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Hana Ziklová Jan Louda & quick exercises. HOW TO RELAX...

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1 Hana Ziklová Jan Louda & quick exercises


3 1. Push your hips as far back as they can go in the chair 2. Pull up chair near table, forearms on table 3. Feet on floor 4. Straighten your back 5. Head up – a balloon pulls your head up 6. Shoulders down – chest open like an accordion 7. Pull your belly in toward your spine 8. Put your hands on your ribs 9. Inhale slowly through your nose (check your ribs) 10. Exhale slowly through your lips (belly in)


5 1. Favourite place

6  Close your eyes and imagine you are in your favourite place  What do you see there?  What do you hear there?  Do you smell something?  What do you touch?  Do you taste anything there ?  Do 3x inhale and exhale as we have learnt before  I count to 5 and clap my hands, you open your eyes  Now – draw your favourite place (2 minutes) 1. Favourite place

7 2. BINGO names

8  (Students do not know each other‘s names)  Make a grid 3x3 (4x4)  Write there different names which you think occur here  Now each of you stands up and says „My name is....“  The one who is going to have 3 names in a row (diagonal or vertical or horizontal) says BINGO

9 Example: MarkétaEvaJana AnnaRadovanPeter SašaEliškaMilena BINGO!!

10 „My name is Buck the Great“ 3. My name means…

11  Work in pairs / individually  Come up with words that describe you…  …using the letters in your first name.  EX: L y n d s a y  “Loud, Young, Nerdy, Dreamer, Strong…“  (easier: use only the first letter of your name) 3. My name means…

12 4. 2 truths and 1 lie…

13  Introduce yourself by stating two truths about your life, and one lie.  Try to make it difficult for others  Ex: „Hi, I'm Mary… 1. My hair was almost to my waist in elementary school. 2. I speak four languages. 3. I used to live in France. 4. 2 truths and 1 lie…

14 5. Line up!

15  For the whole class  Form a line in order of…… o Height, from the smallest to the tallest o Birth months, from Jan through to December o Alphabetically – the first letter of your name o The first letter of your favourite colour  Possibility: Do this silently, using sign language

16 6. Nonverbal communication

17  Take a small piece of paper and write one personal feature on it (old, lazy)  Now attach this paper to a partner behind you on his forhead  Now ask sb to mime you the feature written on your forhead without saying any word. Try to guess

18 7. If I were…

19  Tell me what you would be if you were….and say why  Example: „If you were…“ 1. A historical figure 2. A type of fruit 3. A cartoon character  I would be Taz as I rush around like a crazy creature


21 „Warm-up exercises get your body and mind ready for more exhausting activities...“ …You are ready to do anything“

22 1. Associations

23  Say the first thing you imagine when I say e.g. Sunday (students continue)  When the „line“ ends, it comes backward - students have to remember what they have said  OR: I say„Sunday“ and the next person has to think of a word which begins with the second letter of the pronounced word: Ugly > giraffe > Important … 1. Associations

24 2. Who am I ?

25  One of you is going to imagine he/she is…  A kind of fruit  An animal  A famous person  Has some kind of job  Each person takes turns to ask the one person questions to figure out who or what he/she is  Only yes or no answers can be asked

26 3. Categories

27  A person thinks of a category, such as MOVIES.  Everyone must take a turn thinking of some kind of movies: a comedy, drama, sci-fi…  If someone takes too long to give an answer (the leader should count to five) then that person is out and a new category begins.  Let‘s start: 1. Vegetables 2. Animals 3. Vehicles 3. Categories

28 4. Fill in words

29  The teacher writes „ job advertisement“ on the blackboard  Your task is to fill in words to each of the letter j…j… o… (e.g. „oil“) b…b…  This activity can be organized as a competition with a time limit.  OR try to fill in words related to the topic „job“ or „advertisement“


31  Brainstorming  Predictions  Class Discussions  Semantic Mapping  Visual Aids  Prequestions

32 Prequestions: you can write out a series of questions you expect to be answered when reading: Definition What is....? Where does... fit? What group does... belong to? Characteristics How would I describe...? What does... look like? What are its parts? Examples What is a good example of...? What are similar examples that share attributes but differ in some way? Experience What experience have I had with....? What can I imagine about...?

33 WRITING Five sentence story

34  The teacher shows a picture and ask children to write four/five sentences about it.  Students should follow the pattern: who, what, when, why, where  They should come up with some original story  NOW THE PICTURE WRITING Five sentence story

35 Write about the necklace the lady has: OR

36 Write about the boy in the green T-shirt and the girl next to him with the camera:

37 Thank you for your attention and now…

38 Ruuuuun!!!

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