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Christian Schwartz-Sørensen

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1 Christian Schwartz-Sørensen
Business Manager, Solutions Architect Netkoncept A/S

2 Agenda Why backup and recovery is important Customer pain points
Target customers Introducing DPM How it actually works Licensing Q n A

3 Backup And Recovery Is…
…Business necessity Information is most valuable asset Comprehensive backup strategy is an essential infrastructure component …Attractive target for cost reduction ~ 70% of total cost is manual labor Respond to backup market shift from tape to disk …Becoming more and more painful Storage requirements growing at an exponential rate Regulation and Compliance PURPOSE OF THIS SLIDE Explain why backup and recovery is important to customers For the security of their data Means to help them improve the operational efficiency of their systems as discussed on previous slides, recover some costs attributed to manual tasks Highlight how backup systems are now an integral component of the strategic data plan Highlight how Microsoft is working on the customers behalf to help them protect their windows data, and improve their satisfaction in dealing with our servers.

4 Industry Waves Backup and recovery evolution
Disk based backup becoming cost effective Archive and Backup diverge Recovery in minutes or seconds Continuous backup End user recovery Future Majority of companies use tape Tape one size fits all Backup once per day Tape recoveries slow & unreliable Administrators do all recoveries Today Version 1.0

5 PURPOSE OF THIS SLIDE Announce mission statement and the fact that Microsoft is entering into the backup & recovery business with DPM Address the 3 core tenets briefly of increasing operational efficiency, faster recovery and lower costs.

6 Customer Data Protection Pain Points
“I can guarantee backup, never recovery” Recovery is unreliable and painful Typical recovery takes hours or days 42% of companies had a failed recovery in the past year 50% of customers wish for online backup verification All recoveries are done by IT administrators “Backups take much too long” Backup is too complex and slow Shrinking backup window Backups are too slow 24 hours of data loss assumed Lots of failed backup jobs, lots of manual scheduling Purpose of slide One slide summary of customer pain points around data protection and explain how DPM solves them “70% of my backup costs are labor” Costs are too high Too many hours of labor spent on backup and recovery Too many tapes, hardware purchases Massive data growth increases costs

7 Customer Pains Eliminated with DPM
Faster recovery Designed for fast recovery Enables a whole new recovery scenario–end users: files, Admins: servers Snapshots enable multiple recovery points Rapid and Reliable Recovery Eliminating Backup Window Faster and More Efficient Backup Never do a full backup from a production server again Avoid the shrinking backup window Continuous and efficient protection Lower TCO Designed to reduce TCO via continuous, disk-based backup Automatic protection schedules = reduce operational costs, increase efficiency Allows end users to easily recover their own files Usability and easier management Integration into existing environment Operational Simplicity

8 Typical Backup Issuies in schools
Item level restore is not an option Backup is only for disaster recovery Backup is handled decentralised due to bandwith limitations Example of customer: Backup performed over WAN (ADSL) – elapsetid approx. 24 hours

9 Ideal Customers Enterprises with lots of branch offices
Many distributed branch office file servers Few or no dedicated IT staff in the branch Likely to currently use existing tape infrastructure High backup costs PURPOSE OF THIS SLIDE Explain what the core target market for DPM is

10 Ideal Customers DPM is a solution for customers of all sizes but the ideal customers are: Medium-sized data centers 5 - 99 servers Significant backup window issues Frequent file recoveries from tape Few IT staff Familiarity with VSS Have a Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of approximately one hour Have a faster Recovery Time Objective (RTO) than tape can provide Enterprises with lots of branch offices Many distributed branch office file servers Few or no dedicated IT staff in the branch Likely to currently use existing tape infrastructure High backup costs PURPOSE OF THIS SLIDE Explain what the core target market for DPM is

11 Implementation Scenarios D2D2T backup scenario within the data center
Clients Active Directory File Servers DPM Server Tape Library Backup to Tape via 3rd party software Archive Offsite PURPOSE OF THIS SLIDE Explain how these customers are going to implement DPM Explain how DPM Works at a high level Agents are deployed on each production file server Agent logs all changes that occur on the production servers Logs are replicated and stored on DPM server based on IT administrator policy Assume you wish to protect “d:\” on the server FileServe01 An agent is installed on FileServe01 from the DPM management console An initial copy of “d:\” is copied to the DPM server and a replica is created on FileServe01 Agents log byte-level changes on FileServe01 and periodically send this data back to the DPM server The changes are applied to the replica of “d:\” and shadow copies of the replica are taken on a scheduled basis (per policy) Shadow copies can be used for administrator or, optionally, end user recovery (optional) How Microsoft Data Protection Manager works Agents are deployed on each production file server Capture only byte level changes Agent logs all changes that occur on the production servers Logs are replicated and stored on DPM server based on IT administrator policy Production server not impacted DPM becomes first tier of data protection

