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Chapter 5 Review Colonial Society on the Eve of Revolution 1700-1775.

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1 Chapter 5 Review Colonial Society on the Eve of Revolution 1700-1775

2 Conquest by the Cradle What were the three main causes of the population growth in the colonies? How did population growth in the colonies affect their political relationship with England? There were only four major cities by 1775, where did most of the population live? A Mingling of the Races The Pennsylvania Dutch were from what country originally? Were they loyal to the English Crown? Describe the Scots-Irish and why they were not loyal to the Crown. Where did the Scots-Irish settle and how does this relate to their personal characteristics? What rebellions were lead by the Scots-Irish and why? What group of settlers was loyal to the Royal Crown? Describe the ethnic diversity in the south, middle and northern colonies.

3 The Structure of Colonial Society Describe the social structure of the colonies in the 18c. How did the social structure of the colonies change on the eve of the revolution? How did colonies care for the poor or destitute? Wealthy colonists made up a small percentage of the total population, what factors attributed to the growth of the lower classes? The wealthy white merchant planters feared slave rebellion. What did they attempt to do to ease this fear and why was it not successful? Clerics, Physicians, and Jurists What was the most honored profession? Why were most physicians not highly esteemed? What epidemics were nightmares for the colonists? Why weren’t lawyers highly regarded?

4 Workaday America Agriculture was the leading industry. What were the major crops being exported? What additional industries did fishing spur? Describe the triangle trade and how it was profitable. What were the major products that were manufactured in the colonies? Why were colonial naval stores valuable to Britain? The King’s trees were marked, how did the colonists feel about this practice and why? How did America’s growing population affect trade with Britain? What was the Molasses Act and was it successful? Why or why not? What did the Molasses Act foreshadow?

5 Horsepower and Sailpower Describe colonial roads. On what did colonists rely for their transportation needs? Why were taverns significant? Describe the mail service in the colonies. Dominant Denominations What were the two tax supported colonial churches? Why was the Anglican church in the colonies important to the Crown? Why was William and Mary founded? How did the Congregational church and the Anglican Church feel about the idea of independence? How did not having a resident Bishop affect the Anglican Church? Were the colonies religiously tolerant? Why or why not?

6 The Great Awakening The Puritan religion became less strict. Why? What kind of liberal ideas challenged the old time religion? Who was Jacob Arminius and why was he significant? What was the Great Awakening? Why was Jonathan Edwards significant? How George Whitfield change preaching? Describe the difference between New Lights and Old Lights. What were the lasting effects of the Great Awakening? Name the New Light Universities. Schools and Colleges Describe how the English viewed education. Why was Puritan New England interested in education? What did the education system in New England look like? How did the education system in the South and Middle colonies differ from the North? What kind of classes would colonial students take? Why would wealthy Southerners send their boys abroad for an education? How did Ben Franklin impact colonial colleges?

7 A Provincial Culture Why would colonial painters have to go to England? Describe the architecture of the New World. Why was Phillis Wheatley significant? Why was Ben Franklin significant? Pioneer Presses Books were expensive and hard to come by, what could the colonists afford to read? Describe the Zenger trial and it’s significance.

8 The Great Game of Politics How many colonies were under royal control? Describe the two house legislative body in the colonies. Why was the the two house system problematic for some colonists? How did colonial authorities assert their authority and independence? Describe the differences in the local government of the Southern colonies and the Northern colonies. Who would have been an eligible voter in colonial times? How did politics differ in the colonies versus England? Colonial Folkways Describe life for the colonists in the late 1700s. What did colonists do for amusement? How did activities differ in the North and the South? What holiday was universally celebrated in the colonies? How were the colonies similar and why were these similarities significant?


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