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Agrosymbols – views, discoveries, hypothesis The Psychotronics and UFO Club (KPUFO)

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1 Agrosymbols – views, discoveries, hypothesis The Psychotronics and UFO Club (KPUFO)

2 Agrosymbols in the Czech Republic Agrosymbols are circles, annular areas, squares, rectangles, triangles and other geometrical patterns and their numerous combinations ("symbols") on fields and other agricultural areas ("agro") that were created by lodged farm plants; this lodging was not caused by any mechanical method, but by still unknown effects.

3 Conditions of rise of agrosymbols Seeking a certain order, rule that could be used as guidance for further contexts: Celtic, pagan, Christian holy days position of the Moon and its phases

4 Location of agrosymbols Agrosymbols are located intentionally close to residential places or roads, for the purpose to draw attention of people to some not so close dedicated message; this was not confirmed. various altitudes ground slope – the patterns appear mostly on grounds sloped more or less to south; this led to the opinion that the effects creating the agrosymbols come mostly from this direction (what are patterns on northern slopes?); (appearance and other signs of genuineness)

5 Shapes of agrosymbols Basic shapes on agrosymbols in the CR do not differ from shapes and patterns that appeared in other countries. Exact geometrical circle shapes appear very rarely, mostly we can see more or less flattened ovals Interesting comparison of dimensionally almost identical patterns. A circle on a slope is almost exact circle; circles on horizontal surfaces are flattened (north-south)

6 Monitored problems – biology Biological changes of plants are primary and most important signs of genuineness of agrosymbols. bending of grain stalks is no relevant criterion (depends on the degree of ripeness, growth stage of plants, various species, slope of ground, weather, air temperature and humidity, etc.) changes in internal cell structure of plants from the agrosymbol and changes in cell walls and seeds of plants from the agrosymbols are primary signs (heat changes moisture inside the cells into steam that breaks cell walls when escaping outside)

7 Monitored problems – geology There was taken into consideration whether the localities, where the agrosymbols appear, have identical or similar aspects both within the CR and in Europe and abroad in general. no connections have been found so far no knowledge on examination of geological connections abroad

8 Monitored problems – archaeology no megalithic monuments in vicinity of occurrence of circles in the CR, neither in the past attention was focused on remainder of Celtic culture in the CR

9 Monitored problems – radioactivity no anomalies were found with measurement of soil radioactivity; all values were within standard limits despite arguments on supposed radioactivity sometimes happens that films in cameras were exposed, namely individual shots taken inside the pattern or whole rolls including shots taken before or after visit of such place.

10 Monitored problems – chemicals Soil was abnormally dry in the patterns and their immediate vicinity; general drop of soil moisture. During long-term monitoring of occurrence of agrosymbols there was evident that the places, where the agrosymbols have occurred, could be determined quite reliably even after several months (apparently different colours of new vegetation, intergrowing of weed, etc.). This shows substantial and permanent changes in the soil.

11 Monitored problems - magnetic simple measurements by a compass established occurrence of magnetic anomalies failures of electric instruments, change in reception of radio signals, etc. it is necessary to use much more sensitive and instrument (magnetometers) with higher resolution proof of bypass of magnetic lines of force around the agrosymbol Magnetic changes disappear during several hours to days after their rise

12 Monitored problems - visual Reports on various light phenomena and observation of UFO Still no witness proving any direct presence of some object (UFO) or a light phenomena during creation of any agrosymbol; only in few cases there were registered these phenomena immediately about moment of the rise

13 Monitored problems - acoustic Reports on strange sounds at the agrosymbol (noise, whistling or rumbling like from a lightning (noise with frequency about 5 kHz) Resonance on approximately three frequencies: 4.0 – 4.6 – 6.5 kHz A question is whether the sounds recorded close to the agrosymbols relate anyway with their rise

14 Monitored problems – reactions of animals General opinion is that agrosymbols have negative effects to living organisms Dogs and birds avoid supposedly entering the circles Reactions of animals are not credible and are still not decisive for any conclusions.

15 Other research Ley-lines – agrosymbols are located on connecting lines between churches, chapels, often in golden sections Agrosymbols appearing in recent years are linked each other on the lines Chapels of a so-called Holy grave are close to the agrosymbols; their oblique windows are directed to the places of agrosymbols

16 Research associations in the CR KPUFO (1991) Projekt Záře (1993) Badatelské centrum Statenice (1997) Záblesk (1995) Fantastic Fact Club – FFC (2000)

17 Bibliography Hesemann, M.: Poselství z vesmíru. ETNA, Praha, 1993 Hesemann, M.- Tothová, E.: Záhadné kruhy v obilí. ETNA, Praha, 1997 Kol. aut. KPUFO: Agrosymboly - objevy, názory, hypotézy. Včelka, Plzeň, 1996 Novák, P.: Vzkazy odnikud. Laiwa Press, Plzeň, 1996 Kyborg, H.J. - H. Koch: Záhadná poselství hvězd. Dialog, Liberec, 1998 Plíšková, A. a kol.: Piktogramy v ČR a energetický systém Země. Krásy agrosymbolů na Moravě 2000 – 2006. Vl. nákl., 2006

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