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Pharmacoinformatics Remedia, s.r.o Lecture 2 Mgr. Zdeněk Kučera, Ph.D.

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1 Pharmacoinformatics Remedia, s.r.o Lecture 2 Mgr. Zdeněk Kučera, Ph.D.

2 Přednáška 1 definitions – data, information, fact, knowledge informatics, medical informatics, pharmacoinformatics literary information sources – novelty (prim., sec., terc.), frequency of publication (periodical – ISSN, impact factor; non-periodical – ISBN), accessibility (published, grey literature, comercial literature, non-published) „factographic databases“ – MV-AISLP, Micromedex

3 Přednáška 2 bibliographic databases World: –full-texts dtb –compendia –other information sources Czech Republic: Journals, books, libraries, catalogues; internet –appraisal of information on the internet –search engines –e-books –www – practical addresses

4 bibliographic databases Secondary information sources – links to the primary sources Just information about article – where to find (and abstract/extract) General structure: Title, author, address and contacts to the author (e-mail), source – name of the journal, volume, issue, page; key words, abstract – signal what is the article about, –NO FULL-TEXT! (Sometimes link to the full-text’s www) Bibliographia Medica Čechoslovaca – - katalogy a dtb. Medline (Pubmed) – Embase – IPA – International Pharmaceutical Abstracts Web of Knowledge –

5 bibliographic databases – typical structure

6 Bibliographic databases BMČ – Bibliografia Medica Čechoslovaca –from 1977 –86660 records (5.2003) –no abstract –Czech journals, collections etc. + Czech authors „in the world literature“ –key words – MeSH!

7 bibliographic databases Medline – - free, –tutorial -, –4800 journals, 15 mil. records, 86 % English, 76 % with abstracts – MeSH – dictionary of key words, synonyms –„linkout“ – link to fulltexts –part of Entrez system – National Library of Medicine – BethesdaNational Library of Medicine –limits, journal database, –batch citation matches–you know citation –Clinical queries – search filters –„loattrfree full text“ [Filter]

8 Medline - results

9 bibliographic databases Embase –Elsevier Science - publisher –more european journals –cca 5000 journals, from 1974 –NOT free, for UK students – see (via lfhk!) –Thesaurus – EMTREE – key words – more „clinical“ tree

10 bibliographic databases ISI Web of Knowledge –Web of Science – citations with abstracts, 3500 journals –Current Contents – recent publications –Journal Citations Reports – Impact factor –more... multi-disciplines orientation !!! Information how many times was article cited by other articles !!! => impact factor

11 ISI Web of knowledge...

12 Full-text databases Multi-publisher collections –Proquest – –EBSCO - 3D5F7B72%2DEC06%2D4F2B%2DA51D%2DCFE2 77DD7E53%40sessionmgr4+9557&ft=1 3D5F7B72%2DEC06%2D4F2B%2DA51D%2DCFE2 77DD7E53%40sessionmgr4+9557&ft=1 1 publisher – see –Elsevier –Blackwell –Wiley –Springer –…

13 Compendia Martindale – The extrapharmacopoea – National compendias –BNF – UK – –Rote, Gelbe Liste – Germany –AHFS DI, USP DI, PDR – USA pdf,, pdf –ARZNEIMITTEL-KOMPENDIUM DER SCHWEIZ - SUI

14 Other books Index Nominum –5300 substances –12 800 synonyms –41 800 brand names –chemical formulas Meyler’s Side effects Stockleys Drug Interactions Drugs In Pregnancy and Lactation Merck Manuals

15 Journals - world „Impact five journals“ – prim. or sec. infosources –JAMA + Archives – The Journal od the American Medical –Lancet – –NEJM – New England Journal of –BMJ – –Annals of Internal Medicine – Drugs – Adis –Drugs, CNS Drugs,... Reviews Perspectives – Expert Opinion on Investigational Drugs, Current Opinion in Investigational drugs, Trends in … --------------- Useful functions: TOC – table of contents to e-mail Archive of issues

16 Journals – foreign – non-profit International Society of Drug Bulletins - Members –Australian Prescriber –La revue Prescrire

17 Compendia – Czech Rep. Remedia Compendium – Pharmindex systemu – Kompendium, Brevíř – Medistránky -

18 Czech periodicals – types A Medical journals - +- 70... ČLS JEP – –primary literary sources – research results –Reviews, editorials –Vnitřní lékařství –Praktický lékař –Česká a slovenská farmacie! etc...

