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Enterprise skills session 3. Enterprise skills Welcome What’s your T shirt say this week ?

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1 Enterprise skills session 3

2 Enterprise skills Welcome What’s your T shirt say this week ?

3 Entrepreneurial & enterprising characteristics This exercise is designed to stimulate ideas and thoughts about how people actually demonstrate some of the characteristics of being enterprising entrepreneurial. You have already completed a skills audit & a knowledge audit & you have a copy from the first session all the knowledge, skills values and attributes of enterprising person based on the NGCE criteria.

4 Exercise entrepreneurial and enterprising characteristics Look at any five of the skills/characteristics/values in pairs. Taking each of these in turn imagine that they were a disease or illness - how would you know that someone had got that disease or illness? What would be the characteristics of it be – i.e. what would be the external signs or symptoms? For each illness you choose - either list these or draw an annotated picture. Perhaps half of you draw picture and half make a list.

5 Individual enterprising values and attitudes Now each choose one of these illnesses and in pairs prepare a short role play scenario in which you tell the class about something which is happening in the news and through this demonstrate “the illness”. The rest of us have to guess which enterprising values, attributes & characteristics are being displayed from the symptoms you show.

6 How do we demonstrate more enterprise? Now think about each pair’s or person’s presentation. How (or what) could they have done differently to have: Shown/exhibited/demonstrated MORE symptoms or the ones which were exhibited to an even greater extent? Essentially the question is “How can we do ‘something’ so as to exhibit more of the characteristics/behaviours/values of an enterprising person?”

7 Organisational enterprising values and attitudes Think about an organization you have worked in or currently work in. Or think about one you would like to work in or manage in the future. What are the characteristics displayed by the organization as a whole? How does it demonstrate these characteristics to: employees, existing customers, potential customers? i.e. What are the symptoms it demonstrates?

8 Organisational enterprising values and attitudes How could the organisation demonstrate them to an even greater extent?

9 Organisational enterprising values and attitudes – congruency of message Are any things the organisation demonstrates which differ in a negative way to its stated intentions/adverts/policies? Are there any things the organisation demonstrates which actually are the opposite of its stated intentions/adverts/policies? How congruent is the message? For you as an individual later on – ask yourself similar questions?

10 Relationship learning

11 Teams and relationships - relationship learning and stakeholders Relationship learning is the capacity to manage the interdependencies with different stakeholders on a day-to-day basis under conditions of more or less uncertainty - reputation of the individual and or the business depends on these relationships. Relationship learning is the process by which stakeholders (that is both people and parties who have an interest in an organisation such as: government, shareholders, managers, employees, family, professional services, regulatory bodies and agencies and more) are engaged in a two-way process for mutual benefit.

12 Relationship Learning Exercise This exercise will help you to develop skills in identifying the needs of other people (that is other stakeholder’s needs), seeing things from another person’s or group’s perspective(s) and seeing the reasons/needs for things As a class you’ll split into 2 groups.

13 Relationship Learning Exercise part 1 Group 1 Educating the customer Group 2 Learning from the customer See your group briefing sheet – the handout

14 Relationship Learning Exercise part 1 Group 1 are preparing a maximum 5 minute presentation talk for group 2. Group 2 are busy producing something.

15 Now we will hear the presentation from group 1

16 After the presentation How did the 2 group’s lists differ? What similarities were there? What crucial differences were there? Did either group feel a vital point(s) was(were) missing?

17 Relationship Learning Exercise part 2 We now repeat the process but from opposite perspectives - with the company thinking about what they would need to know about a potential customer and the customers thinking about what the company would need to know about them. So group 1 prepare a list and group 2 prepare a presentation.

18 Relationship Learning Exercise part 2 How did the information differ this time? – Quality? – Type and amount of information? – Level of detail? – Specific items added? – ????

19 Relationship Learning After today’s session you may want to reflect on this exercise – how could you use the information from it?

20 Short break ?

21 Elevator pitch The elevator pitch - a short 60 – 90 second pitch or sell of your idea. Comes from busy CEOs who have no free time but can allow staff time to pitch an idea whilst the lift is travelling. It is selling your idea/concept/yourself in a short a time as possible. Has to be upbeat, positive, sell the benefits… &feature=player_embedded# &feature=player_embedded#

22 Elevator Pitch – key Points What’s the problem? How does your unique idea solve it? Succinct Easy to understand Must induce investment ££££ Must be irrefutable, leave no big questions unanswered

23 Elevator Pitch wHfPUUI new baby product wHfPUUI

24 Elevator pitch Exercise will help develop your communication skills, NGCE values: Selling and persuasion Belief that you can make things happen Networking with other people at different levels

25 Elevator pitch exercise Group 1 (same group as before) Each person in the company has to prepare a 60-90 second elevator pitch for the company/organisation, based on what we now know about what others need to know about an organisation in order to consider doing business with it. Hint each person may want to focus on a different aspect of the company. Group 2 (same group as before) Each person in the customer group has to prepare a 60-90 second elevator pitch to convince the company about you as potential customers before they will do business with you.

26 Elevator pitch – review and reflect How convincing was the other group’s presentation(s)? Think back to the Illness characteristics exercise – what are the symptoms? How might the information be demonstrated to and from potential customers? What information might already be out there? What are the symptoms? Group discussion and ideas

27 What’s your T shirt say now? Draw another T shirt with your slogan or logo about how you think or feel now.

28 Self Study after today - things to do Referring both to your skills audit and your knowledge audits reflect on the characteristics exercise we did. Choose five (5) characteristics which you feel you regularly exhibit or demonstrate during work-life and think about how other people see these characteristics? How do the other people actually see you demonstrating them? Where? What situations? Do you think they see the same characteristics in you that you think you demonstrate? Congruency – what you say and what you do?

29 Self Study Choose three (3) or more of the characteristics which you rarely/infrequently/never exhibit during work-life and think about how you may start to exhibit them: where, when, how, what situations? Where, when, how are you going to develop these characteristics? Link in with your skills audit. This is essentially a personal development action plan for you to start thinking about how you are going to demonstrate more of the skills, values and attitudes of being enterprising person.

30 Self Study Pick at random 4 or 5 companies or organizations and look at their web site. What are the characteristics it demonstrates or are they trying to demonstrate? Alternatively for an organization you work for, or would like to work for, do the same. Write up your thoughts. Complete another learning log Perhaps add to your skills and knowledge audits? Reminder – interview with an entrepreneur from session 2.

31 Website with resources My email The wiki website for the course http://enterpriseskillsuniversityofhull.wikispac http://enterpriseskillsuniversityofhull.wikispac


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