centre

16 Installation technology: New installation and conversion of general electrical installations for commercial, private and industrial customers. Energy distribution networks: development and management of temporary energy distribution networks for building sites and events. Robot equipment: Customised conversion of industrial robots of the make Fanuc. Assembly and modification/optimization of hose packages for tool supply to industrial robots of all standard brands. © Copyright B² Elektrotechnik GmbH. Jens Busche‘s specialities

17 Repair and maintenance work: on industrial machines and associated electrical installations. Measuring equipment: measurements in compliance with BGV. Troubleshooting. Sewage equipment in small water treatment plants: installation and repair of the control and pump technology. Modification of control equipment to meet special customer needs. Plant maintenance. Pump systems for dirty and surface water: installation and repair of the control and pump technology. Plant maintenance. Operational fields: worldwide © Copyright B² Elektrotechnik GmbH. Jens Busche‘s specialities

18 © Copyright B² Elektrotechnik GmbH. at home anywhere!

19 Master electrical engineering technician since 04.200, HWK business studies graduate 2006. Electro installations in private and commercial/industrial fields. Project planning and development of energy management systems in the field of automation. Customised adaptation or attachments for robot technology. PLC-based building automation/control with Loxone Project/Config. Product training courses, work and installation jobs within and outside the EU. © Copyright B² Elektrotechnik GmbH. Maik Busche‘s specialities

20 © Copyright B² Elektrotechnik GmbH. and what can we do for you? Questions?

21 Jens Busche M. 0171 41 31 067 T. 05742 92 05 63 Maik Busche M. 0151 18 40 90 07 F. 05742 92 05 64 © Copyright B² Elektrotechnik GmbH. B 2 Elektrotechnik GmbH

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