19 Czech periodicals – types B „Publishing houses“ –Medical Tribune Group – principle – joint-venture with global publishers Medical Tribune – „newspapers“ – 1* 2 weeks XY po promoci – eg. Medicína po promoci –selection from Postgraduate Medicine, American Family Physician, Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift“ –Praha Communications – the same Czech JAMA

20 Czech periodicals – types C Publishers – public –MF Dnes – Zdravotnické noviny Publishers – „Czech reviews“ –Solen - – full-texts! Klinická farmakologie a farmacie ( ) „XY“ pro praxi – př. Interní medicína pro praxi Praktické lékárenství apod. –Tigis – – Psychiatrie Bolest Etc.

21 Czech periodicals – types D Drug specialists... –Remedia s.r.o Remedia, full-texts – 1st year later –Farmakon Press s.r.o Farmakoterapie 1st year, fulltext –Edukapharm s.r.o Farminews –

22 Czech periodicals – types E Educational projects of farmaceutical companies Advantage – full texty –PACE News – - –Kapitoly z kardiologie – -

23 Czech periodicals – types F Professional organisations: –Česká lékárnická komora – Časopis českých lékárníků –Česká lékařská komora (Czech Medical Chamber)– Tempus medicorum Institutions: –SÚKL „věstník“ = bulletin !Farmakoterapeutické informace! – non-profit CR –Ministry of Health bulletin –Ministerstvo Collection of Laws

24 Czech e-books.pdf format: –Solutio – –PACE publications

25 Monographies HK – knihkupectví u ČSA, Fakultní nemocnice, Fakulty Praha – Lipová 6 – Wimmer, Academia – Václavské nám., Celetná – prodejna skript UK INTERNET -,,, publishers – Springer, HighWirePress, Oxford University Press, Elsevier, Wiley, Blackwell etc… Libraries

26 Knihovny National medical library –Cataloques: Cataloques of all medical books and journals in the CR – – LSS, LBS Cataloque of NLK – NML – books, journals in national library BMC – Bibliographia Medica Čechoslovaca –Electronical sources – ULTRA ACCESS! –Electronical circulation record – how to: (in czech) –Possibility of search in English

27 Knihovny Národní knihovna ČR = National library CR – Klementinum, –„Jednotná informační brána“ –„Souhrný katalog knihoven UK“ Státní technická knihovna = State technical library – Ultra Access – medical dtb as well! Dm Dm Information Centres in IKEM, Motol, LF HK – (kde?), FaF atd...

28 Internet 1969 – from Arpanet – see –www –e-mail – mailing groups –ftp –Etc.

29 WWW – Critical appraisal and evaluation criteria Freiburgh criteria: HON criteria: Many related links on:

30 Simple criteria Presentation – speed of appearance, links, design Navigation – steps, „back“ possibility, highliting of links, site map Function – multilanguage, search, accessibility, „text“ form without graphics Credibility – contacts, up-dates, date, author

31 More complicated… Credibility: includes the source, currency, relevance/utility, and editorial review process for the information Content: must be accurate and complete, and an appropriate disclaimer provided. Disclosure: includes informing the user of the purpose of the site, as well as any profiling or collection of information associated with using the site. Links: evaluated according to selection, architecture, content, and back linkages. Design: encompasses accessibility, logical organization (navigability), and internal search capability. Interactivity: includes feedback mechanisms and means for exchange of information among users. Caveats: clarification of whether site function is to market products and services or is a primary information content provider.

32 Logos – medicinal www Hardin MD – see e.g. Health On the Net Foundation – see e.g. www.pubmed help,, etc. www.pubmed

33 Internet – encyclopedias, vocabularies – Wikipedia – – partially - vocabulary ---- medicine: - MedlinePlus – medical

34 Hardin General Specializované Internet – search engines How to search: Just links to other sites! Directories – „trees“ - browsing Search engines – crawler, browser – databases of „words“

35 Directory -

36 Search engine -

37 Search Engines - statistics

38 Scientific search engines: Scirus, Google Medicinal search engines: HON http://www.hon.ch Specialized search engines

39 Medicinal directories Hardin:

40 Medical servers - World MEDSCAPE - – after registration (free) fulltexts, UpToDate – – not for RxList – – „all“ prescription

41 Others - World – – free – dtto Pharmaceutical Resources on the Net – es.cfm es.cfm

42 Servers - CR – for GP from –Many functions – drug information centres –List of free journals –Adress book of GP´s, pharmacies –Many articles – Pears Health Cyber – for –

43 If it is moving, we have to end the lecture – you are critically tired! Thank you for your attention

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