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Pharmacoinformatics Remedia, s.r.o Lecture 2 Mgr. Zdeněk Kučera, Ph.D.

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1 Pharmacoinformatics Remedia, s.r.o Lecture 2 Mgr. Zdeněk Kučera, Ph.D.

2 Přednáška 1 definitions – data, information, fact, knowledge informatics, medical informatics, pharmacoinformatics literary information sources – novelty (prim., sec., terc.), frequency of publication (periodical – ISSN, impact factor; non-periodical – ISBN), accessibility (published, grey literature, comercial literature, non-published) „factographic databases“ – MV-AISLP, Micromedex

3 Přednáška 2 bibliographic databases World: –full-texts dtb –compendia –other information sources Czech Republic: Journals, books, libraries, catalogues; internet –appraisal of information on the internet –search engines –e-books –www – practical addresses

4 bibliographic databases Secondary information sources – links to the primary sources Just information about article – where to find (and abstract/extract) General structure: Title, author, address and contacts to the author ( ), source – name of the journal, volume, issue, page; key words, abstract – signal what is the article about, –NO FULL-TEXT! (Sometimes link to the full-text’s www) Bibliographia Medica Čechoslovaca – - katalogy a dtb. Medline (Pubmed) – Embase – IPA – International Pharmaceutical Abstracts Web of Knowledge –

5 bibliographic databases – typical structure

6 Bibliographic databases BMČ – Bibliografia Medica Čechoslovaca –from 1977 –86660 records (5.2003) –no abstract –Czech journals, collections etc. + Czech authors „in the world literature“ –key words – MeSH!

7 bibliographic databases Medline – - free, –tutorial - –4800 journals, 15 mil. records, 86 % English, 76 % with abstracts – MeSH – dictionary of key words, synonyms –„linkout“ – link to fulltexts –part of Entrez system – National Library of Medicine – BethesdaNational Library of Medicine –limits, journal database, –batch citation matches–you know citation –Clinical queries – search filters –„loattrfree full text“ [Filter]

8 Medline - results

9 bibliographic databases Embase –Elsevier Science - publisher –more european journals –cca 5000 journals, from 1974 –NOT free, for UK students – see (via lfhk!) –Thesaurus – EMTREE – key words – more „clinical“ tree

10 bibliographic databases ISI Web of Knowledge –Web of Science – citations with abstracts, 3500 journals –Current Contents – recent publications –Journal Citations Reports – Impact factor –more... multi-disciplines orientation !!! Information how many times was article cited by other articles !!! => impact factor

11 ISI Web of knowledge...

12 Full-text databases Multi-publisher collections –Proquest – –EBSCO - 3D5F7B72%2DEC06%2D4F2B%2DA51D%2DCFE2 77DD7E53%40sessionmgr4+9557&ft=1 3D5F7B72%2DEC06%2D4F2B%2DA51D%2DCFE2 77DD7E53%40sessionmgr4+9557&ft=1 1 publisher – see –Elsevier –Blackwell –Wiley –Springer –…

13 Compendia Martindale – The extrapharmacopoea – National compendias –BNF – UK – –Rote, Gelbe Liste – Germany –AHFS DI, USP DI, PDR – USA pdf, pdf –ARZNEIMITTEL-KOMPENDIUM DER SCHWEIZ - SUI

14 Other books Index Nominum –5300 substances – synonyms – brand names –chemical formulas Meyler’s Side effects Stockleys Drug Interactions Drugs In Pregnancy and Lactation Merck Manuals

15 Journals - world „Impact five journals“ – prim. or sec. infosources –JAMA + Archives – The Journal od the American Medical –Lancet – –NEJM – New England Journal of –BMJ – –Annals of Internal Medicine – Drugs – Adis –Drugs, CNS Drugs,... Reviews Perspectives – Expert Opinion on Investigational Drugs, Current Opinion in Investigational drugs, Trends in … Useful functions: TOC – table of contents to Archive of issues

16 Journals – foreign – non-profit International Society of Drug Bulletins - Members –Australian Prescriber –La revue Prescrire

17 Compendia – Czech Rep. Remedia Compendium – Pharmindex systemu – Kompendium, Brevíř – Medistránky -

18 Czech periodicals – types A Medical journals ČLS JEP – –primary literary sources – research results –Reviews, editorials –Vnitřní lékařství –Praktický lékař –Česká a slovenská farmacie! etc...

