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Iowa FFA Association Food Science CDE.

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1 Iowa FFA Association Food Science CDE

2 Components of CDE General Knowledge Exam
Team Product Development and presentation. Food Safety/Sanitation Difference (triangle) testing Aroma Identification Response to customer complaint

3 General Knowledge Exam
Each contestant does their own. 50 multiple choice questions. reference is “Introduction to Food Science” by Rick Parker.

4 Team Product Development
Team designs in advance and presents at CDE their product. The team will be responsible for understanding and using the following concepts: Formulation of product to meet specified market requirements New package design to reflect the developed product Nutritional label development and adjustments

5 Principle Display Panel
search for: General Food Labeling Requirements

6 Information Panels The information panel is the label panel immediately to the right of the PDP, as displayed to the consumer.

7 Nutritional Labeling Search for: nutrition labeling manual
Website with nutrition label making capability:

8 Nutrition Label

9 Food Safety/Sanitation
Norovirus Parasites Employee hygiene Metal contamination in ground beef Rodent control Antibiotics in food Food product labeling Botulism E Coli Cross Contamination problems Salmonella Campylobacter Listeria Staphylococcus

10 Food Safety/Sanitation
Contestants are given a set of five different problems. Each set contains 2 to 3 graphics depicting a common problem. Each set contains in MC fashion options as to what the problem is and another set of five solutions to the problem.

11 In reference to the above pictures, what would be the solution to this food industry concern/problem? Do not eat raw or undercooked eggs, poultry, or meat; avoid Cross-contamination of foods; and wash hands after contact with animal feces and/or reptiles. (Salmonella) Sterilize raw foods at the plants, pasteurization of milk, and improving safe food handling practices in kitchens (campy) Thoroughly cook raw food from animal sources, such as beef, pork, or poultry.; Wash raw vegetables thoroughly before eating; and Keep uncooked meats separate from vegetables and from cooked foods and ready-to-eat foods. (listeria) Drink only pasteurized milk, juice, or cider; wash fruits and vegetables under running water, especially those that will not be cooked; and cook all ground beef and hamburger thoroughly. (e coli) Home canned products need to use higher level acids, follow strict hygienic procedures, and prepare foods using high temperatures. (botulism)

12 Difference (Triangle) Testing
Two different triangle tests will be conducted. Participants are expected to identify the different sample through aroma, visual cues or textural differences. XX XX Xx (1) (2) (3)

13 Aroma Identification Each participant will be asked to identify ten (10) different aromas from vials provided at each station and record the answer on the sheet provided. A list of potential aromas will be provided to each person.

14 Response to customer complaint
Each participant will be given a representative consumer complaint letter received by a food processing company. In 15 minutes the participant must determine if the complaint involves a food quality problem, and then determine the cause of the quality defect and a possible solution. If the participant identifies that the letter describes a food safety problem, he or she must determine whether the problem is biological, chemical or physical in nature and its possible mitigation. Regardless of the problem each participant will write out their answer using paper provided.

15 Move the CDE to State Convention time?
General Knowledge Exam ** Team Product Development and presentation. Food Safety/Sanitation ** Difference (triangle) testing Aroma Identification Response to customer complaint

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