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Edgar Allen Poe Angel & Nikki.

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1 Edgar Allen Poe Angel & Nikki

2 Family Life Born in Boston, Mass. on Jan. 19, 1809
Poe’s Mother Family Life Born in Boston, Mass. on Jan. 19, 1809 Both his parents, David Poe Jr. and Elizabeth Hopkins, died before Poe reached the age of three He had three siblings, whom were all split up after their parents death His brother died very young and his sister became insane Poe was taken in by a Richmond merchant named John Allen

3 Education & Training Attended Manor School at Stoke Newington in England Attended the University of Virginia from 1826 to 1827 In the 1830's Poe enlisted in the Army and was stationed at West Point until his discharge [which was said to be intentional]

4 Literature The Raven, one of Poe's very popular piece of literature, set his reputation as a master mind [1833] MS Found in a Bottle, was a piece of literature that won him a 50$ prize Berenice, was known to be one of Poe's most horrifying tale He also wrote many different articles for newspapers and magazines, such as the Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym Poe wrote many other short story horror tales, these are just a few.

5 Tragedies Losing Both of his parents by age three.
Being taken away from his siblings When he was in debt John Allen disowned him Engagement with Elmira Royster was broken off by her parents in 1826 Became an alcoholic [because of these tragedies]

6 Modern Day Films He would like creepy movies like Saw because he liked blood and gore He wouldn’t like movies such as The Notebook because it’s a love story.

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