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PT. Karya Tama Rimba Cemerlang is a company that specified its business in the wood draining process which is located at Jl. Tambak Langon 32, Surabaya.

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2 PT. Karya Tama Rimba Cemerlang is a company that specified its business in the wood draining process which is located at Jl. Tambak Langon 32, Surabaya. Current Internal Process: Payroll based on its position which is divided into permanent staff, outsource staff and daily staff The payroll is calculated manually by the HRD DISADVATAGES : 1.High Processing Time 2.High Possibility of incorrect Calculations

3 How to process the workers’ data efficiently? How to overcome the possibility of losing the data that are being caused by human error? How to provide a faster yet accurate payroll report?

4 To make a software that will able to calculate the payroll system in certain period of time that is more computerized in its calculation process, yet more standardized structure in making the report that can be applied in PT. Karya Tama Rimba Cemerlang.

5 PAYROLL SYSTEM Payroll Information System is a set of an automatic payroll calculation in which comprises the basic salary, benefits, commission, bonuses, non-working hours job, forlough, PPH 21 calculation, and Jamsostek (workers’ social assurance). Thus it makes the payroll calculation process easier (based on Romney and Steinbart, 2000). INCOME TAX TARIFF PASAL 21 (PPh21) (Based on: Peraturan Direktur Jenderal Pajak Year 2010) Rp 0,00  Rp 5.000.000,00 = 5% Rp 50.000.000,00  Rp 250.000.000,00 = 15% Rp 250.000.000,00  Rp 500.000.000,00 = 25% > Rp 500.000.000,00 = 30%

6 REGULATION IN CALCULATING PPh Pasal 21 (Based on: Peraturan Direktur Jenderal Pajak Year 2010) “The amount of income tax for a permanent staffs can be calculated by subtracting income before tax with duty fees, pension premium that is being paid by each staffs that has been legalized by The Monetary Minister. The social assurance (Jamsostek) will be applied where people receive benefits or services in recognition of contributions to an insurance scheme, typically include provision for retirement pensions, disability insurance and unemployment insurance. JAMINAN SOSIAL TENAGA KERJA (JAMSOSTEK) (Based on: Undang-undang No.3 Year1992) JKK (Jaminan Kecelakaan Kerja) JHT (Jaminan Hari Tua) JKM (Jaminan Kematian) JPK (Jaminan Pemeliharaan Kesehatan)

7 TUNJANGAN HARI RAYA (THR) (Based on: Pasal 2 Permen 04/1994) More than and equal to 12 months working period = 1 x month salary. 3-12 months working period = THE SUPPORTING SOFTWARE Microsoft Visual Basic.NET 2008 Microsoft SQL Server 2000

8 The current system that is being used by PT. Karya Tama Rimba Cemerlang to calculate the payroll is done manually.

9 Attendance list is done manually through a manual fingerprint machine The data from the machine is in file with “.txt” format The collected files from the manual machine will be processed one by one and calculated based on attendance schedule of every staffs, then being inputted one by one to Microsoft excel. Then the input data will be processed in a table with formulas to calculate payroll for each duty position with different methods.. The result form the payroll calculation will resulting in staffs total salary for certain period of time.

10 Divided into 3 types: 1.Permanent Staffs payroll 2.Contract Staffs payroll 3.Daily Workers payroll/ Part-timer payroll About Separation Pay: (based on UU Ketenagakerjaan no.13 Year 2003) Separation Pay will be given to the staffs that get a firing letter About Money Appreciation: PT. Karya Tama Rimba Cemerlang gives money appreciation based on regulation UU Ketenagakerjaan no.13 year 2003 About PPh pasal 21: Income tax based on the amount of the salary in a month. If the salary amount is bellow the PTKP then he/she will not be charged for the income tax for those moth. However Income tax is applied to each staffs in PT. Karya Tama Rimba Cemerlang.

11 About The Staffs’ Cash Bon: The cash bon facility can be applied by each permanent and contract staffs only. To enhance the staffs’ welfare, the company gives several facility such as: Lending facility based on the company financial capability. The staffs that can borrow the facility are only the permanent and contract staffs. To make the cash bon payoff easier for the staffs through monthly installment that being taken from monthly salary. The policy for cash bon facility: The installment is done every day 7 th and day 22 th in every payroll payment day. The installment of lending is paid through monthly salary.

12 About Furlough: Applicable for permanent and contract staffs. Each staffs has furlough right for 12 days in a year. As the staff takes the furlough right will not get any salary cutting. The furlough right can be taken after get permission a week before. About Permission: Applicable for permanent and contract staffs. No days limitation. Followed with doctor prescription. Permission right for baby born or pilgrimage to Mecca are allowed and will be paid based on the Ministry’s regulations. The staffs that use the permission outside the policy given will loose the salary for that day.

13 About Warning Letter: Applicable for all staffs. Given to the satffs that break the company’s. Every Breaking rules will be accumulated during 6 months after the first time breaking the rules. The quota limit for warning letter is 3 times only. Warning letter wiil cut no salary amount.

14 The total of the staffs may getting higher and higher, thus will create a longer processing time for calculating the payroll yet ineffective process Human error is highly possible in the calculation process and inputting process. The data searching will need a very long time due to the unorganized data storage.

15 Computerized system to process the attendance list will be able to connect the current available manual fingerprint machine with a new software to calculate the payroll. Computerized system in payroll calculation process, so that the calculation process can be done faster, exact and accurate. An automatic computerized system to keep the data in order to minimize the risk of data losing. Computerized system that able to do the staffs’ data searching easier and faster.









24 The new computerized attendance system can enhance the time efficiency to keep the data, this is due to the data directly kept in the database, so that the payroll calculation process and the furlough can be done faster. The old manual way of listing the staffs, by using this new application the system became automatic and the calculation process became easier. The new application may overcome the flaw system and data losing that usually caused by human error, this is due to the new application has a backup facility. All of the staffs’ data in the database can be backup become one practical backup file. This application makes the reports' making process easier and faster From the questionnaire result about the system trial, in terms of layout and easiness in using the application has result for 78%,in terms of accurateness and speed of the application has 68% in result, in terms of appropriateness of the application has 82% in result. In conclusion, based on those percentage, this new application has fulfill the company needs’ about the system. Besides, it is also user-friendly. However, there are several drawbacks that need to be fixed further.

25 To develop user interface and its standard reports, also increase the data complexity further about HRD in a company. Improve user-friendly program.


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