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Alaska Measures of Progress District Test Coordinator Webinar Webinar Logistics: Audio will be streamed through Adobe Connect. Audio is also available.

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1 Alaska Measures of Progress District Test Coordinator Webinar Webinar Logistics: Audio will be streamed through Adobe Connect. Audio is also available by calling 877-304-0708 Pin: 4934653460# —If using the phone as the audio source, MUTE the Adobe connect sound to prevent feedback. On the phone, press *6 to mute yourself. Please hold questions until the end. All questions must be asked through the chat box in the bottom right corner. November 18, 2014 James Herynk

2 Preface: Three Test Types KITE ™ System Resources Report Data Extracts Data Upload, Adding, Editing —Users —Enrollment —Rosters PNP The Teachers’ Perspective Test, Exit, and Clear (TEC) (summative tests) How Summative Assessments Differ Technology Practice Tests Agenda

3 Technology Practice Tests —Generated by AMP (for all to access) Testlets —Generated by teachers (for rostered students) Summative —Generated by the system (for TEST records) Preface: Three Test Types

4 KITE ™ System: Educator Portal and KITE Client KITE ™ is a platform developed to meet the needs of the next generation of large- scale computer based assessments. —Educator Portal Viewing student data and setting up testlets —KITE ™ Client Delivering assessments to students Download and install from AMP website

5 AMP Website, KITE —Documentation Educator Portal Manual Educator’s Guide to KITE Client Templates: User, Enrollment, Roster, and TEC State organization data table —Download and Installation KITE Client Windows, Macintosh, iPad, Chromebook Resources

6 Report Data Extracts 1.Current Enrollment 2.Access Profile (PNP or Accessibility Profile) 3.Roster 4.Users Go to: 1.Educator PortalEducator Portal 2.Click on Reports p. 8.1

7 1.User Template For adding users 2.Enrollment Template For adding students 3.Roster Template For connecting students to their teachers 4.Test, Exit and Clear (TEC) Template For assigning students to summative tests For exiting a student from your school For paper/pencil, braille, large print 1/5/15.CSV Templates: Data Sets

8 Uploading Users Check User status Set User Organization and Role Adding Users Manually Editing Users —View User Profile in EPEP User Template cannot be edited Data Extract cannot be edited Users p. 2.1

9 Enrollment Uploading Enrollment Adding a Student Manually School Entry Date is required DLM Status required if participating in DLM Editing a Student —View Student Record in EPEP Enrollment Template CAN be edited Data Extract CAN be edited NOTE: State_Student_Identifier cannot change on both the template and extract re-upload p. 3.1

10 Rosters Uploading Rosters Add a Roster Manually Edit a Roster —View Roster in EPEP Roster Template CAN be edited Data Extract CAN be edited NOTE: You may only add or remove from an existing roster, or add new roster. p. 4.1

11 What is the PNP? An Access Profile (also known as Personal Needs and Preferences or Personal Needs Profile (PNP)) is the part of a student’s record that controls some of the types of tools and accommodations that will be available when the student takes a test. p. 3.27

12 Roles with permission to set PNP —“Teacher” —“District Test Coordinator” —“District User” —“Building Test Coordinator” —“Building User” Who can set the PNP? NOTE: A local or district policy determines if PNP is set by the teacher or by a district level user. In the system today, all teachers have access to setting the PNP for their rostered students. Policy direction on the PNP will come form EED and the Participation Guide.

13 Setting Up Test Sessions: the Teachers’ Perspective Quick Links —Student Validate data Complete Access Profile, PNP(check local policy) First Contact Survey (DLM) —Rosters Validate Data —Add New Test (Testlets) —Monitor Test Print tickets and monitor tests Test Management (sub-Test Management) Test Management p. 7.2

14 District Test Coordinators’ Perspective Test Management (sub-Test Management) Test Management

15 “Exit” —to remove a student from Educator Portal when a student moves out of the district. “Test” —to assign a student to a summative assessment by subject. “Clear” —to unassign a student from a summative assessment while keeping the student’s enrollment record intact. NOTE: Documentation at has appendices that are Alaska-specific at the bottom of the EP Manual p. 3.22 TEC: TEST, EXIT, CLEAR

16 TEC: Template Data p. 3.22

17 Assign Roles and Add Organizations 2015 GN P GN = General P = Paper/Pencil MM/DD/YYYY Organization CodeSame Student ID 01907 01908 01909 NOTE: for leading zeros format cells to text. M ELA M = Mathematics ELA = English Language Arts TEST EXIT CLEAR TEST = Student assigned to summative assessment by subject EXIT = Student removed from Educator Portal, unavailable to assign CLEAR = Student unassigned from summative assessment by subject

18 TEC: Upload 1.Prepare your TEC TemplateTEC Template 2.Go to the Configuration tabConfiguration tab 3.Click on Students 4.Select Action “Upload TEC” 5.Check for Created/Rejected/Updated p. 3.25

19 1.January 5 th is the deadline for assigning students to a Paper/Pencil summative assessment. (P test_type in the TEC) 2.The PNP (Access Profile) will also need to have Paper/Pencil, Large Print, Braille, and Read Aloud checked if being assigned as an accommodation. 3.EED would like to have a preliminary count of paper/pencil, large print, and Braille test orders by November 21, 2014. p. 3.22 TEC: Paper/Pencil Test Record Deadline

20 How Summative Assessments will Differ? Tickets will be on a Test Coordination tab under the Test Management tabTest Coordination System generated tests (TEC, not rosters) Roles with permission to Test Coordination —District Test Coordinator —District User —Building Test Coordinator —Building User p. 7.1

21 Technology Practice Tests AMP Website: —Front Page: Technology Practice Tests “Follow these directions” “Guidance for teachers with ideas on how to introduce students to the Technology Practice Tests”

22 EducatorDecember 9 th, 2014 District Test CoordinatorDecember 10 th, 2014 Technology DirectorDecember 11 th, 2014 Upcoming Webinars

23 Important Points Know where Report Data Extracts can be found. Upload, Add and Edit Data. Understand how the PNP sets accommodations for students in KITE Client Understand how teachers will set up testlet test sessions. Understand the DTCs’ view of teachers’ testlet test sessions By January 5 th, 2015 —Upload TEC for Paper/Pencil —Complete TEC and PNP for Paper/Pencil, Braille, and Large Print as an accommodation Understand how summative assessments will differ. Be comfortable with Technology Practice Tests.

24 Hours —M-F —5:00 am to 4:00 pm Alaska —8:00 am to 7:00 pm Central Email — Phone —785-864-3537 —855-277-9752 (toll-free) Help Desk


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