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Welcome to AF KL Winter Kick Off 2012

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1 Welcome to AF KL Winter Kick Off 2012

2 AGENDA Quiz  New Policies New Products Services Coffee break
Ticketing issues Communication Quizz Quiz  October 2012

3 AFKL New Policies I Application of tickets quotas on AF&KL plates
Reissuance via BSP Extra bag on VMPD Service fee on AF

4 Tickets quotas on AF & KL plates
May 2012: AF Tickets quota August 2012: KL tickets quota KL tickets allowed to issued & reissued on AF plate & applied AF rules Contact GDS for the format of checking tickets stock Contact AFKL Agentdesk for temporary quotas requests & cc.

5 Reissuance via BSP I BSP agents trained by AF & GDS Collect Fare & Taxes difference on GDS Penalty fee/change fee => BSP link => VMPD Mention new ticket number in VMPD DO NOT FORGET to input VMPD number in the new Ticket AF to stop ticket re-issue for agents on 31OCT 2012

6 Extra bag on VMPD I  Steps to issue a VMPD for an extra bag: Purchase Extra bag on VMPD and input ticket number into the VMPD Bring VMPD number to AF via to exchange against an EMD Send a copy of EMD extra bag to Customer 

7 Service fee on AF I

8 II AFKL New Products Winter Schedule Premium Economy Business class

9 II Winter 2012 program 1/ Combine routings: 5 weekly flights
PNH-CDG-PNH Via SGN – Pure AF (AF 269 & AF 244) Via BKK – AF with PG code share AF 8033 / AF 8032 2/ Combine airlines: 1 group, 2 airlines AF – to CDG / Via SGN: Interline with VN - 5 flights per week KL – to AMS / Via BKK: Interline with PG, TG - Daily flight AF + KL – to EUROPE via CDG and AMS - Daily flights

10 II Premium Economy Advantages of Premium with AFKL:
* 40% more space compared to Economy * Separate Cabins with curtains, just after Business * 2 Bags of 23kg * Electricity supply to connect a laptop or phone * A free vanity kit (Clarins brand) * A free aperitif + fine chocolate * Flying Blue bonus miles from 100 % to 125%

11 II Business Class Descriptions of its advantages:
* Baggage: 2 pieces of 32kgs + 18kg for cabin luggage * wellness kit offered for men and women with Clarins brand * Free flow of French Champagne, red & white wines + finest chocolate * 4 different types of Menus * VIP lounge * Flying Blue bonus Miles from 125% to 175%

12 AFKL New Services III How to convince customers to choose AF
Product quality Flying Blue Blue Biz E-services Extra services

13 III Product quality Air France KLM competitive advantages
The European airline, among the largest network worldwide with a double hub strategy in CDG & AMS Travel to Europe with 1 ticket and 1 boarding pass The latest in-flight technologies Highest standards of food on board with menus for all Easy to sell, Premium BSP servicing, and local Customer Service Advantageous Baggage policy Visa Denial Waver

14 III Flying Blue Make your customers feel special
Why offering FB to your customers? Skyteam, the largest alliance in Cambodia (6 airlines) Free generous Miles accrual for Status upgrade Free Extra bags: As from Silver / Skyteam Elite Lounge access: As from Gold / Skyteam Elite + Priority at check in, boarding and bag delivery Priority waitlist and seating Priority customer services

15 III Blue Biz Increase your customers profits
Secure loyalty to your travel agency Why offering BB for your corporate travelers? Free program, no target and easy to use Company earns Blue credits while passenger earns Flying Blue Miles BB credits range from 5%-15% of net fare (as backend) BB + offers up to additional 5% upfront discount Overall 20% discounts VIP Corporate treatment all along the journey

16 III E-services AF KL, the most advanced E-services
On your mobile or tablet At home on your computer Confirm flight on Check-in online 30h before flight + boarding pass printing Choose your seat Buy Extra bags Buy Extra Legroom seats (Seat+) Buy a la carte meals Follow-up your claim statutes

17 III Extra services Personal Airport Services
Personal assistance to accelerate airport procedures Transfer CDG airport and Paris down-town by Luxury motorcycle taxi, private car or deluxe shuttle Home baggage delivery and/or home pick-up Registration by phone: +33 (0)

18 III A La Carte Menu Five meals available Organic Signature Lenôtre
22eur 28eur Italia Ocean 12eur Tradition 15eur 18eur

19 Ticketing rules and conditions
IV Ticketing rules and conditions 1. Married segment booking & its message 2. Interline and Code-share tickets Wheelchair, seat, meal and baby basinet Pregnancy 5. UM Pets Visa Extra baggage policy: online vs. offline

20 1. Married segment & its messages
IV 1. Married segment & its messages Book O & D (Origin & Destination) or take risk to get an ADM? Amadeus users: Type HE MSC for help Type RTAM after the booking is made to see if segments are married. Possible codes are: M, T, A, B, R, M.

