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MISD ELAR Every Child Every Day. Data: istation.

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1 MISD ELAR Every Child Every Day

2 Data: istation


4 istation- Texas Success Initiative Istation was funded by a grant for grades 3-8. The district will pay for K-2. The unlimited access means that there will be home use. These activities are different from the istation cycle work. These are enrichment activities – NOT the full program. Students will NEVER test at home. Online home access begins on October 1, 2012. ** We still do not know how students will login from their home computers. ***As I know more, you will too!

5 Data: STAAR – Reporting Category 2 Reporting Category 2: Understanding and Analysis of Literary Texts The student will demonstrate an ability to understand and analyze literary texts: Beginning Reading Strategies Theme and Genre Poetry Drama Biographies Sensory Language Figure 19

6 Data: STAAR – Writing Both Genres were an issue: Writing a Narrative Story Writing an Expository Piece Grammar and Editing on the objective test was hard & weighted most heavily

7 ELAR IPGs New IPGs * Integrated with science & ss * Focus on all reporting categories * Vocabulary & ELPS included * Design qualities embedded * Instructional support wikis * Future teacher input welcome

8 ELAR: New IPGs to support rigor & relevance VAD- vertical alignment document (draft) WIKIs District Assessments will test each genre: Fiction Poetry Non-fiction Drama Writing – editing

9 ELAR wikis

10 MISD ELAR Every Child Every Day

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