12 Implementation Scenarios Branch office data protection
Backup process Agent deployed to branch office servers Agent captures data and replicates to DPM server in HQ DPM takes snapshots to enable recovery at multiple points in time Benefits Rapid & reliable recovery including end user recovery Less potential data loss Easy and efficient scheduling and management No trained staff needed in branch Reduce tape equipment requirements in the branch Clients School 1 DPM Server Corporate WAN Clients File Screening in Windows Server 2003 R2 Allow/disallow file creation on specified folder trees Send alerts, notifications and maintain a list of policy violations R2: Only name-based screening of files School 2 Headquarters Clients School 3

13 How DPM Works DPM application installation
Clients Active Directory DPM Server: Windows Server 2003 or Storage Server AD, SQL, Reporting Services Lots of (inexpensive) disks Industry standard hardware & software Installed in parallel to tape solution; complimentary File Servers DPM Server PURPOSE OF THIS SLIDE Explain how a typical implementation of DPM will look Key components Tape Library Backup To Tape Archive Offsite

14 How DPM Works Detecting new file servers on the network
Clients Active Directory Auto-discovery of Servers or Shares Scheduled discovery job Queries AD for new servers Protects Windows Server 2003, Windows Storage Server 2003 or Windows 2000 file servers (non-clustered) Admin is alerted to new servers; Admin never surprised again! New Server “Exec1” Set up Protection? File Servers DPM Server New Server “Exec1”

15 How DPM Works File server backups
Clients Active Directory Backup Scheduling File Servers backed up hourly or daily to DPM server Multiple restore points achieved via point in time shadow copies Snapshots can be backed further backed up to tape “Lose no more than 1 hour” File Servers DPM Server

16 How DPM Works Restores Clients Active Directory Customer Scenarios
End User Recovery (via DPM client) Restore entire servers, volumes, shares Snapshots taken of production data without disconnecting the application accessing the data File Servers DPM Server

17 DPM/MOM Integration Control and monitor multiple DPM servers
All alerts and events uploaded to MOM

18 System Center = Microsoft’s management product line…
Release Roadmap System Center = Microsoft’s management product line… Deeper application support: Microsoft Exchange Microsoft SQL Server Windows Sharepoint Services Other Microsoft apps Advanced data protection features Bare Metal Recovery Cluster Support Deeper SAN integration 2007 and Beyond Microsoft Data Protection Manager File Protection and Recovery Efficient, continuous data protection Rapid and reliable disk-based data recovery Designed to work with current tape archive software H2 2005

19 DPM Product Pricing And SKU Plan
Data Protection Manager Server License Server and Agent model Same licensing model as MOM 2005 Agents: V1 is file servers only Exchange, SQL, TBD agents will be available in future versions Product will be available through all channels OEM, Volume, Full Packaged Product, Software assurance Languages English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean Pricing Depends on current customer Microsoft Agreement Agent License

20 Industry Partners Hardware Software PURPOSE OF THIS SLIDE KEY POINTS
Explain partner solutions and the value they add to DPM KEY POINTS We have over 20 partners on board today to deliver solutions for DPM either through developing innovative hardware or by completing our solutions with tape backup software or solutions. We believe we have a who’s who of storage vendors including: 6 out of the top 8 backup & archive software vendors 8 of the top 11 storage System vendors (according to IDC) Our partners are going to provide great solutions to our mutual customers. Having a broad ecosystem of partners and solutions means that customers have choice which ultimately leads to more innovation, lower costs and better solutions and technologies.

21 Top 10 Reasons To Deploy DPM
Recover files in minutes instead of hours Eliminate the backup window of your production servers Shrink potential data loss down to 1 hour No more failed recoveries Get easy instant backup verification Enable end users to perform their own recoveries Setup and protect your file servers in minutes Advanced functionality at low cost Remove tapes from branch offices and centralize backups at datacenter Rich out-of-box reporting and monitoring functionality

22 Resources/Tools Data Protection Server External Website

23 © 2003-2004 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Q n A © Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This presentation is for informational purposes only. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, in this summary.

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