21 1. Married segment & its messages
IV 1. Married segment & its messages This display shows that there are two pairs of married segments in the PNR. Segment 2 is married to segment 3, and segment 4 to segment 5 An asterisk (*) next to a married segment indicator means it is possible to cancel this segment. Message on PNR “Abuse MSC “ => ADM will be raised

22 2. Interline and Code share tickets
IV 2. Interline and Code share tickets For Amadeus User: GGAIRAF INTERLINE: list of the carriers having a traffic agreement with AF. Do not accept a document when the carrier is not listed. HE INTERLINE  TGAD-XX/YY TGAD : transaction code -XX : dash, two-character airline code of the validating airline /YY : slash, two-character airline code of the transporting airline EX: TGAD-AF/K6 System respond: AIRLINE NOT IN TABLE

23 2. Interline and Code share tickets
IV 2. Interline and Code share tickets Code-share tickets: In principle, booking and transportation rules of the Marketing carrier apply. Special requests (UM, Pets. Extra bags…) also depend on the operating carrier rules. Check rules of AF and the operating carrier: GGAIRAF XXPARTNER (XX is the operating carrier) => Consult AFKL Helpdesk for confirmation.

24 Wheelchair, seat, meal, baby basinet
IV Wheelchair, seat, meal, baby basinet What kind of additional reservations you can do? WCHR or WCHS Seats reservation Meal Baby basinet seat. Cradle request (BSCT) will be allocated at the airport. Seat map on operated aircraft: Flight & airport info  Cabin map Open the type of operating aircraft

25 IV 4. Pregnancy Expectant mother with maximum 32 weeks are accepted.
This procedure applies to AF-operated and AF-marketed flights 28 to 32 weeks of pregnancy must signed the indemnity form for some operating flight. Recommendations - Travel is not advised: During the last month of pregnancy, 8th month or 32nd weeks Within seven days of giving birth For newborns during the first 7 days following their birth

26 IV 5. UM Reservation prerequisites:
UM specific fare basis is mandatory Ex: LSRKH/UM0 UM’s years of age SRUMNR: must be requested on PNR Contact, name of person seeing off on departure Contact, name of person to meet UM at final destination AF does not exchange any ticket during Check-in time or at the airport

27 IV 5. UM UM on code-share or interline (as of 15 Nov12)
Mandatory UM is accepted on AF, KL, DL*, AZ**, YS, DB, UX, WX AND XK operated flights only. Specific feature with DL: UM must be >7 years of age. AF does not apply the same policy as KL. GGAIRAF XXPARTNER or GGAIRAF MINORS GGAIRKL MINORS NOTE: Make sure your SRUMNR reservation is confirmed before ticket issue.

28 IV 6. Pets: Dog/Cat Acceptance in cabin (PETC)
Max weight of animal with its container = 6Kg Only one pet container per pax is allowed ($200) Cage dimension: 46Lx28Wx24H, must be <115cm Request must be made in advance in PNR To enter France, pets must be at least 15 weeks + required vaccinations Note: Some aircrafts/routings are restricted PECT status must be confirmed before ticket issue .

29 IV 6. Pets: Dog/Cat Acceptance in hold (AVIH)
Pets + cage must not exceed 75Kg Charge $200 per container Max 3 pets or over 75 Kg per pax is allowed. Request must be made in advance in PNR 3 young pets (14Kg each) may travel in single container Minimum AVIH connecting time in CDG is >2 hours AVIH and baggage must be rechecked-in in CDG on case of beyond AVIH to some routings must mention weight of pets and 3 dimensions of cage ( L x W x H)

30 IV 7. VISA Where you can find VISA information?
web: VISA, Personalized passport Health, Customs Currency and airport tax information GDS: mention nationality, transit and final destination Ex: On Amadeus, TIRV/NAKH/TRCDG/DELON TIRV, NA, TR, DE: are transaction code KH : pax’s nationality CDG: transit point LON : final destination

31 8. Extra baggage policy: Online VS. Offline
IV 8. Extra baggage policy: Online VS. Offline Online purchase: By credit card 30 hours before departure time - AF operated flights only 20% discount off the airport price for 2nd and 3rd bag Fare applies to the point of stopover only Another fee applies from stopover point to the final destination Xbag is non-refundable Pax must hold EMD of extra bag at check-in 10 bags included bag/s allowance per pax Note: Extra bag rate will be automatically calculated online.

32 8. Extra baggage policy: Online VS. Offline
IV 8. Extra baggage policy: Online VS. Offline Offline purchase BSP issue VMPD at full fare rate - 20% discount does not apply VMPD of extra bag must be exchanged for EMD by AF before check-in Pax holds EMD of extra bag at check-in Code-share or interline ticket ? Go: GGAIRAFXXPARTNER (XX:carrier code of operating flight) Fare applies to the point of stopover only Another fee apply from stopover point to the final destination Fee is non-refundable

33 AFKL Communication V AFKL Agent Connect monthly newsletter (KH)
AF Facebook, follow and Like us on AF KH is the only entry point of communication Support, Khanratha: Commercial, Sokunthy:

34 Q u e s t i o n s

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