19 Czech periodicals – types B „Publishing houses“ –Medical Tribune Group – principle – joint-venture with global publishers Medical Tribune – „newspapers“ – 1* 2 weeks XY po promoci – eg. Medicína po promoci –selection from Postgraduate Medicine, American Family Physician, Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift“ –Praha Communications – the same Czech JAMA

20 Czech periodicals – types C Publishers – public –MF Dnes – Zdravotnické noviny Publishers – „Czech reviews“ –Solen - – full-texts! Klinická farmakologie a farmacie ( ) „XY“ pro praxi – př. Interní medicína pro praxi Praktické lékárenství apod. –Tigis – – Psychiatrie Bolest Etc.

21 Czech periodicals – types D Drug specialists... –Remedia s.r.o Remedia, full-texts – 1st year later –Farmakon Press s.r.o Farmakoterapie 1st year, fulltext –Edukapharm s.r.o Farminews –

22 Czech periodicals – types E Educational projects of farmaceutical companies Advantage – full texty –PACE News – - –Kapitoly z kardiologie – -

23 Czech periodicals – types F Professional organisations: –Česká lékárnická komora – Časopis českých lékárníků –Česká lékařská komora (Czech Medical Chamber)– Tempus medicorum Institutions: –SÚKL „věstník“ = bulletin !Farmakoterapeutické informace! – non-profit CR –Ministry of Health bulletin –Ministerstvo Collection of Laws

24 Czech e-books.pdf format: –Solutio – –PACE publications

25 Monographies HK – knihkupectví u ČSA, Fakultní nemocnice, Fakulty Praha – Lipová 6 – Wimmer, Academia – Václavské nám., Celetná – prodejna skript UK INTERNET - publishers – Springer, HighWirePress, Oxford University Press, Elsevier, Wiley, Blackwell etc… Libraries

26 Knihovny National medical library –Cataloques: Cataloques of all medical books and journals in the CR – – LSS, LBS Cataloque of NLK – NML – books, journals in national library BMC – Bibliographia Medica Čechoslovaca –Electronical sources – ULTRA ACCESS! –Electronical circulation record – how to: (in czech) –Possibility of search in English

27 Knihovny Národní knihovna ČR = National library CR – Klementinum, –„Jednotná informační brána“ –„Souhrný katalog knihoven UK“ Státní technická knihovna = State technical library – Ultra Access – medical dtb as well! Dm Dm Information Centres in IKEM, Motol, LF HK – (kde?), FaF atd...

28 Internet 1969 – from Arpanet – see –www – – mailing groups –ftp –Etc.

29 WWW – Critical appraisal and evaluation criteria Freiburgh criteria: HON criteria: Many related links on:

30 Simple criteria Presentation – speed of appearance, links, design Navigation – steps, „back“ possibility, highliting of links, site map Function – multilanguage, search, accessibility, „text“ form without graphics Credibility – contacts, up-dates, date, author

31 More complicated… Credibility: includes the source, currency, relevance/utility, and editorial review process for the information Content: must be accurate and complete, and an appropriate disclaimer provided. Disclosure: includes informing the user of the purpose of the site, as well as any profiling or collection of information associated with using the site. Links: evaluated according to selection, architecture, content, and back linkages. Design: encompasses accessibility, logical organization (navigability), and internal search capability. Interactivity: includes feedback mechanisms and means for exchange of information among users. Caveats: clarification of whether site function is to market products and services or is a primary information content provider.

32 Logos – medicinal www Hardin MD – see e.g. Health On the Net Foundation – see e.g. help, etc.

33 Internet – encyclopedias, vocabularies – Wikipedia – – partially - vocabulary ---- medicine: - MedlinePlus – medical

34 Hardin General Specializované Internet – search engines How to search: Just links to other sites! Directories – „trees“ - browsing Search engines – crawler, browser – databases of „words“

35 Directory -

36 Search engine -

37 Search Engines - statistics

38 Scientific search engines: Scirus Google Medicinal search engines: HON Specialized search engines

39 Medicinal directories Hardin:

40 Medical servers - World MEDSCAPE - – after registration (free) fulltexts, UpToDate – – not for RxList – – „all“ prescription

41 Others - World – – free – dtto Pharmaceutical Resources on the Net – es.cfm es.cfm

42 Servers - CR – for GP from –Many functions – drug information centres –List of free journals –Adress book of GP´s, pharmacies –Many articles – Pears Health Cyber – for –

43 If it is moving, we have to end the lecture – you are critically tired! Thank you for your attention

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