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Comenius 1.3 School Development Project Evaluation: an important step to quality improvement in education.

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1 Comenius 1.3 School Development Project Evaluation: an important step to quality improvement in education

2 The project lasts –potentially – 3 years, according to the old Socrates scheme,concluded in 2006: every year a new application must be presented to the various European Agencies for evaluation... In this way, last year, we acquired the cooperation of 2 new partner schools: I.E.S. Los Cardones,Tenerife, and Forave, Portugal: together with Veikkola we have applied for the renewal for 2007/08.

3 ITCG “Mattei”, Italia, Coordinator Partner Schools Veikkolan Koulu, Finland I.E.S. Los Cardones,Tenerife, Spain (new partner) Escola Profissional e Tecnologica Vale Do Ave, Portugal (new partner) 2° year: 2006/2007

4 Last year, 2005/06, we had a British partner, The Bradbourne School, that has worked little on the program: they missed a reference teacher and decided to leave. We also have two associated partners: Comune di Decimomannu Comune di Assemini

5 We want:  To understand strengths and weaknesses of our schools; enhance the former and find a solution to the latter;  to raise language, computer, geography, cultural competences in all participants, for a school more autonomous and European. so as

6 Activities carried out in two years: B) Project meetings: visits of teachers – and students A) A school survey on sample groups of students to monitor lessons compare each other socialize evaluate the previous work and plan the future

7 with questionnaires,observation, comments, discussions; environment, competences, methods of work,organization, reputation. processed, commented and disseminated with ICT. The survey: … on the areas: The data:

8 A ) Results: information in a period of….. 8.How much do you trust teachers? They reply “A lot/enough” -in %%%: IT 07IT 06IT 05IT 04PT 07ES 07FI 07FI 06FI 05 su 212 studenti su 190su 181su 168Su55su 159Su 66Su 60Su 50 53 5447596265586763 For Mattei, Italy : 4 years Finland : 3 years New partner: 1 year Processed/exchanged/printed/ commented /…. An example??

9 Confirmed by a sense of identity in the groups – generally much weaker than the other schools A bit surprising the negative 6% in the IT family Trust in the family IT 07PT 07ES 07FI 07 949897 9. HOW MUCH DO YOU FEEL PART OF.....??.....HERE : a lot / enough (/little / not at all) IT 07PT 07ES 07FI 07 - Your familya 909697 - Your schoolb 53768257 - Your classc 8182 67 - Your group of friendsd 92919390 - Your towne 49657763 - Your regionf 42516357 - Your country ( 41566984 - Europeh 28425164 - The whole worldi 28425543

10 What’s the general attitude towards school?? Positive enough – in fact only a minority replies “No” …. Do you like coming to school? IT 07IT 06IT 05IT 04PT 07ES 07FI 07 - Yes, a lot a 85951582 - Yes b 47413150626041 - Not too much c 38424535162841 - No d 71215107416 And also positive is the reaction to: 12. Do you have fun at school? IT 07IT 06IT 05IT 04PT 07ES 07FI 07 - Yes a 30343739424523 - No b 75108278 - Often c 3124192591921 - Sometimes d 32373428472948

11 But they can also differ significantly 13. Do you find the content of the school subjects interesting ? IT 07PT 07ES 07FI 07 - Yes a 43223322 - No b 12117,511 - Sometimes c 45675968 Sometimes the replies are very similar…… IT 07PT 07ES 07FI 07 23. Can you concentrate for an entire lesson? sì 42254767 24. Would you like to be involved more actively in your lessons?? - Yesa 66756059 - Nob 19209,413 - I don’t know, I don’t carec 155,53127

12 50. Can you solve the difficulties you find in subjects? IT 07PT 07ES 07FI 07 Yesa35695448 Only partiallyb62274348 Noc2,93,63,11,6 51. If you were successful, how did you manage that? With teachers’ help, during the lessonsa19442833 With mates / friends’ helpb18333744 On my own with more engagementc63243522 52. If you couldn’t: WHY....?. I didn’t work / study enougha52674644 It was too difficultb26334033 I wasn’t helpedc2201423 They express a sense of discomfort- familiar to us- both in“50” and in“51”, even if they are aware of their laziness in (52)

13 Open to comments …. 16. If you could, what would you change in this school? (One reply only) (1 sola risposta) IT 07PT 07ES 07FI 07 - Nothing a 3151428 - The organization b 285,51967 - Some subjects c 2835230 - Some teachers d 3216274,9 - Some students e 929180 Expected, the differences in PC and the use of the Net….. IT 07IT 06PT 07ES 07FI 07 55. Do you have a PC at home? sì8875899098 56. Do you use the Internet? sì6351857994

14 To see our project products, two e-journals:  “Being Young in Europe”  “Our Fantasy Workshop” /

15 B) Travels, visits, meetings, exchanges…  2005/06 1.Mattei visits Veikkola - 12/‘05 2. Mattei and Veikkola visit UK, March 06  2006/07 4 Tenerife (end Nov.06) 5 March 07, all in Finland, also two Spanish students: to see a different reality and to plan the renewal 6 April 07: Mattei visits FORAVE, Portugal 3. Finland meets Sardinia, final meeting year 1 7.Final meeting in Decimomannu, May ‘07

16 An now???? In a few days 20/27 May Final Meeting N° 6 In Decimomannu!!!

17 Italy: Laura / Bernarda / Roberta / Giovanna / Carmela / Graziano / Tiziana etc……. Tenerife: José / Felipe / Ana Finland: Kati / Aino / Hannu with Elisa e Rina Portugal: Teresa e Carlos, with Catarina and Joao

18 Welcome Timetable for the week: Evaluation of previous work for joint final report Trips to Barumini/Nora/Chia/Is Zuddas.. Monitoring of lessons Dinner together

19 We hope it has been a happy opportunity for everybody..

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