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1 California Travel & Tourism Commission Advertising Committee Wednesday, May 2, 2007.

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1 1 California Travel & Tourism Commission Advertising Committee Wednesday, May 2, 2007

2 + Todays Agenda 1.2007 Qualitative Research Debrief In-the-Moment Interviews Focus Groups Strategic Implications 2.FY07-08 Domestic Brand Advertising Creative Strategy Preliminary Media Plan 3.FY07-08 International Overview

3 + Overview With an increased budget beginning in FY07-08, CTTCs ad program will: –Provide CONTINUITY - build on Californias brand foundation. –Provide DEPTH – leverage market intelligence and brand insights to develop new programs with deeper resonance. –Provide EXTENSION – reach more consumers, domestic and international, year-round.

4 + 2007 Qualitative Research Review In-the-Moment Interviews & Focus Group Findings Presented by:

5 + Domestic Brand Advertising

6 + Brand Advertising Objectives Facilitate top-of-mind awareness of California as a premiere travel destination – seed the consideration process that leads to visitation. Generate acceptance of and preference for California – connect the States emotional benefits with would-be travelers. Drive traffic to the website – encourage consumers to take action. Inspire repeat visitation – give consumers new reasons to become California brand evangelists.

7 + Brand Advertising Strategies Continue to brand the California experience to competitively differentiate the State and create desire. Evolve to a year-round approach that aligns with Californias year-round travel patterns. Reconnect with brand familiars – consumers who are familiar with the California brand to offer new reasons to visit. Leverage food and wine as a driver for destination choice. Develop strategic alliances with like-minded brands to elevate Californias brand cachet and extend reach and influence.

8 + California 2.0 – Positioning the State Abundance – California has not only the most (diversity), but also the best of what life has to offer. Consumers see Californias abundance as superlative in every way: –People, lifestyle, food/wine, entertainment, culture, geography, topography, scenic beauty, climate, etc. –California has it all and it is better than anyplace else.

9 + Psychographic Target Experiential … they want new experiences and things beyond the norm Indulgers … they want the ultimate in culinary, luxury and pampering Aspirational … they want to experience the good life Curious … they need to see it to believe it Confident … they are leaders and trendsetters

10 + Campaign Overview In order to drill down into the California experience and give consumers new reasons to consider the State for leisure travel throughout the year, three creative strategies will be employed: 1.California Attitude (brand umbrella) 2.California Insider 3.Culinary California

11 + California Attitude (brand umbrella) Capitalize on leisure travelers fascination with California/Californians through the California Attitude – the notion that we put pleasure first and live life to the fullest. CALIFORNIA BRAND CHARACTER Hedonistic, youthful, fun, individualistic, laid-back, welcoming/accepting, and open-minded, with an anything goes mentality

12 + California Insider Protect and maintain share from Primary Domestic markets through California Insider – messaging that gets beneath the surface and provides brand familiars new motivation to visit the State. BRAND FAMILIARS Leisure travelers who have frequently been exposed to and experienced the California brand.

13 + Culinary California Capitalize on the food and wine lifestyle as a driver of destination choice – more than a vacation activity food and wine is a part of Californias aspirational lifestyle. CULINARY TRAVELERS More affluent, educated, experiential and adventurous – they do more when they travel than the total leisure travel population.

14 + Campaign Elements Television –California Attitude (brand umbrella) Spring/Summer Fall/Winter Print –California Insider –Culinary California Internet –California Attitude (brand umbrella) –California Insider –Culinary California –Co-op Support

15 + Media Objectives Target non-resident leisure travelers with the greatest propensity to visit California – drive travel volume from those who stay longer and spend more. Broaden the media mix to capitalize on opportunistic segments and extend reach – capitalize on new platforms with the ability to generate incremental travel. Expand media support to drive visitation during peak and off-peak seasons. Leverage the budget through partnerships, added-value promotion and co-op.

16 + Media Target California Attitude –Affluent leisure travelers w/ HHI of $75K+ –Profile of California travelers Ages 25-54 (74%), married (74%), with average of 1.9 children living in HH California Insider –Affluent leisure travelers w/ HHI of $75K+ –Reside in Primary Domestic markets Culinary California –Affluent leisure travelers w/ HHI of $150K+ –Profile of Culinary travelers More affluent and active; tend to travel with spouse, significant other or friends, without children

17 + Title TBD Geographic Target SWA TV CTTC National Broadcast/Cable TV Culinary California Magazine Coverage California Insider Magazine Coverage Seattle Phoenix Chicago St. Louis Houston San Antonio

18 + Media Timing Reach consumers in the early, critical phases of the trip planning process.

19 + Media Mix Television (80% of budget) –National broadcast/cable networks –Spot TV with Southwest Airlines Print (11% of budget) –National magazine ads Brand and co-op –Western region magazine inserts Brand and co-op Internet (9% of budget) –Key word search (SEM) –Banner advertising –Email campaigns

20 + Title TBD

21 + Fiscal Year 2007-08 Cost & Delivery $16.5 million media budget breakdown: –Television: $13.2 million –Print: $1.8 million –Internet: $1.5 million Est. target impressions = 1,076,782,192 –30% increase over last fiscal year Est. reach = 75.5% Est. frequency = 8x (nationally) –Over half (53%) will be exposed 3+ times

22 + Co-op Initiatives In conjunction with CTTCs new funding and ability to develop long-term strategic plans, co-op efforts will exist to accomplish the following: 1.Extend the reach of the brand platform. 2.Provide California travel industry partnership when significant fundraising has occurred. 3.Provide industry support.

23 + FY07-08 Domestic Brand Advertising Co-ops Develop three preprinted magazine inserts with Internet/email overlays. –Fall/Winter: The Inside Scoop on Californias Good Life CMG/American Express program with placement in Food & Wine, T&L, NG Traveler –Spring: Craving California Program with epicurean publication such as Food & Wine, Gourmet or Bon Appetit –Summer: 3 Golden Days in California Program with Sunset

24 + International Overview

25 + Canada – Country Goals Facilitate top-of-mind awareness of California as a premiere travel destination. Generate acceptance of and preference for California. Drive traffic to the website.

26 + Canada Strategies Mirror the US brand advertising program, selling the California lifestyle/attitude. Target Canadian leisure travelers with the greatest propensity to visit California – 84% of Canadian travel to California comes from British Columbia, Ontario and Alberta. –British Columbia CMA:Vancouver –Ontario CMA: Toronto –Alberta CMAs: Calgary, Edmonton

27 + Canadian Strategies (cont.) Concentrate efforts to promote travel in 4th and 1st quarters when volume it is the highest from these province. –BC:55% travel in 4th and 1st quarters –Ontario: 58% travel in 4th and 1st quarters –Alberta: 64% travel in 4th and 1st quarters Flight media based on length of travel planning times. –Closer proximity provinces are akin to US Primary Domestic markets; longer haul provinces are akin to US National Opportunity markets Expand the media mix to use a combination of television and Internet (SEM).

28 + Canada Media Plan - preliminary

29 + Other International Markets Plans are in development for the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Australia/ New Zealand and Mexico.

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