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Advertising Content Guidelines Advertising and Creative Content Guidelines Yahoo! SEA September 2007.

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1 Advertising Content Guidelines Advertising and Creative Content Guidelines Yahoo! SEA September 2007

2 Creative Submission Deadline Before 16:00, Singapore time. Standard Flash Banner 3 working days Rich Media Banner Legal Clearance Contest/Promotion 5 working days 7 working days Before Campaign Launch

3 Getting started… Please study the following guidelines BEFORE proceeding to the advertising specifications

4 The Checklist Before initiating a brief check if the client/brand can advertise on the internet (Y! policy guidelines) Check for promotion/contest guidelines (check the guidelines document at a preliminary level) If promotional/contest is involved, get prior legal/policy go-ahead. Ensure the creative meets the creative and technical specs Send in creative with adequate time for scheduling Ad-ops schedules creative after doing the above checks

5 Standard Creative Concerns Types of banners – JPEG / GIF / Flash File size (depending on ad unit) Animation time (15 secs) Frame speed (18 fps) Flash Version (6 or 7) Others – 3 rd party rich media problems

6 Technical Spec Hot Issues – 5 most common mistakes Borders All ads must have a border. Banner to identify where the page end and the advertisement begins. Branding All ads large enough to fit branding must have it. Animation All animation must stop after 15 seconds. Yahoo! also has limitations on animation as it pertains to annoying the users. Backup Banner For all flash/rich media banners, a backup banner in jpeg/gif format must be provided as well. Click TAG: Wrong or no click tag inserted.

7 Borders All ads must have a border or a contrasting background to avoid blending in with Yahoo content. Allowed Not Allowed

8 Branding Branding should be included with the ad unit if the Ad is big enough. Ad is 88x31 or smaller, branding must be included on the landing page. URL is sufficient branding if its the name of the company and if its clear and conspicuous Allowed Not Allowed

9 Animation Clarification All animation, even subtle movement, needs to stop after 15 seconds. Animation can begin again on mouse over, but must stop immediately on mouse off. Preference is to include a Replay button.

10 Backup Banner A backup banner in gif/jpeg format is required in event that the users browser does not support flash player. File size not <20kb Replay button must not appear in the backup banner Most common occurrence, placing Replay button on gif/jpeg.

11 Click Tag A click Tag is an action script required by Yahoo! for counting clicks through the banner. (This is separate script for your Dart/3 rd party tracking script) Simply put it – Banner on (release) {getURL (clickTAG);} URL USER 1 click

12 Under Close Scrutiny… look deceptive, misleading, or untrue. appear to be making unsubstantiated claims claim things are free win refer a friend when undisclosed conditions apply anything sensitive (i.e. pharma, alcohol, tobacco, religion, gambling, politics) collect personally identifiable information Anything that might be offensive or disturbing to Y! users Sweepstakes or contests targeting children 12 and under use Yahoo! name or logo appear to misuse a third partys brand name or image with uninitiated audio

13 Policy for Children & Teens Need to be flagged for Review: All ads targeting children 12 and under Teens: Extra caution when targeting people 13-17. If it is collecting Personal Identification Info., or seems like it might be inappropriate for this audience Yahoo reserves the right to reject any advertisements that are deem inappropriate when targeting this age group, without explanation.

14 Ads that use the word Free Advertised items that are truly free – the user doesnt have to pay anything or do anything to get the item being advertised. Disclose the terms and conditions in the ad unit, and the first level landing page. Free trials Allowed

15 Ads that use the word Free Ads that claim an item is free, yet fail to disclose hidden terms and conditions that must be met for the user to get the free item. Not Allowed

16 Sweepstakes or Contest Ads containing a sweepstakes or contest must be sent for legal approval and clearance. Please include a link to the landing page/rules & allow 3 - 5 days for legal review. Allowed Not Allowed

17 Sensitive Topics for Mail & My Yahoo! The following topics are considered sensitive and ads for these should be flagged for review by Policy: Alcohol Birth Control Issue/Cause Politics Religion Strike zone pharmaceuticals (IBS, ED, etc) Due to the personalized nature of the Mail and My properties, our users are more sensitive to the types of ads that appear on these pages.

18 Misleading Ads Fake windows box, fake error message Missing proper disclosures Difficult to see/read branding simulated Y! content improper use of Powered by Fake News Story No branding Not Allowed

19 Thank You for Your Partnership

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