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Search Fast, Do Smart Southern College Library Academic Complete.

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1 Search Fast, Do Smart Southern College Library Academic Complete

2 E-book ? An e-book or electronic book is an electronic version of a printed book. E-books generally follow the same layout as printed books in terms of chapters, page numbers and illustrations. They differ in that they can include features such as electronic bookmarking, online dictionaries and search facilities.

3 ebrary - Academic Complete Searchable Full Text, Multi-discipline E-Books collection in PDF format Subject areas Business & Economics Computers, Engineering & Applied Sciences Career & General Education Humanities Science, Medicine & Allied Health Social & Behavioral Sciences

4 More than 25,000 titles Contribution from more than 200 leading publishers Growing collection, added about 500 titles each month Most publication date > 2000 Unlimited user license (via fixed IP in Campus) Powerful Research Tools – InfoTools Instant access to definitions, maps, biographical, translations, etc. Personal Bookshelf allows quickly and easily access all books you have bookmarked, notated, or highlighted. Copy/paste and printing with automatic citations Advantages of ebrary

5 The ebrary’s Interface

6 Search and View  Simple Search 简易检索  Advanced Search 进阶检索  Browse 浏览  Search Result 检索结果  Refining a Search 修正检索  InfoTools Search

7 Searching Techniques  Exactly word eg. globalization, globalisation  Quotation mark eg. “market research”  Boolean Search eg. AND, OR, NOT  Proximity Search eg. market WITHIN-3 research  Field Search eg. text, subject, title, author, publisher

8 Simple Search 简易检索 fast food

9 Simple Search 简易检索

10 “fast food”

11 Advanced Search 进阶检索

12 “fast food” marketing research

13 Advanced Search 进阶检索 “fast food” market WITHIN-10 research globalization

14 Browse 浏览

15 The Search Results Page 检索结果  Can further narrow your search directly from the Search Results Page. Sort by score, title, contributor or date

16 Refining a Search 修正检索 Narrow search results by contributor, publisher or subject

17 Refining a Search 修正检索

18 Full Text E-Books 电子全文



21 ebrary Reader Toolbar

22 Define – retrieve dictionary definitions for selected term

23 Explain – retrieve encyclopedia entries for selected term

24 Locate – retrieve maps related to selected term

25 Translate – link to translations in multiple languages

26 Who retrieve addresses, biographies, and bibliographies for the selected term

27 Search Document search and retrieve information within the current document for selected term


29 Search All Documents search and retrieve information within all documents in the collection for selected term

30 Search Web search and retrieve information from the Web for selected term

31 个人功能特色 Personal Bookshelf

32 Create Your Personal Bookshelf Make bookmarks, page notes and highlight text in any available book. Quickly and easily access all books you have bookmarked, notated, or highlighted.

33 Create Your Personal Bookshelf


35 Add title to bookshelf

36 Siew Poh Chaw ******


38 Highlighting - highlight text in yellow, pink or blue

39 Annotating - take notes along side a page

40 Copy/Paste and Printing with Automatic Citations - Copy/Paste text into Word, email or any text application - Print out text with a maximum of 40 pages for one section

41 Personal Bookshelf - Save and Manage

42 Online Help Desk

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