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J E OPA R D Y TAKS Objective #3: Physical Science SNAPSHOT 3 REVIEW.

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2 J E OPA R D Y TAKS Objective #3: Physical Science SNAPSHOT 3 REVIEW

3 Physical Properties of Matter Changes Science HODGE PODGE 300 500 400 100 300 100 200 100 300 200 300 400 500 400 500 400 100 200 100 300 200 500 400 200 Mixtures and Solutions Energy

4 Anything that takes up space is what? Bonus: How do you measure the amount of space something takes up?

5 Matter 100

6 An object’s _________ will differ depending on where it is in the universe. A) Mass B) Weight C) Density D) Volume

7 Weight Fact: An object’s weight depends on the gravitational pull of the earth. An object weights 6 times more on earth than it does in space (due to gravity). 200

8 Which tool would be used to measure the mass of a battery? A)B) C)D)

9 a Balance 300

10 Which liquid has a greater density? Liquid A Liquid B Liquid C

11 400 Why? Because the matter is packed tighter together in Liquid C causing it to settle at the bottom

12 A beaker would most likely be used to find the __________ of a liquid. Hint: What measurement of matter?

13 Volume Fact: Volume determines the amount of space an object takes up. We could measure how much space the liquid takes up in milliliters. 500

14 Identify each state of matter in relation to the number of molecules in each? A) C) B)

15 100 A) C) B) Liquid Solid Gas

16 What is the point at which a liquid changes to a solid

17 Freezing Point Bonus: What is the point at which a solid changes to a liquid? 200

18 Which of the following is an example of a chemical change? AB CD Salt Sugar

19 A The fire is a chemical change because it produces something new – a gas 300

20 An ice cube was put on a scale and weighed 3 ounces. One hour later the ice cube melted. How much will the melted ice weight?

21 The ice should weight the same (or a little less due to evaporation) because the only thing that happened was a physical change. 400

22 Boiling Points of Various Liquids If the temperature of vegetable oil reached 400 degrees what state of matter would it be in?

23 Gas Why? Because once the substance reaches the boiling point it changes phases of matter (from a liquid to a gas) 500

24 What is two or more substances that have not combined chemically called?

25 Mixture Bonus: Give an example of a mixture? 100

26 Because sugar dissolves in water what is Kool-Aid an example of?

27 Solution 200

28 Is salt or pepper more soluble in water based on the pictures below: Salt and WaterPepper and Water

29 Salt because it mixes more thoroughly in the water. 300

30 What steps could you do to separate a mixture of salt, water, and rocks?

31 1. Evaporate the water out of the mixture (sun or heat) 2. Pick the rocks out of the mixture. 3. Leave the salt with all three substances separated. 400

32 Which process would result in the forming of a solution? A) Evaporation B) Melting C) Freezing D) Dissolving

33 D) Dissolving – because if a substance dissolves in another substance it creates a solution (such as sugar and water). 500

34 What type of energy is stored energy that can be released later?

35 Potential Energy 100

36 What types of energy can electricity convert to?

37 Heat, Sound, and Light Also motion 200

38 If each light bulb is NOT hooked up to the energy source what type of circuit is it called: A)Series circuit B)Parallel circuit C)Magnetic circuit D)Copper circuit

39 Series Circuit 300

40 This prism is an example of light doing what? A) Reflecting B) Refracting C) Sliding D) Flipping

41 B) Refracting because the light is bending as it passes through the object 400

42 When the student bangs the drum what makes the sound?

43 Vibrations 500

44 Which is the correct order to show how energy flows through this community? C) B) A)

45 100 C) The primary source of energy is the sun. The sun gives energy to the plants to make photosynthesis and herbivores eat the plants while carnivores eat the herbivores.

46 This tool is used to measure what

47 Temperature 200

48 This is the statement that states what you “think” will happen. Educated Guess.

49 Hypothesis 300

50 A B Which plant would most likely live in a cool, dry climate? Why?

51 A Because the thin dry leaves (needles) can survive the cold Bonus: What type of tree is this called? (300 points) 400

52 Which of the following best helps an owl survive in a cold climate? A.Nocturnal Eyes B.Pointed Beak C.Camouflage D.Thick Fur

53 Thick Fur (for cold climates) 500

54 Credits Science Questions and Categories made by Reid Whitaker, copyright, 2003 Slide show created by Marie Sontag, copyright, This presentation may be copied and altered for classroom use only. All other uses must seek permission from the above address. Music courtesy of

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