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John McCaull Geothermal Energy Association

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1 John McCaull Geothermal Energy Association

2 The Earth Holds Enormous Energy

3 And it can be found almost everywhere

4 Overview: US Installed Capacity
Total Capacity: 3102 MW 2010 Capacity Addition: 15 MW, Nevada, Ormat States with Capacity (MW): California, 2566 Nevada, 442 Utah, 42 Hawaii, 35 Idaho, 16 Alaska, 0.73 Oregon, 0.28 Wyoming, 0.25 New Mexico, 0.24 4

5 What is happening with geothermal electric power production in the US
What is happening with geothermal electric power production in the US? The industry is building new power plants!

6 Enel Salt Wells Power Plant

7 NGP Blue Mountain Faulkner No 1 Power Plant

8 Oregon Institute of Technology 280 kW Power Plant

9 US Installed Capacity Geothermal Capacity Additions in 2010: 15 MW, Nevada Annual 2010 addition (15 MW) down from 2009 (176 MW) Economic Downturn made project financing more difficult Permitting process delaying some projects 9

10 Capacity in Development
Confirmed Geothermal Resources in Development: 3633 – 4050 MW Confirmed + Unconfirmed Resources in Development: 4448 – 5040 MW Planned Capacity Additions (PCA) in Development: 1377 – 1393 MW Advanced Phase PCA (Phase 3 and 4): 756 – 722 MW 0.4 10

11 States w/Capacity, 2005 UT NV CA HI 11

12 States w/Capacity vs Development, 2011

13 Projected Growth Deloitte Market Analysis Report to DOE (9/2008)

14 Emerging Resources/New Applications Expand Reach of Geothermal Energy
Small Heat and Power Systems – expand geothermal into distributed generation Co-production from oil/gas wells and geopressured resources –potential in many non-Western states, particularly the Gulf of Mexico. Enhanced Geothermal Systems/Deep Geothermal – potential nationwide and worldwide (witness recent Google announcement on finding 18,000 MW of geothermal in West Virginia!)

15 CEC Comparison of Levelized Costs


17 Geothermal Energy is Good for the Environment

18 Comparison of Life-Cycle Emissions Tons of Carbon Dioxide Equivalent per Gigawatt-Hour
Source: "Life-Cycle Assessment of Electricity Generation Systems and Applications for Climate Change Policy Analysis," Paul J. Meier, University of Wisconsin-Madison, August 2002.

19 Geothermal Energy Assn
For More Information Geothermal Energy Assn 209 Pennsylvania Ave SE Washington, D.C USA

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