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Onset-Rime or Word-Building

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1 Onset-Rime or Word-Building
Andrew P. Johnson, Ph.D. Minnesota State University, Mankato

2 The ‘ad’ family ad a = apple s = dog

3 Bob was _ ad when Pat broke his toy.
mad d h m s

4 A dog that makes a mess a _ ad dog.
bad b r T s

5 Mom and _ ad held up their baby.
s r st d

6 On the bottom of a dog’s foot are _ ads.
pads t p w

7 I am _ ad that I have to go home.
sad st m l s

8 I _ ad a very big breakfast.
had m fl d h

9 I have activities, video mini-lessons, and other teacher:
Go to the Capstone Literacy Center link. These are free of any charges or obligations other than to use them to improve the lives of students.

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